Saturday, 26 September 2009

Nails Of the Day

Hi girls! I mentioned a few posts ago that i'd bought a new collection 2000 hotlooks nail varnish on a recent trip to good old superdrug. Well the one I went for was hoola hoop, a gorgeous super bright barbie pink!

I cannot rave about these nail varnishes enough, they are so so so good for the price (£1.75!). They go on well, and give fab colour after two coats. This polish is a quite a bit brighter than dynasty (my favourite from the range) but its still really wearable. It also dries pretty quickly which I love because I always end up getting impatient waiting for nail varnish to dry (I can't sit still for two minutes!)

Do you have any hot looks polishes?

Hope you're having a great weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Eyes Of The Day (using the good old sleek palette again!)

Hi ladies! Hope you're all enjoying X factor and Strictly come dancing! I thought I'd show you the eye makeup I wore for work today, I was wearing my hair up in a scruffy up do so I went for something a little bolder than I usually would go for during the day.

I went for a sort for subtle smokey eye using bronzes and browns from the sleek storm palette (I am still in love with it!) I used my MAC paintpot in indianwood as a base, MAC's powerpoint eyeliner in engraved on my lower lash line with the matt dark brown from the sleek palette over the top to make it look a little sofer and more smokey. Then lots and lots of loreal voluminous mascara. What do you think?

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Product Rave : Superdrug eye make-up remover, camomile

Hi girlies! Earlier this week I was queueing up in superdrug (buying my 3rd collection 2000 hot looks nail varnish - I love them!) when I noticed a massive display of new products at the side of the tills. They were superdrugs own brand of cleanser, toner and eye makeup remover all for only £1.00! I decided to get the eye make-up remover, as I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over getting the much raved about botanics eye make-up remover for while. Here is it pictured below:

As it only cost a quid, I wasn't really expecting much from this product - However it has completely surpasses my expectations! It contains camomile, which I already love (camomile tea anyone?) Is gentle on my eyes, refreshing and is really effective at removing almost all of the lashings of mascara I pile on every day. I am super super impressed!

Has anyone else seen these new products at their local superdrug?

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bargain Stila Makeup and I've got a twitter!

Hi Ladies, this is just a really quick post to let you know that on the Debenhams website they are selling Stila make-up half price!
I ordered a couple of things last night including the illuminating skin foundation (which I have raved about here -its gorgeous!) If you've never tried stila before it is a lovely high quality brand, I adore their products and can't say enough good things about them! Also, Stila not really available anywhere in the UK anymore, so i'd definately get some ordered from here if you fancy trying something new! Here is the link : Bargain Stila at Debenhams!. A few things are no longer available which were last night when I ordered, so if you would like to get something I'd get your skates on before they sell out! also if you buy any shadows they come in pan form, I think you can order the pots for putting them in half price too if you want them to look pretty :-)
Also, I have just got a twitter (eek!) and if you would like to follow me and hear more of my ramblings you can here at :-D
Speak Soon! and let me know if you order any Stila goodies!
DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 21 September 2009

REVIEW : Sleek Eye Drama Mascara

Hi Ladies, So this is a review I've been planning to do for a while, I'm sorry its a little overdue but I wanted to give this product a good try so I could give you a lot of info on it (well as much info as you can give on a mascara!) Right so I'll get cracking, the product in question is the sleek eye drama mascara which I have in number 880 blackout.

I bought mine for around £4.00 from superdrug. There are quite a few sleek mascara's however I don't think they are displayed particularly well, there are no photo's or displays of the actual brushes so I bought this one (mainly as I was attracted to the packaging!) and had no idea what the brush was like at all untill I opened it at home. When I got it open I was a little disappointed to find that the brush was pretty thin and plastic its also very bendy (think maybelline define a lash - the green one!). As the name of the mascara was ''eye drama'' I was expecting a big bristly brush for lots of length and volume (loreal voluminous/benefit bad gal esque). Nevertheless I popped it in my makeup bag for trying the next day.

The next morning my initial impression of the mascara was a massive thumbs down. I found the flexible brush extremely hard to work with and literally ended up getting mascara practically everywhere except on my lashes! The bristles on the brush were not long enough to define my lashes, and the end result was very very clumpy (see my previous post on the simple sleek eye make-up looks and you'll know what I mean!). Now a week on, after using the mascara every day (and resisting opening my shiney new loreal voluminous) I must say I have warmed to it (a little). For me it doesn't really add volume to my lashes but it does add length, and after finally getting to grips with the bendy plastic wand it does define and separate my lashes too (with a little patience). It also dries quite quickly which is a plus.

Overall I'd give this mascara 5/10 and sadly I don't think i'll be repurchasing despite the fantastic price. If you like a sturdy wand and a bristly brush I would probably give this product a miss. However it is by no means the worst mascara I have ever tried, and I will definately be checking out the other sleek mascara's (who can resist at under a fiver!)

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lauren Conrad Lips

Hi ladies! I've never been very adventurous with lipstick, and tend to stick to a nude/light pink lip (the most adventurous I get it along the lines of maybelline ambre rose!) However after seeing Lauren Conrad's gorgeous simple eye makeup with statement lips at the vma's this week, I've been thinking about venturing into the realms of darker lipsticks (tentatively might I add!) Here is a piccy of Lauren at the vma's (she had a gorgeous moschino dress on too).

I really like the idea of toning down my eye make up and turning up my lips for a night out, I tend to stick to the same sort of make up whenever I plan a night on the tiles and would really like to try something new, however being a lipstick newbie, I have no idea where to look for a lipstick like this so would be extremely grateful for any recommendations! What do you think to this look?

Hope you've all had a fab weekend,

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Product Rediscovery : MAC Paint Pot Indianwood

Don't you just love it when you find something you had completely forgotten about in your makeup collection and fall in love with it all over again? I do! This has just happened to me and the product in question is my MAC paintpot in Indianwood.

This was actually the first paint pot I ever bought! I remember swatching them all at the counter and I instantly loved the rich bronzey colour of this one, but after wearing it religously for a few days (standard with every new product) I found myself reaching for more neutral/wearable paint pot alternatives and this sadly got pushed to the dusty realm of my ''not worn very often makeup box''. Recently bronze/gold/brown eye make up has been my flavour of the month and after a little tidy up i came across this paint pot and wondered if it would work as a base under this sort of look. I dusted it off, popped it on my chest of drawers and applied it the next morning before work. Needless to say I have been completely wowed by the result! I think when I bought this I didn't really understand how versitile paint pots can be, This gives my favourite bronze and brown eye shadows that extra pop i've always lusted after, aswell as keeping them on all day! I've also used it as a gel liner with a liner brush, a tiny amount as a brow filler and it creates a lovely quick and easy look if applied all over the lid with a bit of black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line :-) I'm so glad I rediscovered it! Have you rediscovered any little gems lately?

Before I go I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to
Victoria for mentioning me in her share the love post, I couldn't believe it when I nipped onto my blog when I finished work and saw that I had so many new followers! (hello! *waves!*) thankyou so so much! If you havn't seen Victoria's blog before (I'm sure you have!) definately have a look she is doing a great contest at the moment, and has the cutest dogs ever!

Thats all for now, let me know if there are any particular posts you would like to see!

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx

It might be nearly Autumn...but my nails are still in Summer!

Hiya everyone, I thought I'd do a quick nails of the day. Like I said in the title, although its nearly autumn (and I love autumn colours!) I'm still enjoying vibrant summer colours on my nails! Today I went for an Elf polish in coral :

Like most elf polishes, when i got this little gem in the post it was nothing like the swatch on the website but I still love it! Its a slightly milky coral with a lovely gold shimmer, it gives good coverage after two coats and is a really lovely unusual colour. However, you need a good base coat and top coat when applying this polish as without it chips really really fast (it also takes quite a while to dry) but I can't really grumble for the bargain price of £1.50!

