Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Review : L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Hi Ladies,

For years I have switched between the same few mascara's (benefits bad gal, Stila's major major lash and L'oreal voluminous in case you were wondering!) and although new mascara's promising longer, more luscious lashes are always appearing on the market I've never really felt the need try anything new and have stuck to the motto of ''if its not broken don't fix it!''

My mum, on the other hand rarely buys the same mascara twice and her latest purchase was L'oreals volume million lashes mascara which I swiped from her makeup bag as soon as I saw the amazing gold packaging (sorry mum - a replacement has now been purchased!)

I'm really enjoying using this mascara and it might even be sneaking its way into my favourites! For me it is one of those mascara's which works much better once its dried out a little. I have naturally quite curled lashes, and to begin with applying this was a bit of a nightmare - its quite a wet mascara and I would end up with it all over my eyelids (not a good look!) but a couple of weeks on its much better.

The main thing which interested me about this mascara (aside from its amazing packaging!) was its ''anti clump wiper''. This distributes the product really evenly amongst the bristles and gets rid of any excess giving relatively clump free application. The actual wand is plastic with evenly sized bristles which taper at the ends making it really easy to reach smaller lashes. It is quite a chunky wand, and has some flexibility which makes it nice and easy to use.

The thing I have been most impressed with, is the separation this mascara gives. I always tend to go for mascara's which give lots of volume which can sometimes come at the cost of good separation of your lashes, but this mascara seems to achieve both to a reasonable extent. Having said that I wouldn't class this as a particularly good lenthening mascara (but you can't have everything I suppose!)

Overall I've really enjoyed using this mascara, and will definitely consider repurchasing. It gets a thumbs up and 7/10 :-)

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Great review! I'm in love with this mascara at the moment too :D x

  2. lovely review!i'm tempted!:)xx

  3. Loving the review and the mascara sounds great! Everyone's been talking about this one lately.

  4. i agree, i love this mascara! i recently did a review of it on my blog too, you can really see the how it works

  5. Sounds good - my mascara always seems to clump! x

  6. P.s. I tagged you here: I hope you do it :)

  7. I've just started using this one too - I was hunting for a replacement for my YSL (which smudges far too much) and came across this one - I guess I'm a sucker for gold packaging! xx


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