Wednesday, 6 January 2010

REVIEW : Umberto Giannini Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask

Hi Ladies!

So a couple of months ago I had a £2.00 off professional haircare voucher from boots which needed using up. After lots of ummh-ing and ahh-ing I decided a hair mask was just what my locks needed and decided to go for the umberto giannini indulgent beauty moisture mask. I can't remember exactly how much it costs in boots but I think it is around £4.99 so was a bargain with my voucher at only £2.99. Boots do these sort of vouchers quite regularly (I think I got the voucher as I had spend more than £5.00 in store) they're always a good excuse to try out something new! :-)

This is described as ''A deep treatment conditioner for dry, damaged hair that indulges the senses''. It is a once a week formulation, which should be applied liberally to damp hair, left for 3 minutes and rinsed off.

Firstly when I got home and opened up the hair mask I was pleased to find that it was packed full of product, theres nothing worse than getting something home and finding it is only half full! I washed and conditioned my hair as normal then applied the hair mask, concentrating on the ends of my hair, clipped my hair up with a crocodile clip and read my book patiently for three minutes as directed :-) When I rinsed the mask off my hair felt sleek and soft, I left it to dry naturally and once my hair was fully dry my ends definately felt softer and less brittle - result!

I have used this product once a week since (normally on a sunday!) it says on the pot that the longer the mask is left on the better so I have been leaving it on for as long as possible! I'm not sure that this product is having any lasting effects on the condition of my hair (time will tell - I will keep you updated!) But my hair is definately softer and sleeker after using it, it is also a lot less tangled which makes combing it alot less painful!

The only other thing is the scent, It smells clean, fresh and crisp which I like but does not leave a lasting scent on the hair. This is something I actually prefer but I know some people (mainly my mum!) prefer hair products which leave a really intense scent afterwards!

Thats all for now, I'm definately going to continue using this hair mask and will probably repurchase too! 4/5 for umberto giannini and a thumbs up!

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx


  1. Gotta love Boots vouchers hehe ;)

  2. Ooh I've seen that in Boots but didn't purchase because it seemed a bit expensive, maybe I'll get it next time I'm in there! I bought some really nice Charles Worthington Dream Hair thickening spray with my voucher!

  3. Sounds like a great product, I convinced myself I didn't need any more hair products when I got the voucher, kinda regretting it now though x

  4. @ Doma-Nikki I know, I always get excited when I see something extra getting printed off with my reciept, half the time I go and spend them as soon as I get them!

    @ Laura, I've never noticed the thickening spray before, that sounds right up my street I'll have to look out for it next time i'm in boots!

    @ Peonies and water lilies i've done that before, i've thrown them out with my reciepts by accident too! - sad times

  5. I had this voucher too but I forgot all about it then when I remembered it was too late haha great review btw I love that clean smell lol might just have to check this one out soon x

  6. I love a nice hair mask- they feel so indulgent. Love the new layout!x

  7. I got the voucher too and bought a Lee Stafford overnight treatment for my hair. A girl has to pamper themselves! I love the sound of this one though x

  8. Hi, I tagged you on my blog,
    I might try this as i've been trying out a lot of the more expensive haircare ranges in Boots. I really like the leave in spray by Charles Worthington

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