Sorry for my short stumpy nails, I have to keep them trimmed as I have eczema on my legs and if I let them grow too much I just scratch at it to my hearts content (mainly in my sleep!)

Can any one recommend any great polishes for this autumn? and a great moistuiser for super dry skin!?

Have a fab weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Alton Towers!

Yesterday my boyfriend took me to Alton Towers as a suprise! and I had such a lovely day I thought i'd share a few pics with you, as you've not really seen that much of me apart from extreme close ups of my eyes and lips haha. It wasn't too busy so the queue's weren't ridiculous and we went on most of the rides, including rita queen of speed the newest one - i wish i could show you the photo from that one, I bought a keyring and I look absolutely terrified - which I was!! So here's a photo's which was taken by the alton towers people at the enterance when we went in:

I'm wearing a long jumper from republic, leggings from primark, river island shoes and my bag is from topshop :-) my eye makeup is exactly the same as the autumn inspired look I did a few posts ago, along with mac studiofix fluid in nw15 and mac mineralize skinfinish natural, a touch of the elf warm bronzer and maybelline ambre rose lippy :-)

There was a new sealife centre bit which I loved! the sky looks really grey in this picture but luckily it didn't rain!

and finally, a super cheese pic of me under a daisy haha! I had such a fun time (thankyou Ben!) and if you've never been to Alton Towers before you definately need to go!

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Product Rave : ELF mineral eyeshadow in celebrity

Hi ladies! Last week I ordered a few things from elf (let me know if you'd like to see what else I got!), and the one product which has really stood out for me, and has even made its way into my handbag makeup bag (a highly prestigious award!) is the mineral eyeshadow in celebrity pictured below:

It is a lovely shimmery light golden brown, such a pretty pretty colour! I'm never really been drawn to mineral eyeshadows before, I find loose powder eye shadows really hard to get on with (I've never been able to get to grips with barry M dazzle dusts or mac pigments!) However i've found applying this shadow really easy. I usually take the shadow from the lid of the pot with my brush which stops me from getting too much. The only downside is that it definately needs an eye primer/base to stick too. I applied it to my mums lids with no base yesterday and the staying power was still good, but it was definately starting to fade a little after a few hours. To me, this shadow looks like a cousin of the MAC woodwinked/satin taupe/all that glitters family! I've been wearing it with all that glitters and it looks lovely!

I'm definately going to try some more mineral shadows so let me know if you have any to recommend!

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Eyes of the day autumn style! (using mainly MAC)

Hello ladies! I thought I'd do a quick eyes of the day (my first ever!) as I went for a really understated look today, inspired by the lovely colours of autumn. Sorry in advance for the poor picture quality the sun has gone in (boo hoo!) and I didn't use the flash on my camera so i'm not sure my makeup has shown up too well. I've also been wearing this makeup all day so its not really looking its best - but at least demonstrates the products staying power! Right enough moaning from me, here are my eyes of the day! :-)

For this I used pretty much all MAC products, which are pictured below. I once again primed my eyes with the number 7 eye base, and actually used a little bit of the prestige sunbaked mineral bronzing powder in pure shimmer in my inner corner. I have no idea why I randomly popped Creme D'nude into this picture?! lol! gotta love that lippy!

Pictured above is MAC time and space and all that glitters shadows, aswell as a clinique duo in tiger lily (I used the dark brown from this for my outer corner and lower lash line) then MAC eye kohl in phone number and MAC pro longlash mascara. (and of course creme d'nude - what are you doing there?!)

Have a lovely Evening :-)

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

REVIEW : Garnier essentials soft and fresh day creams

Hi ladies! I have always been a clinique 3 step skincare girl, and am pretty much convinced clinique was the reason I stayed pretty much 100% spot free during my teenage years. I love both the dramatically different moisturising gel and the moisture surge moisturiser however being a skint uni student the time has come for me to look for cheaper alternatives. The two products which have managed (thus far!) to live up to my clinque expectations are the two cute garnier day creams pictured below.

They are the garnier fresh 24 hour hydrating day cream (green) and the garnier soft 25 hour nourising day cream (pink). Both cost around £5.00 for 50ml.

I have the tiniest little bit of the fresh day cream (I'm not sure if you can tell from the pic!) This is the first one I purchased around April/May so it has lasted me quite a long time! If I had to pick one of the two this would be my favourite. It soaks into the skin really quickly and has the same sort of consistancy as cliniques moisture surge which i absolutely love. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and not the slightest bit greasy. I apply it on a morning after cleansing and toning, leave it for about 10 minutes and i'm ready to apply my makeup! I'm so impressed with this moisturiser and i'm definately going to try out some other products from this range.

Next up is the soft 24 hour nourishing day cream. I bought this when my fresh day cream started to get low, as it is geared towards dry and sensitive skin which I have. The nourishing day cream is much thicker and creamier in consistancy, and takes a bit longer to soak in. However once it does, it leaves my skin feeling soothed and non greasy. It contains essence of rose, vitamin E and a UV filter which helps protect your skin. I'm really impressed with this one too, however if i'm in a hurry I tend to reach for the fresh day cream as it sinks in that little bit quicker. If my skin needs a real moisture fix I apply this one, and I've also used it as a night cream!

I can highly recommend these to anyone looking for affordable skin care, and how cute are the little pots!?

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 12 September 2009

How to jazz up your pony tail (2 easy tips!)

Hi Ladies! I know lots of you have just gone back to school/college/uni so I thought I'd show you two easy ways of ''dressing up'' your pony tail :-) They're both really quick to do and are just fun ways of making your pony tail a bit different from the rest!

Ok, so the first one is the hair wrap pictured below :

I always seem to get lots of compliments when I do my hair like this (which is nice!) and its sooooo easy to do! People also always say ''wow how have you tied your hair up with your hair!?'' well truth is - I havn't lol. To do this I just do a pony tail as normal, its best to use a hair tie the same colour as your hair and also tie it quite tightly. I then take about a 1cm thick piece of hair from the side of my pony tail and wrap it all the way around the hair tie (my hair is quite long and it normally goes round about 3-4 times. Once I've got to the bottom of this piece of hair, I secure it using two hair grips underneath my pony tail one going to the left and one going to the right, spray it with a little hairspray and volia! This also looks really nice if you do it on a loose side pony tail, and you can plait the piece of hair before you wrap it round if you fancy doing something different too :-)

The second way is even easier and super cute! all you do it tie a bit of ribbon around your hair tie into a cute little bow!

I have quite a collection of ribbons (to match different outfits!) but I really love this black polka dot one. This is such an easy way of adding a little extra something to an everyday hairstyle, and with all the different colours/types of ribbon - the possibilites are endless!

I hope you enjoyed this post - I know it was a litttle different! Let me know if you want me to do more things along these lines :-)

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! did you watch X factor? I loved the guy at the end - did anyone else think he looked like a teenage Gary Barlow?! or was it just me and my mum!

Speak soon

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Simple eye looks using the sleek palettes! :-)

Hiya! Today way my day off work so i've had a great lazy day, and I thought it might me nice to try a couple of makeup looks using my brand spanking new sleek original palette and the storm palette which I already had. I used all sleek shadows in both of these looks (I've put pictures at the bottom of both palettes and numbered the shadows I used from them so you can see exactly which ones i used :-) I also used the sleek eye drama mascara which I bought a few days ago. So here is the first look I went for, its mainly based around the gorgeous purple from the original palette I was lusting about in my last post! I'm sorry there isn't a photo of my lids for some reason I completely forgot to take one and by the time I realised I'd taken all the make-up off - what a goon!

I was really pleased with the way this look turned out, I think its quite a nice colourful twist on the smokey eye, Normally I've shyed away from purple for fear of looking like someone has given me a black eye but i'd definately wear this look on a night out (just need to find a purple dress now!) For this I used the number 7 smoothing and brightning eye base (which i reviewed a few days ago - love it!) The Shadows numbered 1 for inner corner,2 for crease and 3 for outer corner all pictured below from the original sleek palette.

I then used GOSH's liquid eye liner pen in black to across my upper lash line, and MAC's powerpoint liner in engraved on my lower lash line and went over both of these with the purple shadow (number 3) using a really thin liner brush. I finished the look off with a little of the black shadow (number 4) in the sleek storm palette below which i blended up and across from my outer corner and a quick coat of the sleek mascara! :-)

For my next look I went for earthy browns and greens, these colours would look fab with brown and hazel eyes!

For this I again started with the number 7 eye base then used the shadow labelled 5 from the storm pallet for my inner corner, 6 from the original palette for the crease (a gorgeous moss green with gold shimmer!) and 7 and 8 from the storm palette for the outer corner. I then used a number 7 liner in brown to line my lower lash line. Apologies for my lashes in the last picture, I've already grumbled a bit about the sleek eye drama mascara but said I'd give it a fair try, however here you can see how clumpy its made my lashes! *sad face* I think this is mainly due to how hard it is to apply with that silly bendy wand! I don't think i'll be using this one again, nevertheless I think I'll still try the other sleek mascara's as the are so cheap!

These are my first make-up looks so I hope you like them! Let me know what you think and I might try a few more :-)

Hope you're all having a lovely evening!

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Little Haul :-)

Hi Ladies! I hope you're all having a lovely evening, I've just got back from having dinner out with my friend and i'm completely stuffed! I thought i'd share with you a few things I bought yesterday :-) If you would like me to give you a proper review of anything you see here let me know! Right so first up I went to superdrug and picked up one of the new bastiste dry shampoo scents!

So, there are two new scents Diva and Boho. I decided to go for Diva and I love it already! It has a lovely fresh light smell which I really like. I've had both the original and the tropical batistes before and I've found both of them a little heavy (the smell i mean!) even though I love coconut for me tropical is a little too strong, diva is much more my kind of thing and I can definitely recommend it! (it costs around £2). I find dry shampoo to be a really great styling product, it really helps give my hair a little extra volume!

Next up is the sleek goodies pictured below, I got the original palette (I already have storm and have been really impressed with it!) and the eye drama endless lashes mascara.

So first up, the mascara (I think it cost £3.92). My initial thoughts are a thumbs down I'm afraid :-( and this is mainly due to the brush, it is a plastic bendy brush similar to the maybelline define a lash. I find these brushes really hard work and prefer bigger bristley ones like benefit bad lash, stila major major lash and loreal voluminous. However I have only used it today and I am definately going to give it a good try so I will let you all know how I get on with it! The original palette is gorgeous, I adore sleek eyeshadows the pigmentation is amazing, here are a few swatches of my favourties - How gorgeous is the purple!
These palettes are such a bargain too, they cost just under £5. I might even do some looks with these, I can't wait to try out some of the colours!

and finally one little MAC purchase, I finally got my mits on all that glitters eye shadow. I wanted a neutral shimmery shade for my lids when I start back at uni, and I'm really glad I went for this one I love it!

I was quite literally trying to apply this in the car on the way home (I wasn't driving!) its that lovely!

Right thats everything! Let me know if you'd like a more thorough review of anything you've seen!

Speak soon

DaisyBee xxx

P.s has anyone just seen Derren Brown? How did he do that!?

In and out 2 :-)

Hi all! I've got quite a few posts to do (I went shopping yesterday whoop!) but I thought I'd start off with my second round of ins and outs (I love these!)

Zara, I love this shop I've got my eye on some gorgeous long chunky cardigans they've just got in for the colder months to come!
Garnier skin naturals essential day cream - lovely stuff definitely comparable to cliniques moisturisers and there's no hefty price tag!
The sunshine! - Finally we're getting some summer weather!
The fame remake coming out at the cinema soon - very excited!
Cheryl Cole's single, anyone else hear it on radio 1? Not sure I'm loving it right now but maybe its a grower.
My nails breaking - whyyyyyyy!
Desperately needing to tidy my room - I actually can't see for floor for clothes - bad times.
Sleeks dramatic eyes mascara, review to come, not impressed at all! (but I still love the eye palettes!)

Let me know if you've done your ins and outs I love reading them!
speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Product Rave : Number 7 Smoothing and Brightening Eye Base

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, boots are doing their £5 off number 7 vouchers at the moment when you spend £5 or more in store (I'm not sure how much longer this is going on for!) and with one of my vouchers I picked up the number 7 stay perfect smoothing and brightening eye base. I think it normally costs about £7.50 so with my voucher I got it for £2.50 - Bargain! I had no idea number 7 did an eye base, I didn't used to like their products that much (i'm still not a fan of their eye shadows). However recently I have been pretty impressed with their liners, glosses and now this! Here is the eye base pictured below :

Initially I was a little dubious. the colour is a quite pinkish and I tend to prefer the more lemon coloured eye bases to even out any pink/red on my lids. However the base goes on a very light pearlescent pink which is actually very flattering! It is very creamy in consistancy, and blends easily. I have used this both to fix eye shadow (which it has done brilliantly - literally all day) and also to create a natural day to day look when I put this all over my lids then use an eye shadow brush (such as the MAC 213) to apply my MAC mineralise skinfinish natural to my lids asif it were a shadow. This is great for evening out the skintone on my lids and leaves me with that fab ''no makeup makeup look!"

I much prefer solid cream eye shadow bases and have never been able to get to grips with urban decays primer potion, or two faced shadow insurance. I can highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try an eye base for the first time, or just looking to try something new! its kindof tucked away within the number 7 counter so you may need to look quite hard for it!

Speak to you all soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Ebay treat - A NYX eyeshadow trio!

Hi ladies! I can't believe its sunday night already! Where did the weekend go?! This week I ordered myself a NYX eyeshadow trio from ebay as I wanted to get a few autumn coloured eyeshadows, It came yesterday and I am really pleased with it! I think it cost me around £6.50 with postage so not too pricey at all! Here is is pictured below, the shadows from left to right are frosted flake, slate and iced mocha.

I'm really impressed with these shadows and have worn them all weekend! iced mocha is great for the outer corner during the daytime, its dark enough to provide definition but has a lovely bronze/gold shimmer to it which doesn't make it overpowering. Slate is great for the crease and frosted flake is a gorgeous icey pink/cream with the slightest violet undertones. All eyeshadows are shimmer ones, they're quite similar to a few I've seen in the sleek palletes and of the same kindof quality, overall I'm very impressed :-)
Has anyone else tried any nyx products? I wish they were more widely available in the UK!
I have a couple more posts I'm hoping to do before I go to bed or tomorrow evening, one is a product rave the other is an blog award from the lovely Lucy at which I'm so chuffed to recieve!
Speak to you all soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Friday, 4 September 2009

Current fave lipstick/lipgloss combo!

Hi ladies! Hope you're all having a lovely friday evening! anyone else watching the big brother finale? (Sophie to win!) Anyways, I thought I'd show you a lip combo which I am completely loving at the moment, and it is MAC creme d'nude lipstick with boots number 7 liplicious lipgloss in marshmallow, Here they are pictured below

I've never really been a massive fan of lipgloss, i've always found the stickiness an issue (*cough Bobbi brown!*) and hate it when you get your lipgloss in your hair, ooo and when you're constantly licking it off your lips and it tastes like plasticine (ok enough lipgloss hating now!) However, I love the extra sheen certain glosses can give your lipstick, this particular number 7 one is a lovely pearly pink and gives creme d'nude a little extra pinkiness which I absolutely adore. The applicator is also really good as it doesn't rub your lipstick off when applying which I find the brush applicators can do, and it is no where near as sticky as other glosses I've tried (although it is still sticky - does anyone know a completely non sticky gloss? let me know!). Creme d'nude...what can I say, who doesn't love this lipstick! Its the perfect natural nude, not too light with the slightest warm peach undertones. Here are the two together on my lips, sorry for the poor picture quality.

