Monday, 7 December 2009

Bargain Alert! : Tesco Vitamin E skincare range

Hi Ladies,

So, I popped into tesco last week and as I went to pick up my trusty tesco vitamin E face wipes for 27p (yup thats right 27p!) I noticed that they had added some more products to this range and they were on three for two.

As I can't resist a bargain I picked up the face scub, facial wash and make up remover which were all 69p each so I got all three for £1.38! (in my excitement, I completely forgot to buy the face wipes but have been back for them since!) So here are the three products pictured below.

I am really impressed with these! The face scrub is lovely, and refreshing, it is quite a gentle exfoliator which really suits my skin as it is quite sensitive and anything too abrasive is a definate no no for me! The eye make up remover is fab too and I got it as just the right time as my trusty superdrug camomile eye makeup remover ran out yesterday! I have not used the face wash as much as the other two so I can't really comment on it, however it is pH balanced and paraben free which gets a thumbs up from me!

i'm not sure how much longer the three for two offer is on, but even without that these products are still a bargain and I will definately be repuchasing! I also picked up a little tub of carmex lip balm fo 60p! great work tesco!

Speak Soon

DaisyBee xxx


  1. Oh my goodness - bargain indeed! Will need to check this range out, I'm so skint right now. :) xo

  2. Wow what a bargain! I've read about those wipes before, but theres not a tesco by me so i have to wait until i travel to the nearest one so i can pick them up x

  3. I love Vitamin E face products. I started using the Superdrug line which is really nice but I will look at the Tesco line tomorrow. Heard really good things about the wipes :) What a bargain! xx

  4. I need to buy some more of these wipes and this 3 for 2 offer is just what I need, plus my Carmex is running out and despite having a backup, I can never say no if it's only 60p.


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