Wednesday, 21 October 2009

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Vs Revlon Colourstay

Hi girlies,

Sorry its been a while I've been crazy busy at uni/work. However I have the afternoon off (yay!) so I've just made myself a nice cup of tea and a potato cake (does anyone else like these!?).

Right so down to business! MAC studio fix fluid has been my holy grail foundation for around the past three years (I am a NW15) I love the stuff, so I was really intrigued when (months and months ago - i'm so late on the bandwagon!) I started hearing about how revlon colourstay was potentially a really good alternative to the slightly pricey studio fix fluid. Last month when boots had their three for two offer on all cosmetics I decided to bite the bullet and finally buy some colourstay so I could give it a try and see how it matched up to my beloved studio fix fluid! Here are the two pictured below (how amazing is that colour match!?):

I'm so used to picking up the lightest foundation colour that when I headed over to the revlon display I immediately picked up ivory. Then I realised I had my studio fix fluid floating around in my handbag so I got it out to check the colour and its such a good job I did as the colour closest to my nw15 was actually buff! You can see from the picture just how similar the colours are - If anything the revlon colourstay is ever so slightly lighter but I can barely tell the difference! (I got the normal/dry skin version).

I have been using the revlon colourstay every day for the past month and overall I have been super impressed. However it is by no means exactly the same as studio fix fluid. Firstly (this is quite a nice thing!) it doesn't have that awful smell that studio fix fluid has, colourstay smells alot fresher! However it is alot thinner in consistancy than studio fix fluid and I find I have to apply quite a lot more to get the coverage I want. I've been really impressed with the staying power of revlon colourstay, however sometimes I feel like it is sitting on top of my skin and takes quite a long time to sink in. It also requires quite a bit more blending in (or it can leave your skin looking a little greasey) and I've found it works best with a bit of powder on top to help it set (something I wouldn't normally do with studio fix). Despite the amazing colour match with my studio fix fluid, my mum noticed that i'd changed foundation (I hadn't told her!) and commented that it looked a bit heavier than my normal foundation (I think this was due to using a little too much to get more coverage though - It takes a while to get it right!)

Like I said, although revlon colourstay is not exactly the same as studio fix fluid, at £11.74 it is a much cheaper alternative and I would definately repurchase it. It has great staying power, and gives good coverage (it just takes a while to get the right balance - and not use too much!) I am so impressed with the colour match to my studio fix, and I also light the slightly dewy glow it gives (something you don't get with studio fix).

Let me know what you think of revlon colourstay if you've tried it!

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  1. Great post, I have both but have to say that my fav is Macs Studio Fix, Colourstay dries to quicky for me & is harder to blend though staying power & coverage gets a 10 out of 10 xoxo

  2. i have revlon colorstay & i love it! it gives me great coverage (im needing it these days) it is a little hard to blend because for me it dries quickly but its the best one ive got.
    i havent tried Mac studio fix because i heard Mac's foundations really clog up your pores because they're so thick & for a lot of people it breaks them out. so i wont be trying any more Mac's foundations

  3. Fab review! I much prefer SFF although Colourstay is good to have as a backup. xx

  4. hey, great review!

    thank you for following:)

  5. did the mac sff break you out? it did for me so i had to stop using it i use revlon now too though xxx

  6. This is such a helpful review!! Im a MAC nC15 so we're pretty close, I might purchase the Revlon colorstay if theres a 3 for 2 offer on at my local store... I have no issues with my studiofix so theres not reason why I would switch, maybe curiosity??? :) Thankyou!

  7. Great post I was thinking about trying revlon.

    I Tagged you on my blog (: x

  8. Hey hun i nominated you for blog awards xx

  9. Great post!
    I have both foundations and completely agree with every point youve made!
    I usually use my revlon colorstay for week days and my studio fix fluid (my best!) for evenings and weekends - odd i know!
    I do prefer the consistency of the studio fix fluid, but revlon is a great alternative!
    Thanks for the review! I have followed!
    <3 xox


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