Saturday, 16 January 2010

Nails Of The Day :-D

Hi Ladies,

I thought I'd show you a quick nails of the day and its BarryM's number 100, hint of pink. This is another nail polish which I got in the barryM goodie bag which I bought from the clothes show (see the rest of my clothes show goodies here!). When I saw it in the bottle I wasn't sure I was going to like it, it looked quite sheer and a little yellowy for me (despite its name being hint of pink!). I was right about the sheer-ness but I was wrong about the colour it actually turned out very natural, pretty and pink!

Although this nail varnish is sheer (in the picture I am wearing three coats) I think this is actually something which works well for this varnish. It is a lovely nautral colour which would be perfect for work or anywhere where your nails need to be a little more understated. I'd describe it as a my nails but better colour! Its lovely and glossy too! This picture was taken on my 3rd day of wearing this polish and there are no chips as of yet :-)

I'm really suprised by how much I like this nail varnish, I think it could quickly become one of my favourites!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend,

DaisyBee xxx


  1. Lovely colour! I just bought Barry M Raspberry nail paint today. Can't wait to put it on :)

  2. Thats lovely and neutral, will be gorgeous in Spring x

  3. I love this colour, it's the perfect nude :)

  4. This looks really pretty, might use some Advantage card points on it! xx

  5. Oh it's such a pretty colour!! I went to the clothes show too :).
    I love your blog!

  6. I like this nail colour- very pretty. I got a free similar Nails Inc polish. Its also sheer and just adds a french manicure touch =) xx

  7. I've tagged you for an award! :) x

  8. yum! im so going to buy this, its the most perfect nail colour! x

  9. I <3 that polish, it must be mine. Please come check out my blog for some beauty related rambles. I would be ecstatic if you decided to follow. Which is what I just did ;) xxx


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