Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A little tiny MAC haul :-)

Hi Ladies,

I just thought I'd share with you a couple of things I purchased from MAC last week, Hue lipstick and Teddy eye kohl.

Hue is a glaze lipstick, and intially I was a little disappointed that it didn't have the intense colour payoff that my other MAC lippies have (its my first glaze!). However now I can't stop wearing it! its a really pretty pink nude, very easy to wear and the sort of lipstick you can pull out of your handbag and put on without looking in the mirror! The is definately going to be the lipstick I reach for throughout the summer, especially now that my 3rd creme d'nude has met the same fate as its predecessors and gone all squidgy and melted!

The teddy eye kohl is a lovely deep brown with a hint of gold, I bought this as an alternative to my HG eyeliner (powerpoint liner in engraved) for day to day wear and I am so please I went for this one as it is perfect! I've actually never had a MAC eye kohl before as I always go for the powerpoint eyeliners and I am really impressed with how softly this glides on. Its lovely and I will definately be repurchasing this when it runs out! I've added a quick swatch below :-)
Thats all for now, Hope you're all having a fab week!


  1. Lovely colour, I've been looking for a lipstick that I can just use without having to put too much effort into applying it.

  2. I need Hue in my life! xx

  3. @Rosie Its really pretty, and easy to apply!xxx

    @Lucy You definately do!xxx

  4. Hue is such a beautiful colour, I always swatch it when I shop at MAC, wish I'd brought it instead of creme d'nude x

  5. Hue has been on my hit list for a while, i don't have many MAC lipsticks. great review. i've not really looked at teddy before, i'd love to see a swatch if you'd think about doing one? sounds like the kind of thing I want in my life! lovely post xox

  6. @Peonies and lilies It is a lovely natural colour, great for day wear and I've worn it over the top of creme d'nude a few times on nights out to give it a bit more colour :-) xxx

    @Zoe thanks hun :-) I'll try and get a swatch of teddy done today/tomorrow and I'll pop it at the bottom of this post xxx

  7. I really want Hue. It's on my little "Mac must buy" list haha! Could you possibly do a swatchof Hue so we can see what it looks like on?! xxxx

  8. These two have been on my list for a while, but I've never bought them! Hmm. I definitely need Teddy though, but I guess I'll wait till my Urban Decay Bourbon runs out :) xx


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx