Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ebay treat - A NYX eyeshadow trio!

Hi ladies! I can't believe its sunday night already! Where did the weekend go?! This week I ordered myself a NYX eyeshadow trio from ebay as I wanted to get a few autumn coloured eyeshadows, It came yesterday and I am really pleased with it! I think it cost me around £6.50 with postage so not too pricey at all! Here is is pictured below, the shadows from left to right are frosted flake, slate and iced mocha.

I'm really impressed with these shadows and have worn them all weekend! iced mocha is great for the outer corner during the daytime, its dark enough to provide definition but has a lovely bronze/gold shimmer to it which doesn't make it overpowering. Slate is great for the crease and frosted flake is a gorgeous icey pink/cream with the slightest violet undertones. All eyeshadows are shimmer ones, they're quite similar to a few I've seen in the sleek palletes and of the same kindof quality, overall I'm very impressed :-)
Has anyone else tried any nyx products? I wish they were more widely available in the UK!
I have a couple more posts I'm hoping to do before I go to bed or tomorrow evening, one is a product rave the other is an blog award from the lovely Lucy at which I'm so chuffed to recieve!
Speak to you all soon!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. That trio looks amazing - really pretty colours.
    Do you know if there's any stockists in the UK for these products?xx

  2. I don't think so :-( Althought I do know someone who once spotted some NYX products in a tk maxx so it might be worth checking there!xxx

  3. The colours look great, might have to get one myself ;)
    I've tagged you on my blog too

  4. Okay, I'll check out TK Maxx, thanks a lot :D!xx


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