Thursday, 12 November 2009

Product Rave : Loreal Touche Magique Concealer

Hi ladies!

So, I just wanted to do a bit or a rave about one of my holy grail makeup items which I have been using for literally years! It is the loreal touche magique under eye concealear :-)

Sorry that the picture isn't great - I use this product every day and it lasts for a super long time so most of the writing has rubbed off! I adore this product and always repurchase it. I think I have used it for about three years now and I was introduced to it after watching a programme on telly (I think it might have been a Gok Wan programme!) where they asked 100 ladies to test this, touche eclat and some other under eye concealers and this one came out on top!

After applying my foundation I pop some of this under my eyes (It has a similar applicator to touche eclat - you twist the top then it has a brush applicator on the other end) then use either my finger or a stiff synthetic eyeshadow brush to gently blend the concealer under my eyes. This concealer blends really well and has a light, creamy consistancy. It definately leaves my eyes looking lighter, brighter and more awake!

If your're looking for a new under eye concealer or fancy trying something different I can highly recommend this one, I remember going on holiday once, forgetting it and buying a new one from boots at the airport! (I don't know what I would have done if boots hadn't had it!) It costs around £7.00 :-)

5/5 and a big thumbs up from me!

Hope you're all well, and thankyou everyone for the perfume recommendations - I have so many great ideas now!

Speak Soon

DaisyBee xxx

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  1. I love product raves, i just got a concealer this weekend but have added this to my to buy list! x

  2. I love this concealer, I won it in a Loreal competition years ago and have been using it since, it really helps to brighten up the eye area x

  3. That looks awesome, I wish my undereyes were in a better state, maybe if my eye cream starts working I can try this xx

  4. Thanks for this post missy Ive been looking to try a different concealer for a few weeks now will definitely check this one out :)

  5. Oo, this sounds pretty good! Boots are giving it away for free if you buy Loreals new rolly-on foundation (I don't know the name!) xx

  6. @Kate I just saw the advert too! what a bargain I might get it so I have a concealer back up and can try that foundation It looks so strange!x


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