Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snowy (sort of!) outfit of the day + my snowman! :-)

Hi ladies!
So like pretty much everywhere in the UK, it has been snowing lots and lots where I am lately! Today I decided to get wrapped up warm and finally get myself out of the house to enjoy the snow, I even persuaded my boyfriend to build a snowman with me!
We took quite a few pictures (it doesn't often snow like this here so its very exiting stuff!) so I thought I'd use them to do a sort of outfit of the day :-)

This is me starting off the snowman, I know its quite difficult to see my outfit (sorry!) but I'm wearing long tan boots from primark, thick woolly tights also from primark, a patterned dress from new look, a joules quilted brown jacket and two scarves the lighter one is from river island and the darker brown one is from matalan. I've mentioned before how I love layering scarves I really like the effect it gives and it keeps you nice and toasty! The hat is actually meant for the snowman and I just put it on for some pictures (poser!) and to keep my head warm untill the snowman needed it - Its my boyfriends dads hat haha!
This is me finishing off the snowman, my boyfriend said this one should go on my blog because it looks like I am doing the snowmans makeup!
and here is my snowman! I actually felt like I'd done 3 hours at the gym after building this, I was shattered! I really enjoyed the snow today, I'm not sure I'll be enjoying it so much tomorrow though when I have to drive to work!

Speak Soon!

DaisyBee xxx


  1. Cute outfit and great snowman, he's huge! Be really careful driving in the snow and make sure you have a blanket or something in the car incase you get stuck!!

  2. That is a brilliant snowman!

    Lovely outfit too :) x

  3. cute snowman! that's a really good idea about layering scarves, might try it! :)

  4. Nice snowman and cool outfit, you look very cosy and stylish x

  5. awh thats the coolest snowman ever loving the second pic of you doing his makeup haha

  6. Super cute outfit & snowman! Be careful on the roads today though, hopefully it won't be too bad :) xxx

  7. Its not fair we havent had too much snow nd the only time ive spent in the snow is yesterday when me and my boyfriend went for a walk around a local park

  8. I agree with your boyfriend. Definitely looks like you're doing the snowmans makeup! Love it! x

  9. Loving the snowman!! xx


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