Sunday, 3 July 2011

Product Of The Week: Urban decay primer potion

Hi Ladies,

So a couple of weeks ago I finally got round to ordering the new style packaging urban decay primer potion. I had actually never used urban decay's primer potion before I bought the naked palette which comes with a teenie weenie version which i absolutely fell in love with! It makes a fab base for any of my eyeshadows and really does help them stay put and last longer. I had heard that the packaging was not the best design for getting all of the product out, so I decided to wait untill it was repackaged before I ordered the full size version.

The new style packaging is great! Really easy to use and its a squeezy tube, so you'll be able to control how much you use and get every last bit of product out! I did make a bit of an error as in my excitment when I spotted that they were available on debenhams online I bought one of the new shades, thinking it was the original formula. The shade I accidently ordered was greed, a shimmery gold.

Turns out this wasn't too big of an error as the colour of this shade is gorgeous! It makes a great base for a smokey eye and since buying it I've also used it as an eye shadow on its own too - fab!

Hope you've had a great weekend enjoying the sunshine :)


  1. It's about time for the new packaging! So much product was wasted in the older packing & lots of people didn't know. Sin is also a pretty colour! Loving the Greed colour too. xx

  2. Gorgeous, I really want to try this :-)

  3. I love the new's so much easier to get at the product..I got the original primer but I really want to try this one now too:):)


  4. thanks for the lovely comments ladies, the new packaging is absolutely fab!x


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx