Thursday, 21 July 2011

My new favourite bargain perfume :)

Hi Ladies,

I have been running low on perfume lately, but I didn't want to splash out on a new bottle of perfume as I have my summer holiday coming up and I usually treat myself to a new summer scent from the duty free. So in order to save my limited supplies of Marc Jacobs Lola and Nina by Nina Ricci I decided to get one of Next's scents to keep me going up untill my holiday. I was originally planning on getting one of the Next perfume's which I had used before and blogged about here but when I tested this scent, I knew I had to get it!

The fragrance I'm taking about is Next's Gold, which is described as ''A dazzling fragrance with golden flower nectars, gloriously sweet vanilla and molten amber'' I absolutely love it. It smells gorgeous, slightly musky but sweet, not too heavy for during the day but lovely for an evening too. I will definitely be re purchasing this once it runs out! I picked this up for £6.50 from a next outlet store but I think it is available in the highstreet stores too. I'm definitely going to check out some more of Next's fragrances, does anyone have any recommendations?


  1. I liked this one when I has a sniff, I wonder what fragrance this is based on? I'm sure all of the next perfumes are based on other famous ones x

  2. That perfume sounds great! I'm going to have to have a little sniff of it next time I'm in Next. Also, Marc Jacobs Lola and Nina by Nina Ricci are amazing scents, you have great taste in perfumes! :)

    Gem x

  3. @Gem thankyou :) and yes definitely let me know what you think of it! x

    @the beautiful blog me too! i've heard that some of them are quite good dupes for famous perfumes :) x

  4. It sounds lovely - I really should pay more attention to clothes store perfumes. I always sniff them then forget about it! Have your tried their Diamonds perfume? It smells almost identical to Miss Dior Cherie x

  5. heres a link for some dupes
    love diamonds its spot on x

  6. Also I found a great perfume oil shop online with loads of dupes check my blog to find out more its amazing x


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