Friday, 16 April 2010

Ins and Outs :-)

Hi Ladies,

I thought I would give you a quick update on whats in and whats out for me at the moment :-)


♥ MAC Hue lipstick - I know I only mentioned this in my last post but the more I wear this lippie the more I love it! I will add a swatch of it onto my last post when I get chance :-)

♥ My new blog layout - I've had a bit of a change around with the look of my blog, I've added a product of the week section and made it (hopefully!) a bit less cluttered and easier to read, let me know what you think!

♥ River island - I've bought some fab things from river island lately, especially slogan tee's and accessories.

♥ BarryM's Clear mascara and eyebrow definer - How on earth did I live without it?!

♥ Britains got talent is back on our screens this saturday - I can't wait!

♥ The Sunshine - Hurray! Bye bye winter coats and hello summer jackets, its only a matter of time before I can get my sunnies out!

(Lovely piccy from


Running for the bus stop, almost getting there and watching the bus drive straight past you - might this have happened to me today? yes, yes it did.

My very untidy room - How did it get so bad?! I will definately tidy it....tomorrow..or maybe saturday..

Glitter nail varish - It looks absolutely gorgeous on but is such a nightmare to get off! Yes China Glaze ruby pumps I am looking at you!

Only three outs and lots of ins - fabulous! Hope you all have a very lovely weekend,


  1. I love the new layout of the blog!
    Mac Hue has been in my wishlist for ages so I plan to get it soon!
    And I agree: glitter nail polish is a pain in the neck to remove!!

  2. i love these posts :D
    i cannot wait for summer- get the Ray-Bans out ;D

  3. I once actually tried to kick the bus in my anger when it did that to me. It didn't work :-(
    I too am loving the sunshine!

  4. So agree about glitter polish. Why does it have to be so hard to remove :(!! Loving the new layout also :) xo

  5. I agree with trying to remove glittery nail varnish :( the red one from Barry M is the WORST!

    p.s I have tagged you on my blog! x


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx