Friday, 26 August 2011

Update Time! :)

Hi Ladies!

I'm back from my holiday in the sunshine (I didn't want to come home!), I had a fantastic time the weather was amazing and it was really nice to relax on the beach. I went to Turkey, where me and my boyfriend have been going for the past three years, I love it!

I'm hopefully going to upload some holiday snaps and outfits once my boyfriend lets me have his camera which has all the pictures on! I took much less clothes wise than I do normally, and only two pairs of shoes! My trusty haviana's and the sparkly river island flats which I blogged about here and got lots of compliments on which was lovely.

Since coming back I had a day to rest, and then was back to work and now I'm getting things ready for going back to uni at the beginning of next week. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone! I also seem to have started with a cold today and have been enjoying lots of cups of tetleys earl grey with vanilla tea (absolutely lovely try it if you can find it in the supermarket, only morissions seem to stock it near me!) and my favourite gluten free biscuits which are byron bays triple chocolate fudge cookies, they are seriously yummy and by far the best gluten free biscuits I have come across yet!

I hope you've had a fabulous summer, and if you havn't been on your holiday yet (lucky you!) have an amazing time. Look out for lots more posts coming soon!

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  1. me and my boyfriend have just got back from turkey we went to kusadasi where did u go hope u had a lovely time xxx


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