Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Current Favourite Mascara :)

Hi Ladies

I thought I would share with you the mascara which I have been using for the last few months. I was actually introduced to this mascara by my mum who was recommended it by a sales assistant in boots. My Mum loved it and suggested I try is as my trusty loreal volume million lashes was drying out and I liked it so much that I bought two :)

The mascara I'm talking about is 17's falsifeye. I like long, voluminous lashes and I find that this mascara gives me just that without any clumpiness. I also find that it doesn't leave my lashes feeling dry or give that crumbly fallout that some mascaras do.

The brush is thick and slightly tapered making it easier to get to hard to reach lashes. I find two coats is enough to get the look I want without any clumpiness. The only problem I have with this mascara is that like many it does dry out quite quickly.

17 is not a brand I usually buy from, but I have already repurchased this mascara and definitely will again. Its also very reasonably priced at £6.49 :)

Big thumbs up from me! Have you tried this mascara before? what is your favourite mascara at the moment?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Warm and Cosy :)

Hi Ladies,

Now the cold weather is definitely setting in and I can get all my favourite cosy clothes out of my winter wardrobe, I thought I would share a few outfits with you :)

Cardigan - H&M
Scarf - H&M
Belt - Primark
Bag - Karen Millen
Leggings - Gap
Boots - Uggs

I got this cardigan last winter but I have seen similar ones in H&M recently, its lovely and cosy and from what I can remember was a real bargain at around £15. I got a size medium so I can layer up underneath and it looks fab with a belt on too. I get all my black leggings from gap, they're super comfy and really good quality.

This is the first outfit of the day I've done in ages! :) I'll hopefully do some more soon with some recent purchases.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend,

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ins and Outs :)

Hi Ladies,

Hope you've had a lovely weekend, I thought it was about time I filled you in on my ins and outs :)

Festive Adverts on the telly! - I absolutely love the festive adverts that have started popping up this week. The John Lewis advert anyone? - adorable! and I actually squealed when I heard ''holidays are coming'' during one of the X factor breaks on Saturday night!
Plants Vs Zombies - My boyfriend has an Iphone and I am absolutely addicted to this game, Its probably for the best that I don't have an Ipone as I would get absolutely nothing done.
Jessie J - I love who you are, Its such a fantastic album, Jessie J is definitely one of my favourite artists at the moment.
Winter Woolies - I bought a lovely wooly headband from New Look (with 30% off what a bargain!) the other week in preparation for not one, but two nights watching fireworks. I get awful earache sometimes when its cold and this keeps my ears warm and toasty. I did plan an outfit of the day with my new cosy clothes but it was too dark by the time I had this brain wave, so i'll try to do this asap!
Cute paperchase lunchboxes - Can you remember my cute cupcake lunchbox? Its gone missing! So I was chuffed to bits when I spotted these gorgeous little lunch boxes in paperchase with 20% off a couple of weeks ago, they definitiely brighten up lunchtimes!


Clearing out my summer wardrobe - Needs to be done, but is one of those jobs I just keep putting off argh!
Getting up whilst its still dark - Everytime I wake up I expect it to be about 2am but no, that really was my alarm going off and its time to start getting ready.
Being enticed by offers at the supermarket - Dear oh dear, whenever I go grocery shopping I'm always enticed by offers on things which I don't really need. Right now I am chomping my way through a family sized tin of miniature hero's as they were on offer at the supermarket and as everyone seemed to be putting them into their trolly I felt compelled to aswell! why oh why!

and thats everything, hope you're having a fantastic week and I'll be back soon with a review of my new favourite mascara, my thoughts on batiste's new scent and a winter outfit of the day! :)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

A couple of things from ELF :)

Hi ladies,

I ordered a few bits from ELF a couple of week ago which I thought I would share with you. I already have a few ELF brushes (I use the blending eye brush on an almost daily basis and it is fab value at £1.50!) so I picked a couple more and decided to give their eye primer a try too.

I adore the blush brush. It is from the studio range which is still really great value at £3.50. Its super soft and cleans really well with my MAC brush cleanser. This brush is quite flat for a blush brush and has a pointed edge which I find really useful for contouring, I tend to use the flat side to apply product to the apples of my cheeks.

The eyeliner brush was £1.50. It is quite a bit thicker than my other eyeliner brushes and I find it quite difficult to use for pricision work. However it is great if you are wanting a smokey eyeliner effect (I definitely think I will be using this brush for my bride of dracula halloween makeup!).

I wasn't particularly impressed by the eyelid primer, and this is probably because I usually use urbay decay's primer which I think is fantastic! This left my eyelids feeling quite dry and I don't think it helped the staying power of my eyeshadow which creased quite quickly.

I normally get some stocking fillers from ELF for my sister and mum for Chirstmas so let me know which products you like best :)

Have a super sunday!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Friends....Reunited! :)

Hi Ladies,

If you have been followng my blog for a while (can you believe I've been blogging for over 2 years now - my goodness!) then there is no doubt you will of heard me rave on about Stila's illuminating skin foundation before. Ever since I first purchased it in my 2nd year of uni (some 4 years ago now!) It has been my holy grail foundation. Sadly a few years ago stila became no longer available in the UK, and we had to part ways only to be reunited when family members went on trips across the pond. On my summer holiday this year, my lovely boyfriend suprised me with a bottle of the illuminating skin foundation - the right shade and everying (10 watts if you're interested). Even he comments on how much nicer my makeup looks when I'm wearing this foundation - and thats saying something! I was super chuffed and have been using it daily since.

This foundation isn't for everyone, It does have shimmer in it (similar to revlon's photoready) and although the shimmer isn't visable when you apply it - it does give a very dewy finish. It is also a light-medium coverage and isn't particularly buildable, and it a little pricey at around £26. However for my skin this is the perfect foundation. It gives me just the right amount of coverage I need,  not too much and not too little. It leave's my skin feeling light and fresh I absolutely love it!

I've also heard on the grapevine that stila is back in the UK! has anyone seen their products anywhere?

Have a lovely weekend,

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hollister Body Mists :)

Hi Ladies,
I picked up two of the hollister body mists a few weeks ago (I think they were around £7 each). I love the scent in hollister stores, and my boyfriend has one of the hollister after shave's which is so nice I even wear it sometimes! I've been getting through my perfume's at an alarming rate recently so I bought these to use during the day so I could try and save my lovely new viktor and rolf flower bomb and escada taj sunset a little!

After much deliberation the two I went for were Solana beach and crystal cove. Both of these are sweet, fresh and fruity (I wish I could give you a better description of the scents but I am full of cold!). As I expected, they arn't particularly long lasting but they are 250ml bottles and after using both of them regularly for the past couple of weeks they both still look really full and like I've just bought them! So I don't think I'll be needing to repurchase them anytime soon :)

I like these so much, I think one of the hollister perfumes might be making its way onto my christmas list! and I think one of these would make a fab stocking filler for my sister :)

Hope you're well, and have a fabulous weekend (one day to go!)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekend Ramble :)

Hi Ladies,

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, as my posts seem to be so few and far between at the moment I thought I'd do a bit of a ramble/update post this weekend, filling you in on some bits and bobs.

I have been relaxing after another busy week, I can't get used to 6am starts no matter how early I seem to go to bed! (I also seem to have picked up a cold, so am feeling a little sorry for myself!) I went out for a lovely meal with my mum yesterday then settled down to watch the X factor. The boot camp stage is always my favourite bit, and I can't wait for tonights show. I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of groups the judges are going to put together, bring on 7:30pm!

Since being diagnosed as a coeliac and going gluten free I've been experimenting alot more with cooking and I bought this adorable recipe book from a discount book store (I think it was about £3.00 what a bargain!) to write all my recipe's in.

I've found this really useful for when I've taken a recipe and adapted it by substituting things to make it gluten free. My biggest success stories to date have been a sweet potato and chicken rogan josh curry, and a baked blueberry cheesecake which I made for a big family function and no one could even tell it was gluten free, I was so chuffed!

Even though I only got back from my holiday a month ago, I've already been thinking about booking next years! Me and my boyfriend normally go on a beach holiday in the summer but I was really hoping to go back to New York next summer after our trip a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it seems it is probably going to be a bit too much even if I do try to save all year! Can you recommend any great holiday destinations?

I've really been enjoying reading lately, Over the past few weeks I have been working my way through Sophie Kinsella's writing as Madeline Wickham book's after a recommendation from a lovely blog reader I have really enjoyed them, especially The Tennis Party which I couldn't put down! I also Spotted these two books in a discount store a couple of weeks ago.

These were both really easy to read, fun, girly books. Strictly Shimmer has definitely got me in the mood for Strictly come dancing, and as a Lauren Conrad fan (get me one of everything from her wardrobe please!) of course I enjoyed Sugar and Spice, although I think I may have missed the middle book out from this L.A Candy series - whoops!

Thats all for now, have a fantastic week :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Current Favourite Perfume :)

Hi Ladies

Firstly I would like to apologise for not blogging in a few weeks I've been super busy, but I'm back to share my current favourite perfume with you - Escada's Taj Sunset :)

I have always loved Escada perfume's, my two absolute faves are sunset heat and pacific paradise they always remind me of summer! So when I spotted their new limited edition fragrance Taj Sunset in the duty free at the airport when I was en route to my summer holiday I knew I had to get it! :)

Like the other Escada scents it is fresh, fruity and to me smells like summer in a bottle. Unlike some fruity perfumes I don't find it too sweet, and as an eau de toilette it is light enough to be worn during the day but is still relatively long lasting. I love it, and have had so many compliments on it!

What is your favourite summer perfume?

Friday, 26 August 2011

Update Time! :)

Hi Ladies!

I'm back from my holiday in the sunshine (I didn't want to come home!), I had a fantastic time the weather was amazing and it was really nice to relax on the beach. I went to Turkey, where me and my boyfriend have been going for the past three years, I love it!

I'm hopefully going to upload some holiday snaps and outfits once my boyfriend lets me have his camera which has all the pictures on! I took much less clothes wise than I do normally, and only two pairs of shoes! My trusty haviana's and the sparkly river island flats which I blogged about here and got lots of compliments on which was lovely.

Since coming back I had a day to rest, and then was back to work and now I'm getting things ready for going back to uni at the beginning of next week. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone! I also seem to have started with a cold today and have been enjoying lots of cups of tetleys earl grey with vanilla tea (absolutely lovely try it if you can find it in the supermarket, only morissions seem to stock it near me!) and my favourite gluten free biscuits which are byron bays triple chocolate fudge cookies, they are seriously yummy and by far the best gluten free biscuits I have come across yet!

I hope you've had a fabulous summer, and if you havn't been on your holiday yet (lucky you!) have an amazing time. Look out for lots more posts coming soon!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Holiday Reads, Your recommendations needed :)

Hi Ladies,

I am going on holiday this weekend (yippee!) and I have a few bits and bobs which I still need to pick up the main thing being - My holiday books! I absolutely love to read, I always have a book by my bed and one in my ridiculously big handbag for buses, trains and whenever takes my fancy! When I go on holiday I usually take 3 books, and then hope the hotel has a little library/bookshelf as I usually get through these, read my boyfriends book and need more!

On holiday I usually like to take fun, girlie easy to read books like the shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, but any recommendations would be gratefully recieved :)

Speaking of Sophie Kinsella, In the past few days I read the undomestic goddess (for about for 3rd time - I love re reading books too!) and I loved it as much as the first time I read it, its such a fun book and I can highly recommend it if you're looking for a summer read :)

So if you've read a fantastic book this summer please let me know!

I have also just updated the product of the week, to Loreal's gentle eye make-up remover. Although this is not the best eye make up remover I have ever used, for getting rid every last bit of eye makeup it is lovley and gentle and does the job for me. I have very sensitive eyes so was really pleased to read that its non irritant formula is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It is refreshing, not at all greasy and best of all a bargain! I picked mine up for £2.75 from boots.

Speak soon :)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

July Favourites! (a little late)

Hi Ladies,

Sorry this is a little late, I've been mega busy this week, and I never seem to get round to doing my monthy favourites even though they're one of my favourite posts to read! I have found quite a few new products I really like the past month or so, so here are my super July faves :)

It was actually started raining while I was taking these photo's (can you tell!) once I got inside it progressed into a full blown storm, I can't believe its the middle of summer! anyway onto the favourites!

I always have one of these little Carex hand gels in my handbag. The grapefruit and lime refreshing aroma gel is my favourite, people have actually asked me what perfume I'm wearing after I've used it!

The two nail polishes I have been reaching for the most this summer have been BarryM's Pink Flamingo which is quite possibly my all time favourite BarryM nail paint and Rimmels 10 day nail colour in Cafe Au Lait. Cafe au lait is a really great nude nail varnish, it is perfect for work and I find it lasts really well. I always like the way my nails look when I wear this colour.

Batiste dry shampoo in blonde is by far my top dry shampoo, it blends really well with my hair colour and I love the scent.

I've been really impressed with the Schwarzkopt got2b guardian angel heat protection spray which I bought earlier this month. Unlike some heat protectants it doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy or sticky. Its very light, smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling smooth and sleek. I love the packaging too!

The Me Me Me Blush Me blush in coral has definitely been my most reached for blush this July. Its a really pretty wearable coral with a fine shimmering finish which gives a lovely glow. This has satisfied my lust for Benefit's Coralista (for now!).

And finally MAC's Pink Plaid lipstick, has not left my handbag since I bought it. It is a matt finish which I don't normally go for, but for me it is a fab wearable pink with great staying power.

and thats everything :) let my know what your favourite have been the past month, and have a fabulous August!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A few purchases from superdrug :)

Hi Ladies,

I picked up a couple of things from superdrug I thought I would show you, I went in for a bottle of water but as ever managed to pick up a few ''essentials'' while I was there - doh!

I absolutely love batiste (for the record the blonde and diva versions are my faves!) so I had to try their new XXL volume dry shampoo. I have only used this once so far and I have to say I didn't like it as much as the other versions of batiste I have used, it left my hair feeling quite stiff and heavy. Nevertheless I am not giving up on this just yet, and will let you know how I get on with it :)

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I love the sheer blonde gleam creme, I have used this product since I was about 15 and I always have a tube of it in my handbag and another on my dressing table. I distribute a pea sized amount through the ends of my hair if they are feeling dry and a little throughout my hair to tame any flyaway's. This is one of my all time favourite products.

Any finally...very exciting face wipes! The garnier fresh essentials are my favourites, and I love the other products from the fresh range too - especially the moisturiser which is a bargain!

and thats everything, have a great week and speak soon!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My new favourite bargain perfume :)

Hi Ladies,

I have been running low on perfume lately, but I didn't want to splash out on a new bottle of perfume as I have my summer holiday coming up and I usually treat myself to a new summer scent from the duty free. So in order to save my limited supplies of Marc Jacobs Lola and Nina by Nina Ricci I decided to get one of Next's scents to keep me going up untill my holiday. I was originally planning on getting one of the Next perfume's which I had used before and blogged about here but when I tested this scent, I knew I had to get it!

The fragrance I'm taking about is Next's Gold, which is described as ''A dazzling fragrance with golden flower nectars, gloriously sweet vanilla and molten amber'' I absolutely love it. It smells gorgeous, slightly musky but sweet, not too heavy for during the day but lovely for an evening too. I will definitely be re purchasing this once it runs out! I picked this up for £6.50 from a next outlet store but I think it is available in the highstreet stores too. I'm definitely going to check out some more of Next's fragrances, does anyone have any recommendations?

Monday, 18 July 2011

A little Primark Haul :)

Hi Ladies,

So I have picked up a couple of things from primark lately and I thought I would share them with you. I think they have some fantastic stock in at the moment, especially for summer. So first up I picked up these two tops.

I really love both of these. The first top is sheer so I have been wearing it with a black or rust vest underneath, it looks great with jeans and denim shorts, It cost £8.00. The second top is a bit more formal, and was £10.00 I love anything in cream and black, and I thought the dropped shoulder detail on this top was lovely.

I got these chino style shorts for £10.00 I have been looking for some shorts in this colour for ages so I was really chuffed when I spotted these in primark. They fit really well and the material is lovely and comfortable.

I don't normally look in the beauty section of primark but whilst having a little browse, I spotted these cosmetic pads for £1.00 what a bargain!

and thats everything, hope you had a lovely weekend! :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Denman Fragranced Hairbrush :)

Hi Ladies

I have blogged about my love for denman hairbrushes previously here. Their compact brush never leaves my handbag, I find their brushes to be really well made and long lasting (even my boyfriend uses a denman brush!). So I was ecstatic when I was given the chance to review a couple of their brushes for you :)

First up is one of their scented hairbrushes, I had seen these in boots before and thought the fruity patterns on them were super cute but I didn't look closely enough to realise they were scented. The one I was sent was the strawberry shortcake brush. To me, this smells just like my little ponies! did anyone else used to have them as a child? very sweet and fruity. I think the concept of a fragranced brush is a really fun idea, and its not something I've come across before.

The brush is one of their D3 styling brush which I find really easy to use. Its feel really sturdy and leaves my long hair feeling sleek and tangle free. Does it leave my hair smelling like strawberry shortcake? Not really but I still love the novelty of a scented hairbrush!

You can find out more about Denman brushes at their website here. I didn't actually realise but they do makeup brushes too!

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

**This product was sent to me for review purposes, I have not been compensated for this review and as always it is my 100% honest opinion** :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Little MAC Haul :)

Hi Ladies,

Even though my birthday was months ago, I still had some birthday pennies stowed away in a drawer in my room which I decided to finally spend in MAC over the weekend.

I have had my eye on two lippies for ages. I've never bought Costa Chic before because I always thought it would be too bright for me, but I love the colour. I finally decided it would be perfect for my summer holiday and needed to be added to my collection. Pink Plaid is a lipstick which my friend always has in her handbag, It had never really caught my eye on the counter before and It is also a matte which isn't a finish I usually go for, but I am forever borrowing it from her so I decided it was about time I picked one up for myself :)

I have worn Costa Chic everyday since! I absolutely love it, its such a lovely summery colour with a really glossy finish and looks great teamed with a really simple eye look and a touch of peachy blusher.

Last but not least I picked up my all time favourite concealer - the studiofinish concealer which lasts forever! I normally use nw15 but decided to get nw20 as I think nw15 has started to look a little too light for me since summer has started.

and thats everything! Hope you're having fantastic week :)

Friday, 8 July 2011

New Shoes! :)

Hi Ladies,

I bought a fabulous pair of sandals from River Island last week for my upcoming holiday, which is in 4 weeks and counting yippee! I rarely take heels on holiday, and I find a glitzy pair of flats perfect for wearing out on an evening.

They might not be everyones cup of tea, but I love the colour and the detail on them. I think they will look fantastic with a plain outfit. They're actually super comfortable too!

I've always been a handbag girl, but lately I've been loving buying shoes. Next on my list is some tan peeptoe wedges, does anyone have any recommendations?

Have a lovely weekend,

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Product Of The Week: Urban decay primer potion

Hi Ladies,

So a couple of weeks ago I finally got round to ordering the new style packaging urban decay primer potion. I had actually never used urban decay's primer potion before I bought the naked palette which comes with a teenie weenie version which i absolutely fell in love with! It makes a fab base for any of my eyeshadows and really does help them stay put and last longer. I had heard that the packaging was not the best design for getting all of the product out, so I decided to wait untill it was repackaged before I ordered the full size version.

The new style packaging is great! Really easy to use and its a squeezy tube, so you'll be able to control how much you use and get every last bit of product out! I did make a bit of an error as in my excitment when I spotted that they were available on debenhams online I bought one of the new shades, thinking it was the original formula. The shade I accidently ordered was greed, a shimmery gold.

Turns out this wasn't too big of an error as the colour of this shade is gorgeous! It makes a great base for a smokey eye and since buying it I've also used it as an eye shadow on its own too - fab!

Hope you've had a great weekend enjoying the sunshine :)