Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ins and outs! :-)

I really love reading everyones Ins and Outs, so I thought I would join in!

Finding things in my mums wardrobe which I absolutely love - shopping without the spending cheers mum!
The new batiste dry shampoo scents now in at superdrug - Diva is lush
Illamasqua false lashes - one word GORGEOUS!
The padana pizza from pizza express on a romana base yummy yum yum!
getting my hands on a MAC mineralise skinfinish natural + shimmer, I love it!
The X factor being back on telly - whoop whoop!
Project runway being back on telly - I love Tim Gunn!

Having to buy my 2nd gosh darling lipstick in under a month - how did I get through this so fast, have i been eating it in my sleep or what?!
Desperately needing to get my hair cut but not being able to afford it
rain in august - why oh why?!
running out of marc jacobs daisy, I have the tiniest bit left, reserved for special occasions!
Overplayed songs on the radio - David guetta and Kelly Rowland i'm looking at you!

I'd love to hear everyone else's Ins and outs! and I hope you've all had a fab bank holiday weekend

DaisyBee xx

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  1. Next do a copy of the Marc Jacobs perfume which is 10 pounds for 100ml. Admitedly, its only an EDT but you could buy that and use it as an everday scent, and then HAVE to treat yoursef to a special occasion one too :P


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