Saturday, 12 September 2009

How to jazz up your pony tail (2 easy tips!)

Hi Ladies! I know lots of you have just gone back to school/college/uni so I thought I'd show you two easy ways of ''dressing up'' your pony tail :-) They're both really quick to do and are just fun ways of making your pony tail a bit different from the rest!

Ok, so the first one is the hair wrap pictured below :

I always seem to get lots of compliments when I do my hair like this (which is nice!) and its sooooo easy to do! People also always say ''wow how have you tied your hair up with your hair!?'' well truth is - I havn't lol. To do this I just do a pony tail as normal, its best to use a hair tie the same colour as your hair and also tie it quite tightly. I then take about a 1cm thick piece of hair from the side of my pony tail and wrap it all the way around the hair tie (my hair is quite long and it normally goes round about 3-4 times. Once I've got to the bottom of this piece of hair, I secure it using two hair grips underneath my pony tail one going to the left and one going to the right, spray it with a little hairspray and volia! This also looks really nice if you do it on a loose side pony tail, and you can plait the piece of hair before you wrap it round if you fancy doing something different too :-)

The second way is even easier and super cute! all you do it tie a bit of ribbon around your hair tie into a cute little bow!

I have quite a collection of ribbons (to match different outfits!) but I really love this black polka dot one. This is such an easy way of adding a little extra something to an everyday hairstyle, and with all the different colours/types of ribbon - the possibilites are endless!

I hope you enjoyed this post - I know it was a litttle different! Let me know if you want me to do more things along these lines :-)

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! did you watch X factor? I loved the guy at the end - did anyone else think he looked like a teenage Gary Barlow?! or was it just me and my mum!

Speak soon

DaisyBee xxx


  1. Your hair looks amazing, really cute ideas too :). xo

  2. Great ideas! I've done the first one before and always like the effect. You have gorgeous hair xoxo

  3. You have beautiful hair! I always wear ribbons in my hair :) They make me feel pretty and girly!!! xx

  4. I've always wondered how the top hair do is done! now I know, but I obviously can't do that with short hair :)
    Your hair is beautiful!


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx