Friday, 4 September 2009

Current fave lipstick/lipgloss combo!

Hi ladies! Hope you're all having a lovely friday evening! anyone else watching the big brother finale? (Sophie to win!) Anyways, I thought I'd show you a lip combo which I am completely loving at the moment, and it is MAC creme d'nude lipstick with boots number 7 liplicious lipgloss in marshmallow, Here they are pictured below

I've never really been a massive fan of lipgloss, i've always found the stickiness an issue (*cough Bobbi brown!*) and hate it when you get your lipgloss in your hair, ooo and when you're constantly licking it off your lips and it tastes like plasticine (ok enough lipgloss hating now!) However, I love the extra sheen certain glosses can give your lipstick, this particular number 7 one is a lovely pearly pink and gives creme d'nude a little extra pinkiness which I absolutely adore. The applicator is also really good as it doesn't rub your lipstick off when applying which I find the brush applicators can do, and it is no where near as sticky as other glosses I've tried (although it is still sticky - does anyone know a completely non sticky gloss? let me know!). Creme d'nude...what can I say, who doesn't love this lipstick! Its the perfect natural nude, not too light with the slightest warm peach undertones. Here are the two together on my lips, sorry for the poor picture quality.

Boots are doing their £5 off number 7 vouchers at the moment, so I've picked up quite a few things - Including this lipgloss and their eye base (I didn't know they did one!) which I will let you know how I get one with. I'm on the look out for drugstore nude lipsticks, can anyone recommend any? I don't want to run out of creme d'nude!

Have a lovely weekend!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. This looks like fun :)
    I love davinas leggings and jacket. I think Thats the reason I'm watching it in all honesty cos I know its complete rubbish.. aha :)

  2. I love her jacket too! I don't know if i'd be able to pull it off or not, some of the ex housemates outfits were terrible though! xx

  3. Heya Daisy, how are you :)?
    I'm so glad Sophie's won!!

    This lip combo looks fab on your lips.
    I brought Barry M 101 in marshmallow yesterday - it's lovely! :)

    Also, about my ELF products. I will hopefully get round to doing a full review but the bronzer is lovely and shimmery, and doesn't leave you orange, just a really pretty subtle shimmer on your face - i adore it already!

    And the lipstick is also gorgeous, goes on really easily, and isn't dry at all so doesn't all flake up and go horrible on your lips. The only bad thing was that it's supposedly nude but comes out quite pink xx

  4. Loooks lovely!!! So glad sophie won!! :D xxxx

  5. Did you manage to get hold of that perfume? And if so did you buy it ?
    Love Elise xx

  6. You've been tagged hun!
    Check out my blog xx

  7. Hi, thank you for commenting on my blog :) I was so glad Sophie won Big Brother, i want a quiff like Davina had!! Have you tried Gosh Darling lipstick? x

  8. GOSH Darling is a fab nude lipstick - I did a LOTD post with it last month if you want to see some pics of it!

  9. I've not tried all of these, but on my list to check out are:
    Gosh darling
    Barry M 101
    Rimmel nude delight
    Maybelline nude blush

    HTH x

  10. excellent! I've tried gosh darling which I love but its started to get quite drying on my lips, I'll definitely try out the other three! xx

  11. I know I'm a bit late here but I noticed 'lipstick/lipgloss combo' in your sidebar and had to look, I love finding out other combo ideas :D I love that liplicious gloss, I have the same one and it's lovely.

    As for a good drugstore nude lippie, Boots Natural Collection lipstick in Apple Blossom is gorgeous, slight peach tones to it and not drying at all, and of course it's so cheap :)

    Hey have you tried any Illamasqua lipglosses? They come in the same sort of tube as those No7 ones, I have Absorb which is the PERFECT nude lipgloss, I love to wear it over Apple Blossom!

    Okay enough rambling now. Haha sorry! ^_^;


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