Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sparkly Green and Purple Party Eyes! :-)

Hi ladies,

Its been so long since I did a make up look, and I'm going out for a meal and drinks with some friends from uni tonight so I thought I'd be a little more adventurous with my makeup and share it with you all! :-)

I am going to wear a purple dress so I went for a sparkly purple and green smokey look. I think purple and green are two colour which can look really fab together especially if the green is a really vibrant emerald colour.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, its colourful and eye catching but not too over the top :-)

To create this look I used :

  • Number 7 stay perfect eye base

  • BarryM fine glitter dust in number 9

  • Purple and green eye shadows from the original sleek palette

  • Number 7 metallic eye pencil in purple (upper and lower lash line)

  • Loreal voluminous mascara

  • Mac all that glitters eye shadow (tiny bit in the inner corner)

I've been using the purple eye liner from number 7 quite a bit lately, Its alot softer than the dark brown and black eye liners I normally use and that extra bit of colour seems to make my eyes look brighter and more awake!

Speak Soon!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens!

Hi Ladies,

So I have been giving my room a bit of a tidy (I'm bored now so i'm having a cup of tea and a break, its more of an excavation than a tidy up!) and I thought I would show you a few recent additions to my humble abode! I don't know if i've mentioned before but my room is very Laura Ashley/Cath Kidston esque - I love it!

A few days ago I spotted this little gem in the new look sale for the amazing price of only £2.50!

It doesn't fit in that well with the rest of my decor but it is so cute and such a bargain that I had to have it! it comes with a pen with a little rubber on and some cute cupcake magnets. Its coming in really useful for writing on uni deadlines and reminding myself to do things - I just need to find somewhere to hang it!

Another bargain is this sweet little storage box which I got from tesco's, I can't remember exactly how much it was but I think it was around £3.50 I already had some files and stationary from this range so I was really excited when I saw this because I love the pattern!

I keep magazines and other non uni related things which I don't want to throw away in here and it sits on my desk looking pretty!

This is actually something which my mum bought me a few years ago for my birthday but its so cute I had to show you it!

Its a little cupcake pot! I keep all my hair bobbles and bobby pins in here, I love this to bits its one of my favourite things in my room!

and finally, something else from my lovely mum - This was a christmas present this year and is something which I have probably said to my mum on various occasions!

I am terrible for letting my room getting ridiculously messy before I tidy it - I just can't help it! Its often looks (to quote my boyfriend) ''like my wardrobe has been sick all over my floor'' my mum said she saw this and immediately thought of me - hehe!
and on that note, I am going to go finish tidying my room!

Speak soon lovely ladies!

DaisyBee xxx

Friday, 22 January 2010

Ins and Outs :-)

Hi girlies,

I've been so busy this week I've barely had time to stop and just relax, so whilst I can grab a minute I thought I'd make a quick cup of tea and fill you in on my ins and outs :-)


Optrex Actimist Eye Spray - I picked this up from boots the other day and I adore it, it hasn't left my handbag! has anyone else tried it? I wear contact lenses every day and often suffer from dry eyes, this product makes them feel refreshed and hydrated!

Nando's - I went to nando's the other night and I havn't been in ages! It just reminded me how much I love the place, lemon and herb chicken yum yum!

Greys Anatomy - I got the first season of greys anatomy for christmas and I've just started watching it, I love it! I'm trying to pace myself so I don't end up watching 10 episodes in one night (it will happen!)

Glee - Another programme which is definately right up my street!

Holidays - I've just booked my summer holiday for this year yayyyy! I love holidays and can't wait to go already! Here is a pic of me on holiday last year, I am stood outside Cartier but sadly I could not persuade my boyfriend to buy me anything from there! haha!


Cold rainy days - why do I ALWAYS forget my umbrella?!

Loosing my too faced herbal eye concealer - This is literally one of my every day most loved products but as I am on project 10 pan I am determined not to buy a replacement!

Soap and glory hair supply - See post below, I tried to donate this to my sister but on hearing what I had to say about it she doesn't want to try it either!

My mobile phone - its got to that time of year when I'm really bored of my phone but I'm no where near my upgrade time - does this happen to anyone else?!

Have a lovely weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Monday, 18 January 2010

Soap and glory winners and losers! :-)

Hi Ladies,

So like many me (and my sister!) were very lucky girls this christmas and both got the soap and glory hatbox in our stockings. I've tried out almost everything in the hatbox now and have been using quite a few things on a regular basis, so I thought I'd just give you a quick update on one product I'm really loving and the moment and one which I'm not too impressed with!

So the product which I am absolutely in love with and just can't get enough of is The Greatest Scrub of All.

This is a facial scrub/exfoliator which contains ''A blend of super gentle silicami particles and salicylic acid loaded scrub beads'' It says on the container that you should use it 2-4 times a week if you have oily skin and less if you have dry/sensitive skin. I have dry sensitive skin and I love this product so much I have to almost hide it from myself to stop me from using it almost twice a week! I really love the consistancy of the scrub, it is rough enough to feel like it is properly exfoliating your skin, but is not too abrasive. After using this product my skin feels so smooth, squeaky clean and fresh as a daisy! Its definately one of my favourites!

5/5 and a big thumbs up from me!

and now onto the product which has is not recieving much love from my at all (and I had such high hopes for it!) sad times, and It is Hair Supply.

Hair supply is described as ''a gloss giving radiance and repair mask for all hair types'' When I saw this in my hatbox I couldn't wait to try it out, I love anything to do with hair care! and it smells absolutely gorgeous, it has what I would call the soap and glory signature scent - A sort of intense soapy sherbet! However after using it for the first time my hair felt sticky and extremely tangled whilst I was drying it, I put this down to not rinsing my hair properly. The next morning I washed my hair again (I wouldn't normally wash it this often but the product had left it looking slightly greasey!). This time I made sure my hair was rinsed really thoroughly, but when I dryed it I was again left with this awful sticky residue on my hair! I read the directions for use on the back of the tube and noticed that it said ''coats and controls split ends'' so I am not sure if this is something the product is meant to do, but whether it is or it isn't it definately doesn't work for me :-(

1/5 (the one is for the lovely smell!) and a thumbs down from me I'm afraid!

What are your favourite soap and glory products? and definately let me know if you have got hair supply to work for you or have had similar problems to me, I have pretty long hair so I don't know if this is a product which may be better suited to shorter hair.

Hope this was helpful!

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Nails Of The Day :-D

Hi Ladies,

I thought I'd show you a quick nails of the day and its BarryM's number 100, hint of pink. This is another nail polish which I got in the barryM goodie bag which I bought from the clothes show (see the rest of my clothes show goodies here!). When I saw it in the bottle I wasn't sure I was going to like it, it looked quite sheer and a little yellowy for me (despite its name being hint of pink!). I was right about the sheer-ness but I was wrong about the colour it actually turned out very natural, pretty and pink!

Although this nail varnish is sheer (in the picture I am wearing three coats) I think this is actually something which works well for this varnish. It is a lovely nautral colour which would be perfect for work or anywhere where your nails need to be a little more understated. I'd describe it as a my nails but better colour! Its lovely and glossy too! This picture was taken on my 3rd day of wearing this polish and there are no chips as of yet :-)

I'm really suprised by how much I like this nail varnish, I think it could quickly become one of my favourites!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend,

DaisyBee xxx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A late Christmas present from mummy! :-)

Hi Girlies

So when I got home from uni yesterday, my mum suprised me with a very late Christmas present which had come in the post! (it had taken a while to get here as she had ordered it from the USA). So I closed my eyes and held my hands out (did you ever used to do this?!) and this is what was there when i opened my eyes.....

TADA! Its Tyra Banks beauty book! To be honest I didn't actually know Tyra had done a beauty book and judging by the pics it is pretty old (I can find a date on it but I'm going to say mid 90's!) But beauty tips are timeless, and I absolutely love Tyra (as my mum knows!). Watching a couple of episodes of America's next top model never fails to cheer me up, and I wish we got The Tyra Show here in the UK!

After having a quick read through the book it is packed full of information, its got loads of make up tips and tricks from what a basic brush set should include, to how to apply false eyelashes and even some looks to recreate, I'm really impressed and I can't wait to read more, I might even share a few snippets with you! Its also has tips on healthy eating, excerise and how to gain confidence :-)

I'm so chuffed (thankyou mum!) what a lovely suprise!

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snowy (sort of!) outfit of the day + my snowman! :-)

Hi ladies!
So like pretty much everywhere in the UK, it has been snowing lots and lots where I am lately! Today I decided to get wrapped up warm and finally get myself out of the house to enjoy the snow, I even persuaded my boyfriend to build a snowman with me!
We took quite a few pictures (it doesn't often snow like this here so its very exiting stuff!) so I thought I'd use them to do a sort of outfit of the day :-)

This is me starting off the snowman, I know its quite difficult to see my outfit (sorry!) but I'm wearing long tan boots from primark, thick woolly tights also from primark, a patterned dress from new look, a joules quilted brown jacket and two scarves the lighter one is from river island and the darker brown one is from matalan. I've mentioned before how I love layering scarves I really like the effect it gives and it keeps you nice and toasty! The hat is actually meant for the snowman and I just put it on for some pictures (poser!) and to keep my head warm untill the snowman needed it - Its my boyfriends dads hat haha!
This is me finishing off the snowman, my boyfriend said this one should go on my blog because it looks like I am doing the snowmans makeup!
and here is my snowman! I actually felt like I'd done 3 hours at the gym after building this, I was shattered! I really enjoyed the snow today, I'm not sure I'll be enjoying it so much tomorrow though when I have to drive to work!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Friday, 8 January 2010

Products I would like to try in 2010 :-)

Hi Girlies!

I've seen this post on quite a few blogs lately and have really enjoyed reading it so I thought I would do one of my own :-) Also while I'm plodding along with project 10 pan (which is going quite well - update soon!) what better thing to do than lust after some products! As I don't own any of these products (yet!) all of these images are from google :-)

1. Loreal Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner

I have wanted to try these products for a long long time but have always been put off by the price tag (the shampoo and conditioner normally cost somewhere between £10.00-£15.00 each). One of my friends at university had lovely thick hair which was in great condition and she swore by these products! I'm really trying to take good care of my hair at the moment so I think I'm going to try to save some pennies and give these a go! :-)

2. NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss

It has been a long time since I last bought a lip gloss (I've been reaching for lipsticks so much more lately!) but this one seems to be such a pretty colour I definately want to try it! Also does it taste like turkish delight? that would make it even more lovely!

3. Lush bubble bars

I have never tired anything from lush before (shocking I know!) its never really appealed to me, but these bubble bars look lovely and i've heard so much about them that I've been thinking about making my first lush purchase. I am very careful with what I put in my bath as I have eczema and extremely sensitive skin, so I'd be grateful if anyone could give me advice on whether or not they think these would be ok for me? thankyou! :-)

4. Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

I think loreal make the best mascaras, I am a loreal voluminous girl and my sister swears by loreal teloscopic, so I definately want to give this one a try sometime in 2010!

5. OPI Nail Polish

2009 was definately the year I fell in love with nail varnish, and althought I have built up quite a little collection I am yet to get my mits on an OPI polish. The one above is 'do you lilac it' which I think is such a pretty colour and will more than likely be my first ever OPI polish if I manage to go for it and buy myself one (or two...or three!) this year :-)

So these are the main products I would like to give a in 2010 (it feels so strange typing 20101), let me know if you have tried any of these and have had good/bad experiences with them and what you're hoping to try this year!

Have a lovely weekend!

DaisyBee xxx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

REVIEW : Umberto Giannini Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask

Hi Ladies!

So a couple of months ago I had a £2.00 off professional haircare voucher from boots which needed using up. After lots of ummh-ing and ahh-ing I decided a hair mask was just what my locks needed and decided to go for the umberto giannini indulgent beauty moisture mask. I can't remember exactly how much it costs in boots but I think it is around £4.99 so was a bargain with my voucher at only £2.99. Boots do these sort of vouchers quite regularly (I think I got the voucher as I had spend more than £5.00 in store) they're always a good excuse to try out something new! :-)

This is described as ''A deep treatment conditioner for dry, damaged hair that indulges the senses''. It is a once a week formulation, which should be applied liberally to damp hair, left for 3 minutes and rinsed off.

Firstly when I got home and opened up the hair mask I was pleased to find that it was packed full of product, theres nothing worse than getting something home and finding it is only half full! I washed and conditioned my hair as normal then applied the hair mask, concentrating on the ends of my hair, clipped my hair up with a crocodile clip and read my book patiently for three minutes as directed :-) When I rinsed the mask off my hair felt sleek and soft, I left it to dry naturally and once my hair was fully dry my ends definately felt softer and less brittle - result!

I have used this product once a week since (normally on a sunday!) it says on the pot that the longer the mask is left on the better so I have been leaving it on for as long as possible! I'm not sure that this product is having any lasting effects on the condition of my hair (time will tell - I will keep you updated!) But my hair is definately softer and sleeker after using it, it is also a lot less tangled which makes combing it alot less painful!

The only other thing is the scent, It smells clean, fresh and crisp which I like but does not leave a lasting scent on the hair. This is something I actually prefer but I know some people (mainly my mum!) prefer hair products which leave a really intense scent afterwards!

Thats all for now, I'm definately going to continue using this hair mask and will probably repurchase too! 4/5 for umberto giannini and a thumbs up!

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Products I Regret Buying (Part 1!)

Hi Ladies!

So as I have started project 10 pan and am trying not to spend too much at the moment, I have started revisiting quite a few of my older products which need using up! Whist I have uncovered a few golden oldies I have also come across quite a few products which are collecting dust at the back of my drawer for a reason - Cue my products I regret buying post! These are just things which didn't work for me, and for some people will probably work really well (there are loads of things that I love and my friends don't and vice versa!)

So sadly the first product which I don't really love that much at all is a MAC product. The strobe kiss tinted lip conditioner stick.

I bought this when I first started experimenting with lipstick, I thought it would be the perfect transition between a gloss and a lipstick (how friendly does the name tinted lip conditioner sound!?) When I swatched it on my hand it seemed like a lovely subtle coral colour, however once I put it on my lips at home it was extremely sheer with next to no colour and felt very waxy. The most off putting thing about this product for me though was the taste! - yuck! its sort of a mix between a very sickly marshmallow and suncream - bad times.

Next up is a more recent purchase. The elf corrective concealer palette.

I was really excited when elf added some more studio products to their line not so long ago (I am a huge elf fan I cannot get over the amazing prices!) I was especially excited by this as I have alway been intruigued by the colour theory with concealer. On first impressions I really liked this palette the concealers felt creamy and the little brush in the palette is really cute! However when I actually applied them the colour pay off was really disappointing and sort of left my skin looking shiney :-( I use these concealers very occasionaly as an eye base which they are actually quite effective as - so all is not lost!

and finally boots essentials styling mousse.

Hair mousse makes up part of my everyday hair routine when I straighten my hair. I always use a small amount to add some extra lift to my hair at the root to stop it from looking too flat and to add a little va va voom! Its a product which I've never felt the need to part with that many pennies over as I have found most cheaper hair mousses (around £1.00) are perfectly capable of doing the job! However for me, this wasn't the case with the boots essentials hair mousse. It left my hair feeling sticky, clumped together and worst of all - flat! definately not the desired look. thumbs down boots!

So thats all for now, I actually really enjoyed doing this post! Let me know about any products you have regretted buying recently or if you can think of any ways I could try and make these three work for me!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New year nails of the day :-)

Hi ladies,

First of all I just want to wish you all a very happy new year! I hope you all had a great time last night, to kick off 2010! (can you believe it is 2010 already?! - craziness!).

So, I thought I would share with you my nails of the day :-) Now I'm still not sure whether I like this nail colour or not it is quite daring and out there for me (I enjoy my pretty pastel pinks and lilacs). But I felt like starting the new year with something out of my comfort zone and it is MAC's vestral white from the hello kitty collection (a christmas present from a very lovely friend!).

This is the first time I have applied this colour and it did dry pretty quick which always impresses me! But as you can probably tell from the picture this nail varnish is really difficult to apply, it does give a good colour after two coats however the varnish is streaky and gloopy :-(

I know white nail varnish is quite on trend at the moment, but I think the jury is still out on whether it is for me or not! what do you think of white nail polish? The bottle is so cute I think it might just have to stay on display in my room - who doesn't love hello kitty!

have a lovely weekend,

DaisyBee xxx