Boots are doing their £5 off number 7 vouchers at the moment, so I've picked up quite a few things - Including this lipgloss and their eye base (I didn't know they did one!) which I will let you know how I get one with. I'm on the look out for drugstore nude lipsticks, can anyone recommend any? I don't want to run out of creme d'nude!

Have a lovely weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Quick product rave - GOSH liquid eyeliner pen

Hi Ladies! This is a super quick product rave about the GOSH liquid eyeliner pen which I am absolutely loving at the moment! Here is is below

I am so so so impressed with this and dare I say it.....go on then I will I prefer it to its MAC counterpart, the MAC liquid eye liner! It has that great felt tip style applicator which I find the easiest to use, glides on well, dries super fast and literally stays put all day, untill you decide to take it off. I currently only have it in black but I am pretty sure GOSH do other colours and I'm definitely going to check those out! I think it costs just over £5, I got it on a recent GOSH 3 for 2 offer which you should keep your eyes peeled for as superdrug do them quite often! Overall, If you're looking for a great liquid liner that won't break the bank I can highly recommend this product.

Only 2 days untill X factor whoop whoop!

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

REVIEW - Illamasqua false eye lashes


So, I mentioned in my ins and out how I was loving the illamasqua false eyelashes at the moment, I'm actually loving them so much I decided to dedicate an entire post to them! I actually got these quite a few months ago when I had my eye makeup done by illamasqua and the lashes put on for a ball at uni. The illamasqua MA did a fab job, however these lashes have been rattling around in my makeup basket collecting dust ever since. Last weekend I decided to crack them out for a meal and drinks out with some friends and was reminded of how utterly fabulous they are! So, here they are in the box (please excuse the dust/makeup all over the outside of the box!)

I got number 019, which are one of the more natural looking lashes. Illamasqua have some fantastic big fancy statement lashes too, and there is a huge selection. Below is a closeup of my eye with the lashes on (it looks a little strange - I was literally looking out of the corner of my eye lol!)

I have naturally quite thick curly lashes and these falsies provided me with just enough extra definition. They feel comfortable and stayed put all night, and as yet *touch wood!* no lashes have fallen off them. Fab fab fab quality and I can highly reccomend these lashes specifically for anyone looking for a very natural but still eye catching pair of falsies. However they did cost £11.00 and are a little on the pricey side. Because of this, I am taking extremely good care of them and reserving them for special occasions not the kind of nights when halfway through i decide to peel of my lashes and drop them on the dancefloor (does anyone else do this?!).

Thats all for now folks!

Speak soon,

DaisyBee xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ins and outs! :-)

I really love reading everyones Ins and Outs, so I thought I would join in!

Finding things in my mums wardrobe which I absolutely love - shopping without the spending cheers mum!
The new batiste dry shampoo scents now in at superdrug - Diva is lush
Illamasqua false lashes - one word GORGEOUS!
The padana pizza from pizza express on a romana base yummy yum yum!
getting my hands on a MAC mineralise skinfinish natural + shimmer, I love it!
The X factor being back on telly - whoop whoop!
Project runway being back on telly - I love Tim Gunn!

Having to buy my 2nd gosh darling lipstick in under a month - how did I get through this so fast, have i been eating it in my sleep or what?!
Desperately needing to get my hair cut but not being able to afford it
rain in august - why oh why?!
running out of marc jacobs daisy, I have the tiniest bit left, reserved for special occasions!
Overplayed songs on the radio - David guetta and Kelly Rowland i'm looking at you!

I'd love to hear everyone else's Ins and outs! and I hope you've all had a fab bank holiday weekend

DaisyBee xx