Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Nails of the Night! :-)

Hi Ladies!

I just thought I'd share my newly painted nails with you! Today I used a natural collection nail varnish in the colour burgundy (it makes me think of Ron Burgundy from Anchorman haha!) :-)

Sorry for the messy painting - I've had this polish a while and its gone a little gloopy! This is a lovely deep dark red with a slight shimmer (it looks lighter than it actually is in this picture - must be the flash!) Natural collection nail varnishes are great value (less than £2!) and the picture was taken after just one coat! I find that the darker natural collection varnishes to have much better colour payoff than the lighter ones however without a good base and top coat these varnishes will chip super quick!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. I love the natural collection polishes especially Hibiscus and Cosmic Crush - I just can't resist a bargain!!


  2. Love the colour, i dont really have many colours like this in my collection but will be perfect for winter!
    I will definately have to pick some up!

    <3 xox

  3. Lovely colour... I think I should start wearing nail polish!


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx