Saturday, 29 August 2009

Review - Eyeko magic liquid eyeliner

Hiyaaa! So, one day whilst browsing around superdrug (as you do!) I came across the eyeko magic liquid eyeliner, I can't remember exactly how much this cost but I think it was around £5.00. I was actually looking for the infamous eyeko creams which were unfortunately out of stock but when I saw this and read about what it promised to do I couldn't wait to get it home and try it out! Basically, the eyeko magic liquid eyeliner converts any eye shadow you own into a liquid eyeliner - fantastic I know! You just swirl the wand around in the shadow of your choice and hey presto you're ready to go! I think urban decay do a similar product, but its likely to be a little more pricey.
Eyeko describe this product as ''a credit crunch beauty fix'' and I have to agree, what a fabulously versatile product! All in all it is a great addition to the make up bag. It has a felt tip esque applicator which I find the easiest to use when applying liquid eyeliner, and gives really good colour pay off. It is great for providing extra definition around the lash line, and I have often reached for it on days when I have misplaced both my black and brown liquid liners! it has great staying power even in pale and shimmer colours.
The only mild problemo is that you MUST MUST MUST remember to thoroughly clean the applicator after using before you put it back in the pot. This can be a little irritating especially if you're in a hurry but is an absolute necessity to ensure that you get the exact colour of you shadow.
So big thumbs up for this eyeko product from me! Let me know if there is anything in my what I am currently using tag that you would like me to review :-)
DaisyBee xxx

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  1. Hey Daisy, thank you for your comment on my blog.
    Aww that's a shame about your Poundland. They do them at most though, so if you're ever out of area, you should check them out!
    Yup, I'll keep in touch with you about the sleek palette - I wasn't sure whether to buy the divine or storm one!!
    Also thank you for this info, I was going to buy this the other day, but it seemed too good to be true! Thanks for the review & I'll follow your blog. Love Lucy xx


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