Saturday, 29 August 2009

Top Tip - Volumising straight hair

Hi all! I hope you've had a good start to the bank holiday weekend. I just thought i'd post a quick tip on how to add a bit of extra volume to straight hair. I have naturally quite straight hair and after a dabble with the hair straightners it can sometimes look extremely flat at the roots, recently I rediscovered one of my nans favourite hair products which seems to do the trick when trying to give straight hair that extra va va voom! and it is hair mousse!

Pictured here is my travel size insette volumising extra hold mousse which I carry around in my gigantic handbag! I'm working very long days at the moment so like to have some mousse on hand when my hair starts to droop! Any mousse will do the trick, However I can recommend VO5 mega hold styling mousse (my nans fave!) and the aussie volume and conditioning mousse. I take a smallish amount of mousse (a little bigger than a 50p coin) in the palm of one hand, quickly distribute it between my hands and then massage it into my roots lifting my hair up and out as I do so. When doing this you have to be really careful that you don't use too much and distribute it evenly as otherwise it can make your hair pretty sticky. After doing this I give my hair a quick spritz of hairspray (elnett extra strength) and I'm good to go!

I have long blonde hair and as I mentioned in the things I am currently using tag i am desperately in need of a new shampoo (I've been using my mums for well over a week now she is definately going to notice soon!) Does anyone have any recommendations?

Enjoy the bank holiday!

DaisyBee xxx

Review - Eyeko magic liquid eyeliner

Hiyaaa! So, one day whilst browsing around superdrug (as you do!) I came across the eyeko magic liquid eyeliner, I can't remember exactly how much this cost but I think it was around £5.00. I was actually looking for the infamous eyeko creams which were unfortunately out of stock but when I saw this and read about what it promised to do I couldn't wait to get it home and try it out! Basically, the eyeko magic liquid eyeliner converts any eye shadow you own into a liquid eyeliner - fantastic I know! You just swirl the wand around in the shadow of your choice and hey presto you're ready to go! I think urban decay do a similar product, but its likely to be a little more pricey.
Eyeko describe this product as ''a credit crunch beauty fix'' and I have to agree, what a fabulously versatile product! All in all it is a great addition to the make up bag. It has a felt tip esque applicator which I find the easiest to use when applying liquid eyeliner, and gives really good colour pay off. It is great for providing extra definition around the lash line, and I have often reached for it on days when I have misplaced both my black and brown liquid liners! it has great staying power even in pale and shimmer colours.
The only mild problemo is that you MUST MUST MUST remember to thoroughly clean the applicator after using before you put it back in the pot. This can be a little irritating especially if you're in a hurry but is an absolute necessity to ensure that you get the exact colour of you shadow.
So big thumbs up for this eyeko product from me! Let me know if there is anything in my what I am currently using tag that you would like me to review :-)
DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Top tip for kabuki brushes! and Nail Varnish Rave!

Hi all! So, in my ELF haul I mentioned how I was a little disappointed with the fullness of my kabuki face brush. Today I have a top tip for anyone who needs to make their kabuki a little denser for buffing in product, and all you need is a.....*drum roll* bobble! Tying a bobble round the base of the brush really compacts the bristles and depending on how dense you want your brush to be you can move the bobble further up or down the brush! (see pic below for my ELF kabuki after the hair bobble treatment!)
Also, yesterday I jumped on the collection 2000 hot looks band wagon (extremely late might I add!) and picked up the dynasty nail varnish on my way home from work. I am SO impressed with this nail varnish, after two applications it is flawless and the colour is a gorgeous dusty bubblegum pink, It also dries super quick! Here is Dynasty pictured next to a couple of other polishes I want to rave about.

The three little bottles on the left are a french manicure set which I got from the one and only primark for £1! The white tip is a little hard to apply as the brush is a bit too big for that kind of pricision work! But the top coat and french pink are fab especially for £1! The next is a NYC new york colour minute in midtown, this is a gorgeous fushia pink with a slight sparkle to it. it is a great colour for the toes and applys super well!

Has anyone else come across any bargain nail varnish recently?

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My top three foundations :-)

Hiya! So, I thought I'd do a quick post on my top three favourite foundations :-) I have naturally blonde hair and extremely fair skin so find it very hard to find foundations which match my skintone. I also have very sensitive skin and have to be careful with what I try. After alot of trying and testing I have found three foundations which manage to meet all my requirements! :-D

First up is MAC studiofix fluid, the colour I use is NW15. You might be able to tell from the photo that compared to the other two foundations, especially Stila, studiofix is the darkest shade I have. My skin is slightly lighter than a NW15 however I tend to wear this when I go out during the summer and I have a bit of a tan. The formulation of studiofix is fantastic it literally stays put all day, it blends nicely into my skin with a 187 and provides the most long lasting coverage I have ever had from a foundation. However I do find it a little heavy for day to day wear and as I said earlier tend to wear it on nights out, for special occasions and long days at work!

Next up is Stila's illuminating liquid foundation in 10 watts. This foundation is much truer to my natural skin tone. For me, it bridges the gap between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation giving me just the right amount of coverage during the summer months! The best thing about this product is the amazing dewy glow it gives you, I have never known a foundation like it! it leaves you with a beautiful natural finish and smells lovely too! I know this is really hard to get hold of in the UK now (i'm treating this bottle like gold dust!) but I think there may be some places online that you can still order it. It also comes with a pump so you can use just the right amount!

