Saturday, 26 December 2009

A quick Christmas Update and Project 10 Pan

Hi Ladies!

This is just a quick Christmassy update to let you know where i've been/what I've been upto and to wish you all a slightly belated merry christmas and a happy new year!

I had an amazing christmas day, I got absolutely spoilt and can't wait to play with all my new things! I had a lovely christmas dinner at my boyfriends with his family, and then went to my dads today for a 2nd christmas dinner yum yum! We even had a little tiny bit of snow where I am which was lovely :-)

I was at work every day for the week before christmas and i'm back tomorrow (boo hoo!) which means I am not going to be able to hit the sales for a few days! I have been saving up for a few things which I am hoping will go into the sales so fingers crossed they are still there I also need to get a couple more birthday presents for my boyfriend who conveniently decided to have a birthday a week after christmas!

I have decided to embark on project 10 pan, as I definately do not need to purchase any more cosmetics at the moment and I have quite a few things which i'm close to finishing! This is the first time I've tried it and i'm quite excited so I'll keep you updated on my progress! Let me know if you are planning a post christmas project 10 pan too!

Hope you all had a fabulous day, enjoy the rest of the holidays!

and just because no one likes a post without a picture - Here's a fantastically random one of me on a meal out with one of my friends before christmas enjoying some bbq ribs (my fave food ever!! - and yes I ate them all!)

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas time Ins and Outs :-)

Hi Ladies,

I can't believe a week today it will be Christmas day! I'm so excited! I thought I'd fill you in on my current ins and outs


Snow! It has been snowing all day today and it looks so pretty outside - however its far too cold when I open the door for me to venture out!

Sparkly/glittery makeup - Fabulous for the christmas party season!

The pantomime - I'm going on monday night and I cannot wait, I love panto!

Day off :-) today was my day off work and I am still my pj's and dressing gown! I have had a great day relaxing and doing nothing! - However from tomorrow I am working 9 hours every day untill christmas day - bad times!

Atrixo - Its keeping my hands lovely and moisturised this winter, I love their handbag friendly sized pots :-)

Christmas meals and parties! I went to two this week and had such a fun time, its great when everyone is in the festive spirit! (see yummy christmas party lunch below!)

Out (not many this time yay!)

Wrapping - I know I know bah humbug! I'm really good at it if the things are in boxes/rectangular however my wrapping is appauling if they're not!

Ugg boots + the rain/snow - Its too cold to wear any other footwear but I don't want to ruin my lovely grey uggs in this weather!

and thats everything, I hope you're all enjoying the snow if its snowing where you are and have a great weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 14 December 2009

Clothes Show Live Haul! :-)

Hi girlies,

I'm so sorry this post is extremely late (I've been meaning to do it for ages!) But better late than never! I just wanted to show you a few things that I got from the amazing clothes show live a couple of weeks ago. Firstly I have to say a massive thankyou to Lauren over at
Lauren Loves as I won the tickets in a competition on her fabulous blog! I'd never been to the clothes show before and I had an amazing time so thankyou so much Lauren!

So first up I got two makeup goodie bags! (exciting!) The first one was a Barry M goodie bag which included the 13 products pictured below and the cute makeup bag for just £10.00!

I was so excited when I purchased this, as apart from a few dazzle dusts I actually didn't own any barryM products! So this has given me the perfect opportunity to try some things out. I already love the brow gel and nail paint in violet gold shimmer (which I blogged about in my last post!) I'd definately let you know what I think of the others!

I also purchased a jelly pong pong goodie bag for £12.00 which contained the products pictured below - how cute are they?!

This is another brand which I'd never tried before so I'm looking forward to trying these out too. The goodie bag contained an eye shadow taffy (thats the little pot with the bird on top - its a sort of cream eye shadow) two lip orchids (these are similar to the sleek pout polishes), love rouge which is a cheek and lip tint and a set of fake lashes and mini mascara which are pictured below.

I cannot wait to try the lashes they look so gorgeous! and the mini mascara is perfect for fitting in my handbag. Speaking of handbags....I picked up this gorgeous Max C handbag for £20.00 :-D

I have literally used this bag every day since I got it! I am in love! Its deceptively big with an adjustable strap and two big compartments with the cutest interior (its sort of like a big skyline skyline with little hearts). I love the gold studs on the front, and it has two big gold chunky zips -super cute!

I also purchased a dress, a juicy couture blouse (another bargain - £20.00!) and some presents for friends and family :-)

I had a fantastic time and will definately be going again next year! Have any of you been before?

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 12 December 2009

My current fave nails of the day! :-)

Hi Ladies!

I just wanted to do a quick post about nail varnish I am absolutely in love with at the moment, it is the most gorgeous colour ever and I have had it on for 4 or 5 days now with only the tiniest bit of chipping! It is Barry M's nail paint in number 280 violet gold shimmer.

I picked this nail paint up along with 3 others in a barry m goodie bag which I bought from the clothes show live in Birmingham last weekend (I had such an amazing time super big blog post about it coming soon!). I have never seen a nail polish anywhere close to this colour before, it is super pretty and unique and I have had so many compliments on it! It is a pale lavendar/violet with a gold shimmer when it catches the light - so so lovely!

These polishes were my first ever barry m nail paints (I know, I know I am so late on the bandwagon!). However I am so impressed I will definately be picking up some more and I think I might get a few as stocking fillers for some of my friends and family :-) what are your favourite barry m nail paints?

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 7 December 2009

Bargain Alert! : Tesco Vitamin E skincare range

Hi Ladies,

So, I popped into tesco last week and as I went to pick up my trusty tesco vitamin E face wipes for 27p (yup thats right 27p!) I noticed that they had added some more products to this range and they were on three for two.

As I can't resist a bargain I picked up the face scub, facial wash and make up remover which were all 69p each so I got all three for £1.38! (in my excitement, I completely forgot to buy the face wipes but have been back for them since!) So here are the three products pictured below.

I am really impressed with these! The face scrub is lovely, and refreshing, it is quite a gentle exfoliator which really suits my skin as it is quite sensitive and anything too abrasive is a definate no no for me! The eye make up remover is fab too and I got it as just the right time as my trusty superdrug camomile eye makeup remover ran out yesterday! I have not used the face wash as much as the other two so I can't really comment on it, however it is pH balanced and paraben free which gets a thumbs up from me!

i'm not sure how much longer the three for two offer is on, but even without that these products are still a bargain and I will definately be repuchasing! I also picked up a little tub of carmex lip balm fo 60p! great work tesco!

Speak Soon

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ins and Outs :-D

Hi ladies!

As its getting closer to the end of the week (friday tomorrow yay!) I thought I'd fill you in on whats in and whats out for me :-)


New moon! - I went to see it last night and I really enjoyed it, I'm torn between Edward and Jacob though - I love them both! I havn't read the twilight books but I've asked for them for Christmas!

Advent Calendars - I have one from Marks and Spencers this year, my boyfriend brought it round for me yesterday so I got to have three chocolates this morning - yum yum!

Layering Scarfs - Its so cold at the moment, I've taken to wearing two scarfs! I normally twin a patterned scarf with plain scarf, and I actually really like how it looks!

Christmas Parties - I have quite a few Christmas parties to go to next week and I'm really excited, I've already got my outfits planned!


Getting home from uni/work to a really cold house! I think its about time we put the heating on a timer!

Running out of lots of essential makeup items at once, this week I have run out my fave foundation, under eye concealer and mascara!

dry skin - the cold weather is really drying out my skin, especially on my hands. Its a good job I have Atrixo!

X factor Semi finals this week end - How has it got this far already!? i can't believe its the finale next week, my saturday nights will not be the same once X factor has gone!

Hope you're having a good week!

Speak Soon

DaisyBee xxx

Sunday, 29 November 2009

REVIEW: Boots 17 Infinite lash mascara

Hi Ladies!

Sorry I havn't updated in a while :-( I had an exam at uni and have been at work all weekend but I'm back in action now with a review of a 17 product which I bought a couple of weeks ago from boots - The infinite lash mascara.

From what I can remember I think this cost about £4.99, when I initially opened it I was a little disappointed, the brush was small, plastic and bendy (I love big bristly mascara brushes like benefit badgal and loreal voluminous) However I decided to give it a fair try, and I was plesantly suprised!

The consistancy of this mascara is really nice, it doesn't clump my lashes or flake off during the day. It actually provides really good definition and adds length to my lashes. The only negative is that is does need topping up during the day something which I find you often need to do with cheaper mascaras.

So, overall a thumbs up from me and 6/10 :-)

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 23 November 2009

Top Tips : Easy ways to help your hair grow longer :-)

Hi Ladies,

I thought I would share with you some of the things I do to encourage my hair to grow/maintain its length. Some of these things might seem really simple, and obvious but they're just easy things I have found to help my hair grow a bit quicker :-)

So first I thought i'd show you a pic of my hair at the moment (ish!) this picture was actually taken at in the summer (July I think), so it has grown a bit more since this was taken. This is pretty much my natural hair colour, I havn't dyed it for almost a year now - yay!

So onto my top tips!

1) Limit heat on your hair - Obvious I know but if you're anything like me completely cutting out the hairdryer and straightners is just not going to happen. With work and uni all week life is pretty hectic at the moment and I don't have time to hang around waiting for my hair to dry naturally! So to limit the amount of heat I use on my hair, after washing it I towel dry, part and brush my hair then get on with everything else I need to do (put on makeup..have breakfast..sort out my handbag!) Once I have literally got eveything else done and I'm ready to leave, I towel dry my hair again then blow dry it. I find giving my hair a chance to dry on its own even for just a little bit cuts down how much time I then need to spend using the hairdryer and straightners - every little helps!

2) Get your dry shampoo out! - I used to wash my hair every day which definately did my hair more harm than good. Now I wash it every other day and use dry shampoo inbetween washes, to freshen it up. It often looks better on my dry shampoo days!

3) Invest in a leave in conditioner - I use vitapointe leave in conditioner (see pic below!) which I have mentioned on my blog before, which costs about £1.99 from boots. After washing and drying, and throughout the day (I keep it in my handbag!) I take a pea sized amount, rub it into my palms and smooth it through the ends of my hair. It definately leaves my hair feeling softer and less dry :-) I also use a hair mask from time to time (the aussie 3 minute miracle is lovely) theres often a selection of different hair masks in sachets at superdrug for 99p they're a great way to treat yourself if you feel like being pampered!

4) Be gentle! - If you get tangles in your hair use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to tease them out, detangle sprays are great too but use them sparingly so you don't make your hair look greasey. Also be particularly careful when brushing your hair when its wet, as it is alot more delicate.

5) Go easy on the styling products - Overuse of styling products can dry out your hair and make it brittle, So try not to overdo it with the hairspray and mousse. Even using a little less than usual will help!

6) Embrace your natural colour! - Like I said at the beginning of this post, I havn't dyed my hair now for almost a year. This time last year I was beyond platium blonde (I've put a picture below but it was alot blonder than this!)

I'd had blonde highlights from being about 14 and each time seemed to ask to go blonder and blonder! It got to a point when my hair was in really bad condition and I was finding my colour difficult to maintain, so I went to the hairdressers asked her to take my hair to as close to its natural colour as possible and I've only been back for trims since! I know one day I will want to get some highlights and go blonder again but for now my hair is in way better condition and I have saved some pennies! :-)

I hope these tips were helpful! and let me know in the comments if you have any tips too!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Nails of the day - Collection 2000 hot looks wham

Hi ladies!

Hope you're having a fab weekend despite the awful weather :-( I just wanted to show you what I'm currently wearing on my nails and its a collection 2000 hot looks nail varnish in the colour wham.

This is the latest addition to my hot looks collection, I bought it a week or two ago from superdrug, but only applied it for the first time a couple of days ago and I love it! I have been wearing alot of grey lately (and I have grey ugg boots!) and this nail varnish just seems to look perfect with everything I wear at the moment! its a lovely milky grey with the slightest blue tint, its different enough to be noticable but not too in your face (if that makes sense!?)

I applied this on thursday morning, it is now saturday and it still looks fantastic! I am so impressed with the hot looks polishes they are such good value and great quality - Please bring out more colours collection 2000!

Speak Soon

Daisybee xxx

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A little ELF haul :-)

Hi Ladies!

I ordered a few things from elf at the weekend and I was really pleased when I got home today and there was a parcel waiting for me! I thought I'd share with you what I got :-)

First I ordered the new corrective concealer palette, which is one of the new products just added to the studio range.

It contains two creamy beige colours for covering imperfections, a green for cancelling out redness and a lilac colour to brighten yellow tones. On first impressions the concealers feel really creamy and easy to blend, it also comes with a cute little brush - I'm looking forward to using this! :-)

Next up I got the pearl white eye widener pencil and a brightening eye liner in black.

The eye widener is lovely - really creamy and pigmented. It also has this ingenious little sharpener on the end! The black eyeliner comes with a sharpener too!

and finally I repurchased two brushes I already have because they are such bargains and I use them all the time - The eye shadow brush and the blending eye brush.

These brushes are FABULOUS and so cheap! I cannot rave about them enough. I did buy one more product which I love so much already I am going to devote a whole post to it so watch out for that in the next couple of days!

Hope you're all having a great week!

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 16 November 2009

Ins and Outs :-)

Hi girlies,

I thought I'd enlighten you on what i'm loving lots and....bahh not so much this week :-)


Stila illuminating skin foundation - I mentioned this when I first started blogging, although pricey is is my absolute favourite foundation, I normally save it for special occasions but I've been wearing it pretty much every day lately because I love it so much!

Primark leg warmers - I recently bought some cream ones with a little pattern on and they look so cute under my ugg boots - lovely and cosy too!

Sparkly jewellery - I'm really enjoying cocktail rings and sparkly studs at the moment :-)

Starting my christmas shopping - I love buying presents for people and I've already started christmas shopping - I feel so organised!


Rainy days - Even the triple protection of a hat, a hood and an umbrella cannot save my hair from frizzing in the rain at the moment!

I'm a celebrity get me out of here - I can't stand this programme! and the celebrities in it this year.....who?!

loosing various makeup items in my super messy room - I am definately going to tidy it tonight!

My favourite bag being on the verge of breaking due to carting around all my huge uni text books in it - sorry bag! :-(

Ripping the split on my brand new pencil skirt as I got into the car to go to work, then having to wear it with a big split up the back all day - bad times!

What are your ins and outs this week?

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Nails of the day - China Glaze Touch Of Glamour

Hi Ladies!

I just wanted to do a quick nails of the day, I've been embracing the more neutral shades in my nail polish collection (due to work/uni placement) and my current fave is a china glaze polish called touch of glamour.

This is a really lovely pale creamy neutral colour with this amazing gold sheen when your nails catch the light. Its one of those colours which doesn't look much in the bottle but is really pretty on your nails!

have you bought any new nail polishes recently?

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Product Rave : Loreal Touche Magique Concealer

Hi ladies!

So, I just wanted to do a bit or a rave about one of my holy grail makeup items which I have been using for literally years! It is the loreal touche magique under eye concealear :-)

Sorry that the picture isn't great - I use this product every day and it lasts for a super long time so most of the writing has rubbed off! I adore this product and always repurchase it. I think I have used it for about three years now and I was introduced to it after watching a programme on telly (I think it might have been a Gok Wan programme!) where they asked 100 ladies to test this, touche eclat and some other under eye concealers and this one came out on top!

After applying my foundation I pop some of this under my eyes (It has a similar applicator to touche eclat - you twist the top then it has a brush applicator on the other end) then use either my finger or a stiff synthetic eyeshadow brush to gently blend the concealer under my eyes. This concealer blends really well and has a light, creamy consistancy. It definately leaves my eyes looking lighter, brighter and more awake!

If your're looking for a new under eye concealer or fancy trying something different I can highly recommend this one, I remember going on holiday once, forgetting it and buying a new one from boots at the airport! (I don't know what I would have done if boots hadn't had it!) It costs around £7.00 :-)

5/5 and a big thumbs up from me!

Hope you're all well, and thankyou everyone for the perfume recommendations - I have so many great ideas now!

Speak Soon

DaisyBee xxx

P.s Lauren over at Lauren Loves is having an amazing giveaway where you can win tickets to the clothes show live! Definately check it out if you havn't already and good luck if you enter!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

What is your favourite perfume?

Hi Ladies!

With Christmas approaching, My nearest and dearest have informed me that it is time to start thinking of ideas for presents. I love perfume (I get through it at an alarming rate!) and have just opened my last bottle of my favourite perfume - Nina Ricci, Nina which my boyfriends parents brought me back from their holiday this summer.

This is a really lovely perfume its light, crisp and really long lasting. I have about 6 empty bottles hanging around my bedroom (they're so pretty I can't bear to throw them away!) However, although I love it to bits, I feel it is time to be brave and give something new a try. The only other perfume I have had lately Is Marc Jacobs, Daisy which I also really like but I think is quite summery.

So - ideas please girlies! What is your favourite perfume?

Hope you've had a fab weekend, and enjoy X Factor if you're watching it. I voted for Olly Murs!

DaisyBee xxx

Friday, 6 November 2009

REVIEW: Lee Stafford beach babe sea salt spray

Hi girlies!

I wanted to do a review of another Lee Stafford product and it is the beach babe sea salt spray pictured below.

This product aims to give hair that gorgeous surf chick look. Although this is something quite summery I think messy natural looking wavy hair looks so cute under a woolly hat in these colder months!

I normally use this on days when I want to give my hair a break from heat. I do not have naturally curly hair by any means (I wish I did!) but my hair does have a slight wave to it that this product seems to bring out and amplify just how I like it! After washing and conditioning I spray the sea salt spray all over my hair then pop it up in a towel for about ten minutes. I then take my hair out of the towel, part it where I would like it (without brushing!) and spray the product all over my hair again scrunching the hair up as I go. I also sometimes scrunch in a little hair mousse in at this stage. I then make a cup of tea, get on with my jobs for the day and leave my hair to dry naturally :-) I also use it on dry hair sometimes if my waves start to drop a little.

I adore this product. Like all Lee Stafford it smells gorgeous, and leaves my hair looking naturally tousled. It costs £5.99 from boots so its not too pricey either! it gets a big thumbs up and 4/5 from me!

Let me know if you would like to see a pic of my hair after using this product, and next time I use it I will pop a picture onto the end of this post :-)

Have a lovely weekend

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Eyes of the day with a twist :-)

Hi girlies!

So I thought I'd do a quick eyes of the day post, today I used my sleek graphite palette to create a toned down smokey eye using black and grey eye shadows, suitable for daytime - I just felt like jazzing up my make-up a bit today! However, as a bit of a challenge, I decided to apply my makeup using only the spongey applicator which comes inside the sleek palettes this is how I got on :

Not to bad really I don't think! I just used the different sides of the applicator for my light and dark shadows, used the other end to blend and blended a little more with my finger tip. I wanted to do this to show that if you don't have alot of makeup brushes you can still create a fab smokey eye, with what is available to you. I'll definately use the sponge applicator again!

As you can see although I have quite a lot of eyeshadow on my lid, it wasn't too overpowering when I had my eye open. I was really pleased with the way this turned out, I would never normally wear grey/black shadows during the day but this actually went with my outfit really nicely!

I took this photo once I had got home (around 4pm) after applying my make-up at 8 this morning - these shadows have such great staying power! I also used the too-faced herbal eye concealer as a base, loreal voluminous mascara and mac powerpoint eyeliner in the colour carbon :-)

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 2 November 2009

New Tag : Top three products for under £5

Hi girls!

So I thought I'd start a new tag and it is your top three products which cost less than £5 each, one haircare, one skincare and one makeup! I thought it'd be interesting to find out which products people really love which don't cost too many pennies! I've tried to mention products which I havn't mentioned on my blog before so its not too boring! So, I'll get the ball rolling! :-)

First up - Haircare

My top haircare item for under £10 has to be the vitapointe leave in hair conditioner which is an absolute bargain at only £1.99 from boots!

