Monday, 14 September 2009

REVIEW : Garnier essentials soft and fresh day creams

Hi ladies! I have always been a clinique 3 step skincare girl, and am pretty much convinced clinique was the reason I stayed pretty much 100% spot free during my teenage years. I love both the dramatically different moisturising gel and the moisture surge moisturiser however being a skint uni student the time has come for me to look for cheaper alternatives. The two products which have managed (thus far!) to live up to my clinque expectations are the two cute garnier day creams pictured below.

They are the garnier fresh 24 hour hydrating day cream (green) and the garnier soft 25 hour nourising day cream (pink). Both cost around £5.00 for 50ml.

I have the tiniest little bit of the fresh day cream (I'm not sure if you can tell from the pic!) This is the first one I purchased around April/May so it has lasted me quite a long time! If I had to pick one of the two this would be my favourite. It soaks into the skin really quickly and has the same sort of consistancy as cliniques moisture surge which i absolutely love. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and not the slightest bit greasy. I apply it on a morning after cleansing and toning, leave it for about 10 minutes and i'm ready to apply my makeup! I'm so impressed with this moisturiser and i'm definately going to try out some other products from this range.

Next up is the soft 24 hour nourishing day cream. I bought this when my fresh day cream started to get low, as it is geared towards dry and sensitive skin which I have. The nourishing day cream is much thicker and creamier in consistancy, and takes a bit longer to soak in. However once it does, it leaves my skin feeling soothed and non greasy. It contains essence of rose, vitamin E and a UV filter which helps protect your skin. I'm really impressed with this one too, however if i'm in a hurry I tend to reach for the fresh day cream as it sinks in that little bit quicker. If my skin needs a real moisture fix I apply this one, and I've also used it as a night cream!

I can highly recommend these to anyone looking for affordable skin care, and how cute are the little pots!?

DaisyBee xxx


  1. I have the one for dry/sensitive skin, I really like it. :) I too like the clinique moisturiser, but being a student makes it hard to keep it up! Great post. xo

  2. I love the smell of Garnier fresh products, the cleansing milk is my favourite! x

  3. ooo I'll definately have to give that a try, i'm so impressed with the fresh day cream, i'm stocking up on it at the weekend!xxx

  4. hi im from australia, and i used to use the pink one it was my HG, but they discontinued it here, im so glad that they still stock them in england as i am coming there for my summer(your winter) break....yay!!! do they have the rest of the dry skin range (toner & moisturiser)


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