Last but by no means least is prescriptives virtual skin, in which I have the colour yellow/orange real cream 02. I love love love love love this foundation! it is long wearing, oil free and gives a really natural finish, I love prescriptives makeup and you don't seem to hear about it much so here is a massive big up to prescriptives! If you're looking for a natural long lasting foundation I can highly reccomend virtual skin. I think it cost about £23 so is on par with most high end foundations.

Lastly, today I was thinking about the foundations I used to use when I was younger. I was a die hard fan of maybellines dream matt mouse, I can't remember what shade I used to use but if i ever ran out and my colour was sold out I would literally buy whatever other colour superdrug had to offer! I loved the stuff! did anyone else use this foundation? I'm getting all nostalgic and want to go buy some! Does anyone have any great foundations they'd like to reccomend?

Thats all for now!

Daisy Bee xxx

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Mini ELF Haul

So, about a week ago I recieved my first ever ELF order! I only orded a select few things i'd had my eye on for quite a while with the intention of seeing how I get on with these and ordering more later on. I've used all the products for about a week now so I thought i'd show you what I got and give you a mini review on them :-) You may notice that I didn't buy anything from the studio range this was due to me being totally skint at the time and wanting to get the most products for my money! However my sister did order some things from the studio range and I might ask her for her opinions on them/see if she'll let me try them! Right...lets get started!

First up therapeutic conditioning lipbalm in strawberry creme I really like this product, it glides on easily and stays put on the lips. The scent may be a little overpowering/too sickly sweet for some people but I love strawberries so it gets a thumbs up from me! I tend to apply this before I go to bed and first thing in the morning, it really needs time to soak in as if you apply lipstick too soon after it will unsuprisingly slide straight off! all in all, a great addition to the handbag!

Nail Varnish in mod mauve This is a fantastic colour however beware the swatch on the website is not true to the colour, in reality it is considerably darker. Its a lovely sort of grey plum colour, and looks great after two coats.

All over cover stick in fair I was probably most disappointed with this product, the fact that it is scented kindof put me off a bit and it is extremely difficult to blend however after sticking with it and using it a few times it is great if you need alot of coverage anywhere and doubles up as a base for the eyes!

Kabuki face brush Although not as dense a brush as I was hoping it to be, this kabuki has been great at buffing in my mineralize skin finish and I can highly reccomend it to anyone who wants to try a kabuki on a budget!

Blending eye brush I LOVE this brush! it was not as fluffy as i expected (see comparison above with my stila travel blending brush) I would say it is a little shorter and thicker than a regular blending brush however this makes it great for blending out harsh lines and even applying shadow to your outer corner. I have used this every day since purchasing and am definatley ordering a backup!

Everything I bought was £1.50 apart from the kabuki which was £3.50, all absolute bargains I'm sure you will agree! Also keep your eye on the ELF facebook page for free delivery and discount codes!
Thats all for now folks!
Daisy Bee xxx

What I am using right now tag

Well I havn't actually been tagged to do this *sad face* :-( but I thought it might be a good start off post to give everyone an idea of the kind of products I use :-) we go!

Shampoo - Dove heat protection, this is actually my mums, mine has run out and i've been too lazy to repurchase!

Conditioner - Tigi catwalk fashionista, I LOVE this conditioner it gives my hair a lovely salon finish and smells super lush

Styling products - Elnett hairspray (standard), Tigi curls rock hair spray (more of a laquer but great on curls and smells like apples mmmm!) batiste dry shampoo - tropical, sheer blonde gleam creme

Shower gel - Radox shower smoothie

Body moisturiser - Vaseline vitamin E

Deodorant - Palmolive soft and gentle in eden oriental lotus

Fake tan - St Moriz

Cleanser - boots botanics

Exfoliator - St Ives apricot scrub

Primer - GOSH velvet touch

Foundation brush - MAC 187 - I still love this brush!

Concealer - Don't really use concealer, a bit of loreal touche magique under the eyes and sometimes a bit of ELF all over cover stick

Powder - MAC mineralize skinfinish natural

Blusher - Currently been rediscovering my MAC fafi blush and a stila convertible colour in petulia

Bronzer - A sephora bronzer in intense (not as severe as it sounds!) I picked up on a recent trip to Nice

Highlighter - The shimmer part of my MAC mineralize skinfinish natural plus shimmer

Eyeshadow base - too faced herbal eye concealer in london light, I love this super versatile product

Eyeshadows - It varies but I'm currently road testing the sleek storm pallet

Eyeliner - Mac powerpoint in engraved or a number 7 in brown

curler - Don't use, I've been blessed with naturally quite curly lashes!

Mascara - Loreal Voluminous and benefit bad gal

Lipstick - GOSH darling

Lipgloss - Bobbi brown in pink blossom - not in love with this far too sticky but needs using up!
Nail Colour - Currently sporting a random mini boujours in a goldie pink which i picked up for 50p!

and thats the end phew! I hope this gives you some sort of idea of the products i use on a daily basis of course i tag anyone who would like to do this tag!

Daisy Bee xxx


Hello there!
Thankyou for stumbling across my very first shiney new blog! After being an avid follower of many lovely beauty bloggers I decided to bite the bullet and make my own blog to add my beauty and fashion pearls of wisdom!
My name is Daisy, and I am a 21 year old student from the North of England, I love handbags, makeup, medical dramas, bangles, 90's pop groups, spinach, sparkle and fancy dress!
Thankyou for popping by and I will hopefully see you again soon!

Daisy Bee xxx