Monday, 21 September 2009

REVIEW : Sleek Eye Drama Mascara

Hi Ladies, So this is a review I've been planning to do for a while, I'm sorry its a little overdue but I wanted to give this product a good try so I could give you a lot of info on it (well as much info as you can give on a mascara!) Right so I'll get cracking, the product in question is the sleek eye drama mascara which I have in number 880 blackout.

I bought mine for around £4.00 from superdrug. There are quite a few sleek mascara's however I don't think they are displayed particularly well, there are no photo's or displays of the actual brushes so I bought this one (mainly as I was attracted to the packaging!) and had no idea what the brush was like at all untill I opened it at home. When I got it open I was a little disappointed to find that the brush was pretty thin and plastic its also very bendy (think maybelline define a lash - the green one!). As the name of the mascara was ''eye drama'' I was expecting a big bristly brush for lots of length and volume (loreal voluminous/benefit bad gal esque). Nevertheless I popped it in my makeup bag for trying the next day.

The next morning my initial impression of the mascara was a massive thumbs down. I found the flexible brush extremely hard to work with and literally ended up getting mascara practically everywhere except on my lashes! The bristles on the brush were not long enough to define my lashes, and the end result was very very clumpy (see my previous post on the simple sleek eye make-up looks and you'll know what I mean!). Now a week on, after using the mascara every day (and resisting opening my shiney new loreal voluminous) I must say I have warmed to it (a little). For me it doesn't really add volume to my lashes but it does add length, and after finally getting to grips with the bendy plastic wand it does define and separate my lashes too (with a little patience). It also dries quite quickly which is a plus.

Overall I'd give this mascara 5/10 and sadly I don't think i'll be repurchasing despite the fantastic price. If you like a sturdy wand and a bristly brush I would probably give this product a miss. However it is by no means the worst mascara I have ever tried, and I will definately be checking out the other sleek mascara's (who can resist at under a fiver!)

Speak soon!

DaisyBee xxx

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  1. I love the Sleek brand! Shame that the mascara wasn't that great but maybe there is another good one in the range! As you said- you can try a few for that price! xx


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