Monday, 18 January 2010

Soap and glory winners and losers! :-)

Hi Ladies,

So like many me (and my sister!) were very lucky girls this christmas and both got the soap and glory hatbox in our stockings. I've tried out almost everything in the hatbox now and have been using quite a few things on a regular basis, so I thought I'd just give you a quick update on one product I'm really loving and the moment and one which I'm not too impressed with!

So the product which I am absolutely in love with and just can't get enough of is The Greatest Scrub of All.

This is a facial scrub/exfoliator which contains ''A blend of super gentle silicami particles and salicylic acid loaded scrub beads'' It says on the container that you should use it 2-4 times a week if you have oily skin and less if you have dry/sensitive skin. I have dry sensitive skin and I love this product so much I have to almost hide it from myself to stop me from using it almost twice a week! I really love the consistancy of the scrub, it is rough enough to feel like it is properly exfoliating your skin, but is not too abrasive. After using this product my skin feels so smooth, squeaky clean and fresh as a daisy! Its definately one of my favourites!

5/5 and a big thumbs up from me!

and now onto the product which has is not recieving much love from my at all (and I had such high hopes for it!) sad times, and It is Hair Supply.

Hair supply is described as ''a gloss giving radiance and repair mask for all hair types'' When I saw this in my hatbox I couldn't wait to try it out, I love anything to do with hair care! and it smells absolutely gorgeous, it has what I would call the soap and glory signature scent - A sort of intense soapy sherbet! However after using it for the first time my hair felt sticky and extremely tangled whilst I was drying it, I put this down to not rinsing my hair properly. The next morning I washed my hair again (I wouldn't normally wash it this often but the product had left it looking slightly greasey!). This time I made sure my hair was rinsed really thoroughly, but when I dryed it I was again left with this awful sticky residue on my hair! I read the directions for use on the back of the tube and noticed that it said ''coats and controls split ends'' so I am not sure if this is something the product is meant to do, but whether it is or it isn't it definately doesn't work for me :-(

1/5 (the one is for the lovely smell!) and a thumbs down from me I'm afraid!

What are your favourite soap and glory products? and definately let me know if you have got hair supply to work for you or have had similar problems to me, I have pretty long hair so I don't know if this is a product which may be better suited to shorter hair.

Hope this was helpful!

Speak Soon,

DaisyBee xxx


  1. I've really come to love the scrub. I wasn't at all impressed at first, but I use it regularly now x

  2. I love 'The Greatest Scrub of All' too! Much prefer it to other scrubs I've tried xx

  3. I havent tryed hair supply but now I dont think I want too! XO

  4. So weird about hair supply, read loads of bad reviews of it but it makes my hair feel amazing! (use it about twice a week)
    Can't wait to try Greatest Scrub of All now, still have it all new in my hatbox still. xx

  5. @cinnyloves its strange isn't it how some products work for some people and not for others, I can't get enough of the smell of hair supply though! Enjoy using the scrub its lovely xx

  6. I agree - Hair Supply is rubbish :( Left my hair so greasy.

  7. I agree about Hair Supply, I have really fine hair and it just made my hair a greasy mess!

    My fave S&G products Catch a Wrinkle in Time Moisturiser and Hand Food Hand Cream - they both work and smell lush!



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