Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A lovely Sunny Lip Combo! :-)

Hi Ladies,

I have been sporting this lip combo for the past few days, as the lovely sunshine has inspired me to put my trusty nudes back in the drawer (well for now anyway!) and add a little splash of colour to my lips. I am really enjoying this combination so I thought I would share it with you! :-)

It is Maybelline's colour sensation lipstick in number 112 Ambre Rose (I'm sure you've heard of this lippie a million times before - It is very lovely!) and Pop's mini ribbon gloss in peony pink.

I love Ambre rose but back when I bought it (around the time you definately couldn't leave the house without 3 jumpers a scarf and a very thick coat on) I just didn't feel I could pull it off. Now the sun is shining, and I am getting a little more colour in my cheeks it is the perfect lipstick for pretty pink lips. I love it teamed with the two lighter shades from the pop mini ribbon gloss to give it a little extra shine :-)

What is your favourite lip combo at the moment?


  1. Very pretty lip combo! I have Ambre Rose and it's a gorgeous colour, I just find it so drying on my lips. Such a shame!

  2. Ambre Rose is such a lovely lipstick, I've been using it lots recently! xx

  3. So pretty! My favorite lip combo at the moment is MAC Gaga lipstick with Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Pink Afterglow :)

  4. I tagged you in my sunshine award

  5. I really like ambre rose but definitely feel like it's more of a summer colour! x


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx