Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Little Haul :-)

Hi Ladies! I hope you're all having a lovely evening, I've just got back from having dinner out with my friend and i'm completely stuffed! I thought i'd share with you a few things I bought yesterday :-) If you would like me to give you a proper review of anything you see here let me know! Right so first up I went to superdrug and picked up one of the new bastiste dry shampoo scents!

So, there are two new scents Diva and Boho. I decided to go for Diva and I love it already! It has a lovely fresh light smell which I really like. I've had both the original and the tropical batistes before and I've found both of them a little heavy (the smell i mean!) even though I love coconut for me tropical is a little too strong, diva is much more my kind of thing and I can definitely recommend it! (it costs around £2). I find dry shampoo to be a really great styling product, it really helps give my hair a little extra volume!

Next up is the sleek goodies pictured below, I got the original palette (I already have storm and have been really impressed with it!) and the eye drama endless lashes mascara.

So first up, the mascara (I think it cost £3.92). My initial thoughts are a thumbs down I'm afraid :-( and this is mainly due to the brush, it is a plastic bendy brush similar to the maybelline define a lash. I find these brushes really hard work and prefer bigger bristley ones like benefit bad lash, stila major major lash and loreal voluminous. However I have only used it today and I am definately going to give it a good try so I will let you all know how I get on with it! The original palette is gorgeous, I adore sleek eyeshadows the pigmentation is amazing, here are a few swatches of my favourties - How gorgeous is the purple!
These palettes are such a bargain too, they cost just under £5. I might even do some looks with these, I can't wait to try out some of the colours!

and finally one little MAC purchase, I finally got my mits on all that glitters eye shadow. I wanted a neutral shimmery shade for my lids when I start back at uni, and I'm really glad I went for this one I love it!

I was quite literally trying to apply this in the car on the way home (I wasn't driving!) its that lovely!

Right thats everything! Let me know if you'd like a more thorough review of anything you've seen!

Speak soon

DaisyBee xxx

P.s has anyone just seen Derren Brown? How did he do that!?


  1. Derren Brown was amazing. Really shocked at how he did that!!
    Great haul - definately want to pick up the dry shampoo sometime.
    And I have that sleek palette - its lovely :)xx

  2. I know i've no idea how he did it - will have to tune in on friday and find out! would be handy if i could predict the lottery numbers!xxx

  3. I am sooo intrigued by how Derren Brown did it! Will defo be watching on Friday!

    Lovely purchases- I have only tried the Batiste Original but want to try a new scent next! Will have to check out the new fragrances!


  4. Too bad the mascara is a no-go! It looks hot! Id probably buy it just for the packaging lol Batiste dry shamp is a staple in my bathroom cabinet!! Great haul! xx

  5. Oh how I wish I could wear eyeshadow and mascara! The eyeshadow is lovely! Xxx

  6. Ooooh whats the MAC eyeshadow?

    Yeah i saw Derren Brown too, missed his follow up show though *gutted*! Did anyone watch how he did it? x

  7. the mac shadow is all that glitters :-) I watched the follow up and now i'm even more confused! Next week he is going to make us glued to our seats through the telly apparently! x


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx