Thursday, 20 May 2010

The perfect handbag perfumes?

Hi Ladies,

I have about 3 favourite perfumes (post about those coming up shortly!) which I like to alternate and use on a day to day basis. However, even though my handbag is absolutely huge I don't really like to carry around a full size bottle of perfume on my bag (I think its more the fear of loosing or breaking it than the weight seen as I carry around all kinds of junk in my handbag!). So I have a couple of smaller perfumes which have become permanent fixtures in my most used handbags, and they are these two little gems from next.

They are flowers on the right, and just pink on the left. Both of these are really reasonable from next - I think they cost around £5-6 for 30ml which is the perfect size for your handbag! The scents are quite similar, very fresh, girly and easy to wear. Flowers (unsuprisingly) smells a bit more floral than just pink and is the one I have been reaching for more lately, as it is perfect for summer! Although they cannot compete with my more expensive perfumes in terms of staying power, I find them to be pretty long lasting. They are both quite light scents, perfect for top ups throughout the day :)
Have you used any next perfumes before? which perfume do you keep in your handbag?
Speak Soon!


  1. I hate using my 'good' perfumes for work. So I have the Next Diamonds (Miss Dior similar) and its perfect for spritzing at work and for £6 absolute bargain! I will have a look at these two next time I'm in =) xx

  2. I love Just Pink - it's a scent I always love to smell!

  3. I have received Just Pink as gifts off various people for years now - it is lovely to pop in my handbag :) xxx

  4. @pyxiee oooo I've always wanted to try miss dior i'll definitely look out for diamonds! x

    @Phoebe, @Lydia I love just pink too! I think its smells really crisp and fresh :) x

  5. I love these too, I have paradise and a limited edition pink one from Christmas and as you say they are perfect for keeping in your handbag! xx

  6. I've had Just Pink before, smells lovely! xx

  7. i have just pink :) the bottle is really cute :) xxx

  8. ahh ive seen the next perfumes before...they look cute :) I used to carry around one of the solid perfumes from lush but now just cant be bothered. I put on benefits b spot in the morning and it has such a strong scent you can smell it all day! amazing!


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