Monday, 23 November 2009

Top Tips : Easy ways to help your hair grow longer :-)

Hi Ladies,

I thought I would share with you some of the things I do to encourage my hair to grow/maintain its length. Some of these things might seem really simple, and obvious but they're just easy things I have found to help my hair grow a bit quicker :-)

So first I thought i'd show you a pic of my hair at the moment (ish!) this picture was actually taken at in the summer (July I think), so it has grown a bit more since this was taken. This is pretty much my natural hair colour, I havn't dyed it for almost a year now - yay!

So onto my top tips!

1) Limit heat on your hair - Obvious I know but if you're anything like me completely cutting out the hairdryer and straightners is just not going to happen. With work and uni all week life is pretty hectic at the moment and I don't have time to hang around waiting for my hair to dry naturally! So to limit the amount of heat I use on my hair, after washing it I towel dry, part and brush my hair then get on with everything else I need to do (put on makeup..have breakfast..sort out my handbag!) Once I have literally got eveything else done and I'm ready to leave, I towel dry my hair again then blow dry it. I find giving my hair a chance to dry on its own even for just a little bit cuts down how much time I then need to spend using the hairdryer and straightners - every little helps!

2) Get your dry shampoo out! - I used to wash my hair every day which definately did my hair more harm than good. Now I wash it every other day and use dry shampoo inbetween washes, to freshen it up. It often looks better on my dry shampoo days!

3) Invest in a leave in conditioner - I use vitapointe leave in conditioner (see pic below!) which I have mentioned on my blog before, which costs about £1.99 from boots. After washing and drying, and throughout the day (I keep it in my handbag!) I take a pea sized amount, rub it into my palms and smooth it through the ends of my hair. It definately leaves my hair feeling softer and less dry :-) I also use a hair mask from time to time (the aussie 3 minute miracle is lovely) theres often a selection of different hair masks in sachets at superdrug for 99p they're a great way to treat yourself if you feel like being pampered!

4) Be gentle! - If you get tangles in your hair use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to tease them out, detangle sprays are great too but use them sparingly so you don't make your hair look greasey. Also be particularly careful when brushing your hair when its wet, as it is alot more delicate.

5) Go easy on the styling products - Overuse of styling products can dry out your hair and make it brittle, So try not to overdo it with the hairspray and mousse. Even using a little less than usual will help!

6) Embrace your natural colour! - Like I said at the beginning of this post, I havn't dyed my hair now for almost a year. This time last year I was beyond platium blonde (I've put a picture below but it was alot blonder than this!)

I'd had blonde highlights from being about 14 and each time seemed to ask to go blonder and blonder! It got to a point when my hair was in really bad condition and I was finding my colour difficult to maintain, so I went to the hairdressers asked her to take my hair to as close to its natural colour as possible and I've only been back for trims since! I know one day I will want to get some highlights and go blonder again but for now my hair is in way better condition and I have saved some pennies! :-)

I hope these tips were helpful! and let me know in the comments if you have any tips too!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. Great post chick, your hair is gorgeous! I love the colour & length!

    Thank you for the hair tips :)

    <3 xox

  2. Your hair colour now is gorgeous! It suits you so much, and looks really healthy. xx

  3. You have such nice hair :). Great tips as I'm growing my hair too. I know what you mean about your hair looking better on dry shampoo days - I agree! xo

  4. Thank you for the tips! :) I love your hair now! It looks gorgeous :)

  5. lovely tips hun! and your hair's gawjus =)

  6. aww thanks girlies you're all so lovely! :-) xxx

  7. You have lovely hair! I think we have similar shades as my roots are hardly noticeable- it's why I always stay quite natural with my colour!


  8. Thanks for the tips!! Im trying to hard to grow my hair longer and trying to stop dying it too!!! BUt I use my straightener and hair dryer every other day!! Even when I do leave my hair to dry naturally it goes spastic!! Its not straight, and its not wavy nor curly, it like flicks in different directions and the ends are all matted together! Ive ogtten sarcastic comments like "Love what you're doing with your hair" LOL Ugggh. I love your natural hair colour! Reminds me sorta of Blake Lively's, sorta.. :) x

  9. Great tips. Your hair looks fab! I'm growing my hair atm and have stopped colouring it (about a year ago too) but need to majorly cut down on heat styling.
    The vitapointe stuff sounds great too - will have to look out for it!

  10. Great tips, your hair colour looks gorgeous and healthy and I love the colour! I took Folic Acid tablets recently and it made my hair grow like mad, but it had it's downside as I got roots quicker. xx

  11. Your hair looks so lovely and healthy!
    I also just wanted to let you know I've given you the Lovely Blogger Award! If you've done the post already in the past please don't feel that you need to re-do it, I just wanted to let you know that I'd included you!
    xo em


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