Friday, 22 January 2010

Ins and Outs :-)

Hi girlies,

I've been so busy this week I've barely had time to stop and just relax, so whilst I can grab a minute I thought I'd make a quick cup of tea and fill you in on my ins and outs :-)


Optrex Actimist Eye Spray - I picked this up from boots the other day and I adore it, it hasn't left my handbag! has anyone else tried it? I wear contact lenses every day and often suffer from dry eyes, this product makes them feel refreshed and hydrated!

Nando's - I went to nando's the other night and I havn't been in ages! It just reminded me how much I love the place, lemon and herb chicken yum yum!

Greys Anatomy - I got the first season of greys anatomy for christmas and I've just started watching it, I love it! I'm trying to pace myself so I don't end up watching 10 episodes in one night (it will happen!)

Glee - Another programme which is definately right up my street!

Holidays - I've just booked my summer holiday for this year yayyyy! I love holidays and can't wait to go already! Here is a pic of me on holiday last year, I am stood outside Cartier but sadly I could not persuade my boyfriend to buy me anything from there! haha!


Cold rainy days - why do I ALWAYS forget my umbrella?!

Loosing my too faced herbal eye concealer - This is literally one of my every day most loved products but as I am on project 10 pan I am determined not to buy a replacement!

Soap and glory hair supply - See post below, I tried to donate this to my sister but on hearing what I had to say about it she doesn't want to try it either!

My mobile phone - its got to that time of year when I'm really bored of my phone but I'm no where near my upgrade time - does this happen to anyone else?!

Have a lovely weekend!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. I love nandos! & I really want to upgrade my phone to but it seems to go so long! XO

  2. I will second Nando's and Glee! Love them. Btw your outfit in the pic is absolutely it! x x

  3. Lovely photo! I fully intend on spending all night tonight catching up on missed Glee eps! x

  4. I'm bored of my phone too - I can't upgrade until June :( I also forget my umbrella when it rains!
    Claire xx

  5. Greys anatomy is very addictive but I like to think of it as revision lol x

  6. Hiya, a great blog. I'm making sure to follow. Head over to my blog and suscribe? Oh, I love nando's, such a great place to go with friends and free refills!

  7. You look so 'summery' in that photo! Hurry up spring...xx

  8. @Hannah I know I don't think my upgrade is untill the middle of the summer, it takes so long!! xx

    @BeautyBeau thanks hun :-) I think its a dorothy perkins number if I remember rightly! xx

    @Lucy Enjoy glee, it is definately the best thing on telly right now! (dancing on ice a close 2nd!)xx

    @Claire you should have seen my hair today from my lack of umbrella - it was not pretty!xx

    @dangerouslybeauty I know, I didn't find out about the free refills untill a few weeks ago I can't believe i never knew! xx

  9. Oo I was introduced to Nando's last summer. I love their lemon & herb chicken too :)

    Prepare to get hooked with Grey's Anatomy - I cannot get enough of it. And isn't Glee fab?!

    I'm the same with mobile phones lol. I've got my new one on a 24 month contract. You can guarantee by this summer I will be bored of it! xx

  10. love the picture of you outside cartier! and i forgot my umberella today in sheffield and i got soaked! sad times x

  11. @India I know! at the moment replacing coats for cardigans seems so far away!xx

    @Kim I think mines an 18 month contract, the other day i thought ooo it definately must be nearly time for a new one, how wrong I was! Glee is quite literally the best thing since sliced bread! xx

  12. Haha I always get photos taken outside designer shops when I'm abroad! It feels so glam when you're in Italy or somewhere. Chris always makes fun of me and gets me to take them of him outside poundland type shops, quite amusing x

  13. I love Nandos too! My friend whos from South Africa says that Nandos originated from South Africa? I'm not sure if it's true or not, but she thinks it's from South Africa because it's all over the place there, and she says seeing a Nandos reminds her of home. Awww....

  14. I always get bored of my phone really quickly too! I've tagged you for an award on my blog lovely! xo


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx