Tuesday, 13 October 2009

REVIEW: Lee Stafford Dehumidifier and Shine Spray

Hi everyone :-)

I just wanted to do a review on two Lee Stafford products which I have used ever since I can remember - The shine spray and the dehumidifier.

First up - The dehumidifier. I tend to like my hair to have a bit of volume, however on some nights out I like it to be completely poker straight, and it is on these occasions that is product comes in very very handy! After straightening, I spray this onto my hair - it comes out as a fine mist which makes it easy to distribute evenly. It stops my hair from frizzing, and keeps it super straight all evening (it also smells gorgeous!) This product is also great for using on holiday and before hitting the gym!

The shine spray is the best I have ever tried. Unlike most shine sprays which are either serums or come out as a laquer, this shine spray is like a very fine hairspray (think elnett!) This stops it from making your hair look greasey and weighed down with product. I love the effect this shine spray has on my hair, It makes it look healthy, glossy and gorgeous!

If you've never tried Lee Stafford hair products before I can highly recommend these two, not only do they work wonders but they smell amazing!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. I always hear that the smell is amazing! I've never tried any of his products but think I'll have to invest soon xx

  2. Hey Daisy!
    I've tagged you again in my blog!

  3. Im so glad you've done this review, I bought a trial size of the shine spray yesterday, (theres a post about it on my blog) as my hair has been looking so dull recently, so Im really pleased to hear it actually works!


  4. Oooh i might try the shine spray i did a blog a few weeks back about my hair being dull and im still looking for something to add shine :D

  5. I love the shine spray!! It takes away the nasty smell my straigtners leave
    I always repurchase it :)

  6. thanks for posting!! try Paul Mitchell's the shine too, every makeup artist uses that on our mag shoots

    fab blog, we'll be back!
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    we have an amazing beauty giveaway! :)

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  7. I love the dehumidifier, I'm not sure what I'd do without it, its the only thing I've found that does the job!



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