Monday, 28 March 2011

Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet :-)

Hi Ladies,

It was my birthday earlier this month, and I thought I would show you one of the lovely presents I recieved (as its barely been off my wrist since!). It is this black obsidian Thomas Sabo charm bracelet.

My boyfriends very lovely parents got me this (they know me very well!) and I love it. It looks lovely sat next to my links bracelet and the charm is just what I would have picked myself - simple and sparkly!

I love the concept of these charm bracelets, they are simple enough to go with everything with a little twist. I think they look lovely with just one charm on, although I already have my eye on a few others so I can swap them over to go with different outfits!

Hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Denman Hairbrush Compact :-)

Hi Ladies,

After one of the straps on my handbag snapped whilst I was walking to the bus stop last week (yes - It was one of those I wish the ground would swallow me up moments!) I decided it was about time I had a handbag spring clean and got rid of half of the unnecessary things I carry around all day. Something I used to throw in my handbag every morning without fail was my huge paddle brush (why oh why!), so to ensure it never finds it way into my handbag again I promptly headed to boots to buy myself a mini replacement. I decided to get this super cute mini Denman brush which was £2.80

This hairbrush folds away to make it teenie tiny! It is really lightweight, and the fact that the bristles fold away make it really neat and tidy. The mirror inside is really for touch ups and the black and pink design is super cute! Its so small that its perfect for popping in your clutch bag for nights out too :)

My paddle brush hasn't left my dressing table since!

Hope you're having a great week!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Pretty Perfumes :-)

Hi Ladies,

With the lighter days and glimpses of sunshine signalling that Summer is slowly on its way, there are two fruity summer perfumes which I have been loving at the moment so I thought I would share them with you :-)

Nina, by Nina Ricci never leaves my collection, it is such a lovely pretty girly scent! I think I first got this when I was about 18 and its been on Birthday and Christmas lists ever since! I would describe this as fruity, floral and light. It is not particulary heavy or long lasting making it more suitable for wearing during the day, and how pretty is the bottle!

Sarah Jessica Parker, NYC I had lusted after this perfume since my trip to New York this summer and my boyfriend treated me to it for Christmas this year. This really reminds me of the fruity Escada scents Sunset heat and Pacific paradise which are sadly not available anymore (I used to adore these!). It is another fruity, floral scent perhaps a little sweeter than Nina but still absolutely lovely. The plastic packaging might not be to everyones tastes but I love it, and it makes it perfect for popping in your handbag! Smelling this literally makes me think of summer, what more could you want!

The glass perfume bottle in the middle of this picture was a present from a friend a few years ago. You can actually decant perfume into it, (I have never tried though!) and I have no idea where she got it from but it is one of my favourite things ever. This sits in pride of place on my dressing table with my array of perfumes around it - I love it!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, what are your favourite summer scents?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My Little Trip To London :-)

Hi Ladies,

So, its my Birthday this coming weekend, yippee! and for the start of my birthday celebrations, I travelled down to London to stay with one of my bestest friends from Uni. We went to see Legally Blonde the musical which was fantastic! Susan Mcfadden (Bryan Mcfadden's sister and winner of Grease is the word!) was playing Elle and she was amazing. The whole musical was really funny which I wasn't expecting, I absolutely loved it! The next day we went shopping and I bought a gorgeous dress from topshop which I am going to wear on my actual birthday and lots of other bits and bobs. All in all it was a lovely weekend, so I thought I would share a few photo's with you :)

Enjoying the delicious Lola's cupcakes in Selfridges with a cup of tea - these were so yummy! I went for classic vanilla, and chocolate :)
Legally blonde - amazing! and finally, I purchased one little early birthday present for me - My very first YSL rouge volupte in number 01 Nude beige, I have lusted after this for ages, and when I finally got my mits on it, it was love at first sight. It applies like a dream, and is such a lovely colour - Happy Birthday me!
and thats everything! Have a lovely lovely week :)