This is something which my mum had used when she was a teenager and recommended to me as I have long hair which can sometimes get quite dry on the ends. You just take a pea sized amount and smooth it into your hair after you've dryed it and it leaves it feeling healthier and looking glossier! I always keep this in my handbag!


My skincare must have is atrixo enriched moisturising hand cream which costs around £1.79 for 50ml

I've tried quite a few high end hand creams but this is the one I always reach for, it leaves my hands feeling soft, soothed and moisturised all day long. I also sometimes pop it on problem dry areas like my elbows and it works a treat - I love it!

and finally - Makeup

My make-up item has to be the sleek palettes, they're such great value! (£4.88 for 12 gorgeous colours!) here is the newest addition to my sleek family - the graphite palette.

I know I ramble on about these palettes all the time but the colours are fabulous and such great quality, If ever I have an outfit thats an unusual colour and I want to try and do some makeup to match I know I'll find a colour in one of my sleek palettes!

Right so I hope you enjoyed this tag! I am going to tag some of the blogs I really enjoy reading because I'd love to find out about some bargain products from them! They're all fab blogs and definately worth a visit!

and of course anyone who would like to do this tag! If you do please leave me a comment with a link to it so i can go and read it :-)

Also If you havn't seen already Paula at is having a really generous giveaway to celebrate getting 100 followers (congrats Paula!) definately check it out!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 31 October 2009

REVIEW: Collection 2000 Collagen Curl Mascara

Hi ladies!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had recently purchased the collection 2000 collagen curl mascara. I have been using it for the past week so I thought I've you a little overview of what I think! Here it is pictured below (I think the packaging is really cute!)

As you can see in the picture the mascara wand is curved, I havn't yet worked out the best technique for using a wand like this! (tips anyone?!) For me, I find it makes applying the mascara a little more difficult and it is hard to get to every last lash!

This mascara does what it promises - and that is to give curl. It gives my lashes an extra lift and va va voom, something which I really appreciate as I hate using eyelash curlers (they scare me!) It also provides some volume, but doesn't really lengthen my lashes.

The consistancy is pretty good, it is not clumpy and doesn't flake (yay!) however it does take a while to dry.

Overall I think this mascara is definately worth a try if its curl you're looking for, if its volume/length maybe look elsewhere! It costs around £4.00 from superdrug (sorry I can't remember the exact price!) I give it a thumbs up and 6/10 :-)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ins and Outs! :-D

Hi girlies!

I thought I'd fill you in with my ins and outs for the week!


Halloween! I love trying out new make-up and outfits for halloween, and I'm looking forward to going out with my friends all dressed up at the weekend! Here is a mini pic of my makeup from last year when I dressed up as draculas bride!

Tuna and sweetcorn jacket potatoes - All I eat at uni at the moment!

Thick wooly tights with patterns - so cosy and warm, I've just bought a gorgeous grey pair from topshop with little rosebuds on :-)

The new sleek graphite palette - enough said

pearl stud earings - cute and classy, I'm always wearing mine!


Hollyoaks - What on earth is going on in Hollyoaks at the moment?! I just can't keep up!

Miss Frank being voted out of X factor :-(

Having far too much uni work to do - bad times

Loosing my MAC powerpoint eyeliner - Where for art thou!?

Let me know what your ins and outs are for this week!

Speak Soon

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Nails of the Night! :-)

Hi Ladies!

I just thought I'd share my newly painted nails with you! Today I used a natural collection nail varnish in the colour burgundy (it makes me think of Ron Burgundy from Anchorman haha!) :-)

Sorry for the messy painting - I've had this polish a while and its gone a little gloopy! This is a lovely deep dark red with a slight shimmer (it looks lighter than it actually is in this picture - must be the flash!) Natural collection nail varnishes are great value (less than £2!) and the picture was taken after just one coat! I find that the darker natural collection varnishes to have much better colour payoff than the lighter ones however without a good base and top coat these varnishes will chip super quick!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Superdrug Haul! :-)

Hi girls!

I popped into superdrug today after uni (mainly to get some more dry shampoo and see if the sleek graphite palette was in yet - it was!) and ended up picking up quite a few things so I thought I would share them with you all, expect proper reviews of everything once I've had a chance to try them out! :-D

So, first up I got collection 2000's new mascara - the collagen curl mascara. It has a really big bristly brush which I always love, and its curved (similar to benefits get bent) so first impressions look really promising and can't wait to try this out! (I also love the cute purple and yellow packaging!)

Next up.....*drum roll please!* The sleek graphite palette! I am so excited about trying this out, the colours are fabulous for smokey eyes!

Then (whilst looking for my dry shampoo - which I forgot to buy!) I spotted Nova hair styling mousse, I brand I've never seen/heard of before. I've mentioned before how I like to use hair mousse to add extra volume to my hair once I've straighted it so for 97p I decided to give this one a try!

And finally I picked up this cute little makeup bag! It had £1.00 off so it was a bargain at only £1.49! I tend to just throw makeup into my bag before uni on a morning then scramble around in it for things during the day and wonder why I can't find things! So this is perfect for keeping my makeup all neat, tidy and together!

and that all for now! Hope you're all having a great week!

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Friday, 23 October 2009

Bargain of the week!

Hi ladies!

Yay Its the weekend! Hope you've all got something nice planned. I thought i'd let you all know about a super bargain product which I have been using for a quite a while now - It is Tesco's Vitamin E cleansing wipes which are the amazing price of just 27p!

I find face wipes really handy for those days when your so tired you just want to get your makeup off quickly and hop into bed (or post nights out!) and these face wipes definately do the job. The are alchol free, pH balanced and contain vitamin E which is really good for your skin due to its anti oxidant properties.

Keep your eyes peeled for these next time you're in tesco's - What a bargain they're cheaper than a chocolate bar!

Speak Soon

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Vs Revlon Colourstay

Hi girlies,

Sorry its been a while I've been crazy busy at uni/work. However I have the afternoon off (yay!) so I've just made myself a nice cup of tea and a potato cake (does anyone else like these!?).

Right so down to business! MAC studio fix fluid has been my holy grail foundation for around the past three years (I am a NW15) I love the stuff, so I was really intrigued when (months and months ago - i'm so late on the bandwagon!) I started hearing about how revlon colourstay was potentially a really good alternative to the slightly pricey studio fix fluid. Last month when boots had their three for two offer on all cosmetics I decided to bite the bullet and finally buy some colourstay so I could give it a try and see how it matched up to my beloved studio fix fluid! Here are the two pictured below (how amazing is that colour match!?):

I'm so used to picking up the lightest foundation colour that when I headed over to the revlon display I immediately picked up ivory. Then I realised I had my studio fix fluid floating around in my handbag so I got it out to check the colour and its such a good job I did as the colour closest to my nw15 was actually buff! You can see from the picture just how similar the colours are - If anything the revlon colourstay is ever so slightly lighter but I can barely tell the difference! (I got the normal/dry skin version).

I have been using the revlon colourstay every day for the past month and overall I have been super impressed. However it is by no means exactly the same as studio fix fluid. Firstly (this is quite a nice thing!) it doesn't have that awful smell that studio fix fluid has, colourstay smells alot fresher! However it is alot thinner in consistancy than studio fix fluid and I find I have to apply quite a lot more to get the coverage I want. I've been really impressed with the staying power of revlon colourstay, however sometimes I feel like it is sitting on top of my skin and takes quite a long time to sink in. It also requires quite a bit more blending in (or it can leave your skin looking a little greasey) and I've found it works best with a bit of powder on top to help it set (something I wouldn't normally do with studio fix). Despite the amazing colour match with my studio fix fluid, my mum noticed that i'd changed foundation (I hadn't told her!) and commented that it looked a bit heavier than my normal foundation (I think this was due to using a little too much to get more coverage though - It takes a while to get it right!)

Like I said, although revlon colourstay is not exactly the same as studio fix fluid, at £11.74 it is a much cheaper alternative and I would definately repurchase it. It has great staying power, and gives good coverage (it just takes a while to get the right balance - and not use too much!) I am so impressed with the colour match to my studio fix, and I also light the slightly dewy glow it gives (something you don't get with studio fix).

Let me know what you think of revlon colourstay if you've tried it!

Speak Soon

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Halloween makeup! Zombie inspired eyes :-)

Hi Ladies!

Halloween is just around the corner, and I thought I'd start experimenting with some makeup looks for potential costumes. I am super allergic to face paint so can't go crazy with my halloween looks (I once painted my face blue when dressing up as a smurf - I barely made it out because my face got so hot, red and itchy!) However I don't mind not being able to crack out the face paint too much, as I quite like my halloween makeup to look ''ugly pretty'' (to quote Tyra banks!)

So tonight I decided to try out a green zombie esque look:

I primed my eyes with too faced herbal eye concealer, then used a mixture of shadows from all three of my sleek palettes (original, storm and jewels!) I also used a little of MAC's carbon eyeshadow to line my eyes, an nyc eyeliner in black and lots and lots of loreal voluminous mascara. I used a stencil and a green shadow from my sleek original palette to make my eyebrows a little green too!

As you can see this look is pretty understated as far as halloween makeup goes (if I hadn't done the green eyebrows you could probably get away with this on a regular night out!) However I finished off this look by contouring my cheeks quite heavily with a mixture of green and black shadows (sorry theres no photo of this, I just couldn't get it to come out well in the picture at all now theres no natural light - its about midnight!) I also did a spooky green lip:

and finally I would backcomb my hair (sorry hair!) lots and lots, and maybe add a bit of green hairspray :-) I hope you enjoyed this post! What are you dressing up as this halloween?

Have a lovely weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

New addition to my sleek collection - The Jewels Palette! :-)

Hi ladies! :-)

Like most, I adore my sleek palettes, unfortunately so does my mum and she is forever stealing my storm palette! So the other day I decided to nip into superdrug and treat her to one of her very own (so I don't have to hunt mine down every morning!) Then, after umm-ing and ahh-ing over the ink pots and liners I decided to get myself the jewels palette :-)

I havn't had chance to use the colours yet, but like the other sleek palettes they are super pigmented, smooth and gorgeous! I still can't get over how much of a bargain these palettes are (£4.87 for 12 beautiful colours!) Here are some swatches of my favourite colours:

Let me know if you would like to see some looks using these, and what are your favourite colours from the sleek palettes? I think the storm one is the best for everday eyes but the original and the jewels palettes are fab for nights out!

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

REVIEW: Lee Stafford Dehumidifier and Shine Spray

Hi everyone :-)

I just wanted to do a review on two Lee Stafford products which I have used ever since I can remember - The shine spray and the dehumidifier.

First up - The dehumidifier. I tend to like my hair to have a bit of volume, however on some nights out I like it to be completely poker straight, and it is on these occasions that is product comes in very very handy! After straightening, I spray this onto my hair - it comes out as a fine mist which makes it easy to distribute evenly. It stops my hair from frizzing, and keeps it super straight all evening (it also smells gorgeous!) This product is also great for using on holiday and before hitting the gym!

The shine spray is the best I have ever tried. Unlike most shine sprays which are either serums or come out as a laquer, this shine spray is like a very fine hairspray (think elnett!) This stops it from making your hair look greasey and weighed down with product. I love the effect this shine spray has on my hair, It makes it look healthy, glossy and gorgeous!

If you've never tried Lee Stafford hair products before I can highly recommend these two, not only do they work wonders but they smell amazing!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 12 October 2009

Bargain Buy! - NYC brow/eyeliner pencils

Hi girlies!

I have recently discovered a couple of absolute bargain products that I am so excited about/impressed with, I have decided to devote an entire post to them - and they are the NYC brow/eyeliner pencils (sorry for the poor picture quality!).

I picked these up last week in the NYC 3 for 2 offer at superdrug (along with the nail varnish featured in my last post!) I get through eye liners at an alarming rate (how quickly do they go down when you sharpen them!? - definately faster than pencils!) and have always sweared by the mac powerpoint eyeliners. However, now I'm a student again I definately need to cut down on my spending and I wanted a cheaper liner I could just throw in my handbag for day to day wear so my powerpoint could be saved for nights out and special occasions. I was attracted to these not only because of the excellent price (£1.99 - what a bargain!) but because they are huge! about an extra 1/2 longer than a normal eyeliner (I'm not sure you can tell from the pic and I had no normal full size liners to compare them to!)

I played it safe, and went for number 921 black, and 922A a soft brown. I am really impressed with the quality of these. They are creamy, apply well and have excellent staying power. The brown is perfect for during the day, especially with an all that glitters/woodwinked eye shadow combo! I really like the nyc products I have tried so far, I think they are excellent value for money, and will definately be trying more so i'll keep you updated on any more bargains!

Thats all for now, Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nails of the day :-)

Hi Ladies!

Hope you're having a great weekend, I have the day off work today so i've been trying to sort out my super messy room (progress is slow!). I just thought i'd share my newly painted nails with you. I was in superdrug a few days ago and decided to take advantage of the NYC three for two offer, one of the goodies I picked up was another NYC colour minute nail varnish in the colour Wall Street.

I picked up this colour inparticular because I needed an understated nail varnish for work. It is a lovely subtle pink with a super glossy finish. I really love the New York Colour Minute varnishes, they give great coverage after two coats and glide on easily. They also dries pretty fast which is great for me as I am so impatient when it comes to painting my nails, and what a super great bargain at only £2.49!

Enjoy X Factor tonight!

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Lipstick Rave : Rimmel Volume Booster in 102 - Foxy

Hi Ladies!

So I just wanted to rave about a gorgeous natural peachy pink lippie which I have been wearing non stop lately, and it is the rimmel volume booster lipstick in number 102 foxy.

This autumn, I really want to start using warmer colours on my lips (instead of my standard nude lip!), as my complexion becomes very pale as we head into these colder seasons! This lipstick gives me exactly what I want. It is a lovely wearable peachy pink, and whilst it gives me colour, it is not at all overpowering and looks incredibly natural.

I find this lipstick to be not at all drying, and it glides on easily. It gives a slightly glossy finish and has a lovely cool feel - I love it! It also plumps up your lips - what more could you want!

The volume booster lipsticks are a little harder to find and are often only on the bigger rimmel stands (I got mine from a large boots) but it is definately one worth seeking out! I think it costs just under £5.

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 5 October 2009

Ins and outs :-)

Hi girls! I havn't done an ins and outs post for a while so I thought I'd update you on whats hot and whats not with me right now! :-)


wristlets - I'm finally ditching my massive clutch bags on nights out in favour of teenie cute wristlets which make it much easier to dance the night away! my new suzie smith one fits my phone, pennies, camera and even essential make-up in - excellent!

Plimsoles from primark - so comfy for walking to and from uni, go with everything and for £2 you can't grumble!

the sleek storm pallete - Been using the gorgeous colours in this palette for day and night looks all week I love it!

buying stationary for uni - who doesn't love buying pretty new stationary?!

schwarzkopf gliss hair repair shampoo - Already raved about this product, it is amazing!

getting my ugg boots out again in the cold weather - they're so comfy!


Some of the judges choices on X factor - why oh why?!

Running out of dry shampoo, definately need to stock up!

skinny waist belts - great wear to give a boring top or dress a little extra glamour!

pot noodles - ate on for the first time in about 5 years the other day (I was starving and have limited food/cooking utensils!) and I wish I hadn't! bleugh!

Garnier fructis hairspray - Super sticky and it smells like liquorice I can't stand it!

What are your ins and outs this week? and what do you think of the judges decisions on X factor?!

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx

Friday, 2 October 2009

Product Rave: Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Shampoo

Hi Ladies! So I'm finally back with a super massive product rave, and it is the schwarzkopf gliss hair repair shampoo. I saw this in my local pharmacy, and was attracted to it as it contains argan oil which seems to be the current hype for hair care. If you havn't heard about argan oil before it is a natural oil derived from the argan tree which is believed replenish and strengthen damaged hair. Although I no longer colour my hair, it is pretty long and breaks quite easily, with the colder weather on its way i have been looking for a nourishing hair repair shampoo so was really pleased to come across this! So here is the shampoo (my 2nd bottle!) pictured below:

I have never tried anything from the GLISS range before, however I can remember once reading that Rachel Stevens uses the GLISS shine tonic (and doesn't she have lovely hair!) so when I saw this on the shelf for £1.99 I definately thought it was worth a try!

It is described on the bottle as an anti split end shampoo which repairs inside the hair cell. The blub on the back says ''because the gliss cell repair system contains proteins that are identical to the hair itself , it is able to repair the hair from deep inside'' (sounds pretty good eh!)

After about two weeks of using this shampoo daily I have to say I am really impressed, I'm usually a bit of a snob when it comes to hair care and although I definately have my holy grail conditioner (tigi catwalk fashionista) I have never found a shampoo which quite matched up to it. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft and silky and tangle free, although I'm not sure whether I have fewer split ends I have definately noticed a difference in the strength of my hair - I have less breakage when I brush it, and my ends feel more nourished and a lot less dry!

I can definately recommend it for someone who would like to try a hair repair shampoo without a salon product budget - I'm defiantely going to give the conditioner a try too so i'll let you know how I get on with it!

Hope you're all well, have a fantastic weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Nails Of the Day

Hi girls! I mentioned a few posts ago that i'd bought a new collection 2000 hotlooks nail varnish on a recent trip to good old superdrug. Well the one I went for was hoola hoop, a gorgeous super bright barbie pink!

I cannot rave about these nail varnishes enough, they are so so so good for the price (£1.75!). They go on well, and give fab colour after two coats. This polish is a quite a bit brighter than dynasty (my favourite from the range) but its still really wearable. It also dries pretty quickly which I love because I always end up getting impatient waiting for nail varnish to dry (I can't sit still for two minutes!)

Do you have any hot looks polishes?

Hope you're having a great weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Eyes Of The Day (using the good old sleek palette again!)

Hi ladies! Hope you're all enjoying X factor and Strictly come dancing! I thought I'd show you the eye makeup I wore for work today, I was wearing my hair up in a scruffy up do so I went for something a little bolder than I usually would go for during the day.

I went for a sort for subtle smokey eye using bronzes and browns from the sleek storm palette (I am still in love with it!) I used my MAC paintpot in indianwood as a base, MAC's powerpoint eyeliner in engraved on my lower lash line with the matt dark brown from the sleek palette over the top to make it look a little sofer and more smokey. Then lots and lots of loreal voluminous mascara. What do you think?

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Product Rave : Superdrug eye make-up remover, camomile

Hi girlies! Earlier this week I was queueing up in superdrug (buying my 3rd collection 2000 hot looks nail varnish - I love them!) when I noticed a massive display of new products at the side of the tills. They were superdrugs own brand of cleanser, toner and eye makeup remover all for only £1.00! I decided to get the eye make-up remover, as I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over getting the much raved about botanics eye make-up remover for while. Here is it pictured below:

As it only cost a quid, I wasn't really expecting much from this product - However it has completely surpasses my expectations! It contains camomile, which I already love (camomile tea anyone?) Is gentle on my eyes, refreshing and is really effective at removing almost all of the lashings of mascara I pile on every day. I am super super impressed!

Has anyone else seen these new products at their local superdrug?

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bargain Stila Makeup and I've got a twitter!

Hi Ladies, this is just a really quick post to let you know that on the Debenhams website they are selling Stila make-up half price!
I ordered a couple of things last night including the illuminating skin foundation (which I have raved about here -its gorgeous!) If you've never tried stila before it is a lovely high quality brand, I adore their products and can't say enough good things about them! Also, Stila not really available anywhere in the UK anymore, so i'd definately get some ordered from here if you fancy trying something new! Here is the link : Bargain Stila at Debenhams!. A few things are no longer available which were last night when I ordered, so if you would like to get something I'd get your skates on before they sell out! also if you buy any shadows they come in pan form, I think you can order the pots for putting them in half price too if you want them to look pretty :-)
Also, I have just got a twitter (eek!) and if you would like to follow me and hear more of my ramblings you can here at :-D
Speak Soon! and let me know if you order any Stila goodies!
DaisyBee xxx