Thursday, 8 October 2009

Lipstick Rave : Rimmel Volume Booster in 102 - Foxy

Hi Ladies!

So I just wanted to rave about a gorgeous natural peachy pink lippie which I have been wearing non stop lately, and it is the rimmel volume booster lipstick in number 102 foxy.

This autumn, I really want to start using warmer colours on my lips (instead of my standard nude lip!), as my complexion becomes very pale as we head into these colder seasons! This lipstick gives me exactly what I want. It is a lovely wearable peachy pink, and whilst it gives me colour, it is not at all overpowering and looks incredibly natural.

I find this lipstick to be not at all drying, and it glides on easily. It gives a slightly glossy finish and has a lovely cool feel - I love it! It also plumps up your lips - what more could you want!

The volume booster lipsticks are a little harder to find and are often only on the bigger rimmel stands (I got mine from a large boots) but it is definately one worth seeking out! I think it costs just under £5.

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. I agree - I love this lipstick!! It's so nice and feels lovely on the lips :) Great post, xo.

  2. I have this and I wear it literally every day. I love it so much, it's such a pretty colour and looks really natural on. My favourite! yay! xxxxx

  3. Looks great on your skintone - will have to check this out. Hope you're well too Daisy xx

  4. Love that shade! Never owned a Rimmel lipstick, would be nice to purchase something tats cheaper then MAC and goes on well :)

  5. Hey there :)
    I found this at a webstore and I thought "I NEED THAT" cause I love anything that is peach or coral colored... unfortunately I was not able to buy it and we dont have that Rimmel collection here in Finland (we never had any smile booster lipsticks here) :/
    Its a lovely color though :)

    Youve got a really lovely blog btw :)


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx