Sunday, 6 September 2009

Product Rave : Number 7 Smoothing and Brightening Eye Base

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, boots are doing their £5 off number 7 vouchers at the moment when you spend £5 or more in store (I'm not sure how much longer this is going on for!) and with one of my vouchers I picked up the number 7 stay perfect smoothing and brightening eye base. I think it normally costs about £7.50 so with my voucher I got it for £2.50 - Bargain! I had no idea number 7 did an eye base, I didn't used to like their products that much (i'm still not a fan of their eye shadows). However recently I have been pretty impressed with their liners, glosses and now this! Here is the eye base pictured below :

Initially I was a little dubious. the colour is a quite pinkish and I tend to prefer the more lemon coloured eye bases to even out any pink/red on my lids. However the base goes on a very light pearlescent pink which is actually very flattering! It is very creamy in consistancy, and blends easily. I have used this both to fix eye shadow (which it has done brilliantly - literally all day) and also to create a natural day to day look when I put this all over my lids then use an eye shadow brush (such as the MAC 213) to apply my MAC mineralise skinfinish natural to my lids asif it were a shadow. This is great for evening out the skintone on my lids and leaves me with that fab ''no makeup makeup look!"

I much prefer solid cream eye shadow bases and have never been able to get to grips with urban decays primer potion, or two faced shadow insurance. I can highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try an eye base for the first time, or just looking to try something new! its kindof tucked away within the number 7 counter so you may need to look quite hard for it!

Speak to you all soon!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. Ohhh i might use my voucher to get this. I've not used an eye primer before x

  2. I can definately recommend it! I've got one more voucher to spend whoop!xx

  3. I love no7 vouchers, I've already bought two nail polishes and I have one more voucher left to use!
    Everyone needs a good eye primer, glad you found a good one.
    I swear by MAC paint pots!

  4. ooo enjoy spending your voucher! I love those things! I only have one mac paintpot (indianwood) and I love it but its not very wearable for day to day, could you recommend any others to me? I love the way they glide onto your lids!xx


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx