Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Denman Hairbrush Compact :-)

Hi Ladies,

After one of the straps on my handbag snapped whilst I was walking to the bus stop last week (yes - It was one of those I wish the ground would swallow me up moments!) I decided it was about time I had a handbag spring clean and got rid of half of the unnecessary things I carry around all day. Something I used to throw in my handbag every morning without fail was my huge paddle brush (why oh why!), so to ensure it never finds it way into my handbag again I promptly headed to boots to buy myself a mini replacement. I decided to get this super cute mini Denman brush which was £2.80

This hairbrush folds away to make it teenie tiny! It is really lightweight, and the fact that the bristles fold away make it really neat and tidy. The mirror inside is really for touch ups and the black and pink design is super cute! Its so small that its perfect for popping in your clutch bag for nights out too :)

My paddle brush hasn't left my dressing table since!

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Oh yes I've seen something like that at my local dollar store! Very handy (=

  2. Aww poor you, I thought I was being chic and healthy bringing a pot of pineapple for lunch until it leaked in my bag.....
    Izzy x

  3. This is so cute! I think I need to invest in one, because like you my paddle brush often makes it's way into my bag instead!x


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