Thursday, 27 August 2009

Top tip for kabuki brushes! and Nail Varnish Rave!

Hi all! So, in my ELF haul I mentioned how I was a little disappointed with the fullness of my kabuki face brush. Today I have a top tip for anyone who needs to make their kabuki a little denser for buffing in product, and all you need is a.....*drum roll* bobble! Tying a bobble round the base of the brush really compacts the bristles and depending on how dense you want your brush to be you can move the bobble further up or down the brush! (see pic below for my ELF kabuki after the hair bobble treatment!)
Also, yesterday I jumped on the collection 2000 hot looks band wagon (extremely late might I add!) and picked up the dynasty nail varnish on my way home from work. I am SO impressed with this nail varnish, after two applications it is flawless and the colour is a gorgeous dusty bubblegum pink, It also dries super quick! Here is Dynasty pictured next to a couple of other polishes I want to rave about.

The three little bottles on the left are a french manicure set which I got from the one and only primark for £1! The white tip is a little hard to apply as the brush is a bit too big for that kind of pricision work! But the top coat and french pink are fab especially for £1! The next is a NYC new york colour minute in midtown, this is a gorgeous fushia pink with a slight sparkle to it. it is a great colour for the toes and applys super well!

Has anyone else come across any bargain nail varnish recently?

DaisyBee xxx


  1. Ooh good tip!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog- definately agree that it's lovely to know another blonde girl living in the north!x

  2. Thats such a snazzy idea.. I like it to really buff, as you can use them if you'd overdone the blusher abit.. aha. I may order this as I wasnt sure cos you can't test it.


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