Saturday, 20 March 2010

REVIEW: Sally Hansen Rapid Finish - Nail colour dryer

Hi Ladies,

I absolutely love painting my nails, however once I have finished painting them I can barely sit still for two seconds before running off to do somethings else and as a result my nails rarely look perfectly polished. I had thought about purchasing the Nails Inc fast dry spray but for £8.00 it was a little too pricey for me! So when I spotted Sally Hansen's rapid finish nail colour dryer in a local discount store for £1.99 I couldn't wait to get it home and try it out!

So what do Sally Hansen say about this product?

''This fast-drying spray guarantees a perfect manicure everytime! Dries to the touch in 30 seconds to help prevent smudges, smears and dents. Exclusive formula with shea butter, jojoba and sweet almond oils deeply conditions hands, nails and cuticles.''

and what do I think?

I am really pleased I puchased this product, I think it was an absolute bargain! Although it doesn't completely dry your nails after 30 seconds, they are dry to touch and not tacky, so you can go about your normal business with less worry of smudging or smearing your freshly painted nails. When using this, my nails feel completely dry much quicker than normal, and they have a lovely shiney finish :-). Although I really like the fact this product is a spray and not an aerosol, at first I was a bit put off by the fact that I couldn't concentrate the product onto my nails, and with just one spray my fingers and hands would be covered in the product. However when I realised how moisturising it is, especially on my cuticles, I didn't mind at all! Although it does have a strong smell, it is of almond oil so is actually quite nice! The only negative point I have is that the spray is very oily, so make sure you're not wearing you're favourite dress when you use it!

Overall I would give this product 4/5 and a big thumbs up, its definately worth a try if you come across :-)

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. This looks like a really good product. Thanks for the review! xx


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