Friday, 30 April 2010

OOTD :-)

Hi Ladies,

I was at a wedding today (I've just got back exhausted!) so I thought I'd share my outfit with you. The weather held out and it was a really lovely day - I love weddings! :-)

Dress - New look

Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins

Shoes - Kurt Geiger

Clutch - Marks and Spencer

I picked up the dress from the new look sale for £18.00 a couple of weeks ago, its got a gorgeous Luella bartley esque heart cut out on the back - so cute!

Let me know if you'd like to see more OOTD's :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Candy Stripe Nails :-)

Hi Ladies,

I thought i'd so something a little different with my nails the other day, so after painting them with barryM's lovely bright pink (number 297) I added a cute sparkly stripe of colour diagonally across my nails with china glazes ruby pumps :-)

I really liked how this turned out it reminds me of candy canes yum yum! and the extra touch of sparkle from ruby pumps (which as expected hasn't come out at all in this photo!) makes it really fun and girly :-) This is definitely something which I'm going to do again, its super easy (all you need is a steady hand!) and makes the nails look a little more eye catching without being too over the top.

What do you think?

Speak Soon!

Monday, 26 April 2010

My Favourite Seris Part 6........Blush

Hello ladies,

So its time for part 6 of my
favourite seris and the product under the spotlight today is blush! The Blusher which takes the top spot is actually a recent addition to my collection, it is so lovely that I have used it every day since I bought it and think I may actually shed a tear when it runs out! Its is MAC's mineralize blush in Rhapsody In Two from the Too fabulous collection.

Now this may shock you (or maybe not..its not really that shocking!) but I am not really that big on blush. (I feel like I've just confessed a big secret or something!). I love bronzer, but I find it really difficult to find shades of blush which suit my skin tone, and most of this time just bypass it and go straight to my trusty benefit hoola bronzer. However, like I said before Rhapsody in two has hot footed it straight into my every day makeup routine, and I'm not really sure how I lived without it now! It is very subtle and understated but gives a lovely glowing hint of colour to the cheeks. Its one of those products which I would put in the ''no make up make up'' category which is why I love it so much. When I use this my cheeks are a lovely shimmery peachy pink - I think its a perfect product for spring/summer. The only problem? Its limited edition! So I definately need to start using it sparingly! For me rhapsody in two is sort of a mid point between a blush and a highlight, so if you have a pretty pearly highlighter and a peachy pink blush you can probably create a similar effect :-)

and now the runners up! Only two this time I'm afraid, like I said I don't own too many blushes - So definately give me some recommendations in the comments!

  • Elf Candid Coral - Great price, for pretty coral cheeks
  • Estee Lauder Peach Nuance - Pricey but gorgeous - can you tell I like my peachy corals?!

Speak Soon,

Friday, 23 April 2010

Shimmering Bronze Night Out Eye Look :-)

Hi Ladies,

Its been so long since I last posted a makeup look (mainly because I've been so boring lately and hardly been out anywhere!). So I thought I'd take a few snaps of the eye makeup I wore out a few nights ago to share with you! I decided to go with a shimmering bronzed look, inspired by our recent sunshine :-)

I used liquid eyeliner to line my entire eye, to make the look a little more dramatic. This is not something I would normally do but I really liked the effect. I used MAC's Indianwood paintpot as a base, then applied BarryM's dazzle dust in number 44 across my lid with a fluffy brush, I've popped a couple of swatches below as I think these two products look absolutely fab together!

I also used the GOSH eyeliner pen, Rimmel lash max mascara and MAC carbon eyeshadow in the outer corner and slightly blended into crease.

I really enjoyed this look, and I think its one I'll definately be recreating over the summer!

Have a lovely weekend :-)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A lovely Sunny Lip Combo! :-)

Hi Ladies,

I have been sporting this lip combo for the past few days, as the lovely sunshine has inspired me to put my trusty nudes back in the drawer (well for now anyway!) and add a little splash of colour to my lips. I am really enjoying this combination so I thought I would share it with you! :-)

It is Maybelline's colour sensation lipstick in number 112 Ambre Rose (I'm sure you've heard of this lippie a million times before - It is very lovely!) and Pop's mini ribbon gloss in peony pink.

I love Ambre rose but back when I bought it (around the time you definately couldn't leave the house without 3 jumpers a scarf and a very thick coat on) I just didn't feel I could pull it off. Now the sun is shining, and I am getting a little more colour in my cheeks it is the perfect lipstick for pretty pink lips. I love it teamed with the two lighter shades from the pop mini ribbon gloss to give it a little extra shine :-)

What is your favourite lip combo at the moment?

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunny Days Nail Of The Day :-)

Hello Ladies!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend, I just thought I'd share with you the colour I have been sporting on my nails the past few days, it is a nail polish I have had for quite a while but have only worn a handful of times so I decided to show it some love when I came across it whilst tidying my makeup up a few nights ago. It is BarryM's Pure Purple, number 125.

The is a lovely subtle pinky purple, perfect for understated day to day wear. Like most BarryM nail paints it applys really well, giving good coverage after two coats and is not streaky at all :-) I finished it off with my BarryM top coat and bargain Sally Hansen rapid finish nail dryer which I raved about here incase you missed it :-)

I have also added a swatch of MAC's teddy eye kohl to my mini MAC haul a few posts below, after I had a couple of requests for swatches, and I will add a swatch of Hue lipstick as soon as I can get a decent enough picture of it! :-)

Thats all for now, Hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ins and Outs :-)

Hi Ladies,

I thought I would give you a quick update on whats in and whats out for me at the moment :-)


♥ MAC Hue lipstick - I know I only mentioned this in my last post but the more I wear this lippie the more I love it! I will add a swatch of it onto my last post when I get chance :-)

♥ My new blog layout - I've had a bit of a change around with the look of my blog, I've added a product of the week section and made it (hopefully!) a bit less cluttered and easier to read, let me know what you think!

♥ River island - I've bought some fab things from river island lately, especially slogan tee's and accessories.

♥ BarryM's Clear mascara and eyebrow definer - How on earth did I live without it?!

♥ Britains got talent is back on our screens this saturday - I can't wait!

♥ The Sunshine - Hurray! Bye bye winter coats and hello summer jackets, its only a matter of time before I can get my sunnies out!

(Lovely piccy from


Running for the bus stop, almost getting there and watching the bus drive straight past you - might this have happened to me today? yes, yes it did.

My very untidy room - How did it get so bad?! I will definately tidy it....tomorrow..or maybe saturday..

Glitter nail varish - It looks absolutely gorgeous on but is such a nightmare to get off! Yes China Glaze ruby pumps I am looking at you!

Only three outs and lots of ins - fabulous! Hope you all have a very lovely weekend,

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A little tiny MAC haul :-)

Hi Ladies,

I just thought I'd share with you a couple of things I purchased from MAC last week, Hue lipstick and Teddy eye kohl.

Hue is a glaze lipstick, and intially I was a little disappointed that it didn't have the intense colour payoff that my other MAC lippies have (its my first glaze!). However now I can't stop wearing it! its a really pretty pink nude, very easy to wear and the sort of lipstick you can pull out of your handbag and put on without looking in the mirror! The is definately going to be the lipstick I reach for throughout the summer, especially now that my 3rd creme d'nude has met the same fate as its predecessors and gone all squidgy and melted!

The teddy eye kohl is a lovely deep brown with a hint of gold, I bought this as an alternative to my HG eyeliner (powerpoint liner in engraved) for day to day wear and I am so please I went for this one as it is perfect! I've actually never had a MAC eye kohl before as I always go for the powerpoint eyeliners and I am really impressed with how softly this glides on. Its lovely and I will definately be repurchasing this when it runs out! I've added a quick swatch below :-)
Thats all for now, Hope you're all having a fab week!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I Heart TK Maxx

Hi ladies,

I just want to share with you my bargainalicious find in TK Maxx yesterday! I love TK Maxx and have found some fab things there in the past, however it can be a little hit and miss and I have to be in a very bargain hunting mood to venture in! Yesterday was defnately a hit as I found this beautiful silk Roberto Cavalli scarf for £16.99!

I love it! its a really gorgeous vibrant blue, with animal print detail around the edges, I will probably wear it as a neck tie with a plain black top/dress or tied around my handbag.
I picked up this bag in the Christmas sales from Karen Millen, I had had my eye on it for months so I snapped it up with my Christmas pennies and it has been on my shoulder ever since!

Have you ever found any amazing bargains in TK Maxx? Also if you any beauty related questions you would like to ask me pretty please pop them in the comments for my beauty Q&A post next week :-)

Speak Soon!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Nails of the day and beauty Q and A :-)

Hi Ladies!

Gosh two nail polish posts in succession - I don't know whats come over me! Here are todays nails of the day, OPI's black cherry chutney (sorry about the messy application, it was one of those its late, I'm tired but I want to paint my nails kind of moments!)

This is one of my favourite OPI's, it is a gorgeous deep plum with red undertones. I don't normally go for darker nail polishes but I really love this one, I think I've mentioned this on my blog before but this nail polish makes me think of twilight! I could imagine Rosalie wearing it!

I was thinking of doing a beauty question and answer post, so if you have anything skincare/haircare/make-up related which you would like to ask me then pretty please pop it in the comments on this post and I will answer them in a new post later on this week :-)

Hope you're having a fab week,

P.s just noticed the title of this post rhymes, I love it when that happens!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

New China Glaze Purchases and NOTD :-)

Hi Ladies!

I popped into Sally's hair and beauty supplies the other day in search of an intensive hair mask (post about that coming up later!) and while I was there I noticed that the had a buy one get one half price offer on their China Glaze nail polishes. I have been umm-ing and ahh-ing over ruby pumps for literally yonks, so when I saw that there was only one bottle of ruby pumps left on the display I knew it was meant to be and that went straight in the basket! closely followed by c-c-courage, a polish from the wizard of oz collection. Here they are pictured below, c-c-courage on the left, and ruby pumps on the right.

Both of these are gorgeous, I'm usually pretty wary of glittery nail polishes but the sparkle in these is really subtle and pretty. I already have a couple of china glaze nail polishes and I think the quality and pigmentation of them is fab. I couldn't wait to try both of these out as soon as I got home so ruby pumps went straight on my fingers and c-c-courage went straight on my toes. Here is ruby pumps pictured below (sorry about the messy application - I was far too excited when applying this!) I didn't take a picture of my toes as i'm not too sure you'd enjoy a shot of my feet!

This photo doesn't really do this polish justice, I tried to get a good pic showing how lovely the sparkle is but I don't think my camera was up to the challenge! Hopefully it gives you some sort of idea though, this was taken after two coats and a top coat :-)

Thats all for now, hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend and get lots of chocolatey treats!