Saturday, 22 October 2011

Friends....Reunited! :)

Hi Ladies,

If you have been followng my blog for a while (can you believe I've been blogging for over 2 years now - my goodness!) then there is no doubt you will of heard me rave on about Stila's illuminating skin foundation before. Ever since I first purchased it in my 2nd year of uni (some 4 years ago now!) It has been my holy grail foundation. Sadly a few years ago stila became no longer available in the UK, and we had to part ways only to be reunited when family members went on trips across the pond. On my summer holiday this year, my lovely boyfriend suprised me with a bottle of the illuminating skin foundation - the right shade and everying (10 watts if you're interested). Even he comments on how much nicer my makeup looks when I'm wearing this foundation - and thats saying something! I was super chuffed and have been using it daily since.

This foundation isn't for everyone, It does have shimmer in it (similar to revlon's photoready) and although the shimmer isn't visable when you apply it - it does give a very dewy finish. It is also a light-medium coverage and isn't particularly buildable, and it a little pricey at around £26. However for my skin this is the perfect foundation. It gives me just the right amount of coverage I need,  not too much and not too little. It leave's my skin feeling light and fresh I absolutely love it!

I've also heard on the grapevine that stila is back in the UK! has anyone seen their products anywhere?

Have a lovely weekend,


  1. They sell Stila on and Feel Unique :-)

  2. YES Stila is back :) I have seen it in larger Boots stores and it is also available on a lot of websites online! I have their illuminating tinted moisturizer so would be interested to try the foundation version :) xxx

  3. I've seen it in Boots :) That foundation sounds lovely, need to have a wee swatch at it next time I'm near Boots! Though I have a lot of freckles so I dunno how it will look :/ xx

  4. oo thanks ladies i'd definitely be on the look out in boots and asos! xx


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