Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Nails Of The Day - and a couple of nail must haves! :)

Hi Ladies!

I have been sporting BarryM's bright pink for a couple of days now and I absolutely love it. Its a super bright barbie pink - really fun and girly :)

The formula of this nail varnish is lovely, it applies really well - not at all streaky and gives great colour payoff after two coats. I used two other product to achieve todays nails of the day - Barbara Daly's goodbye yellow base coat (I normally use this to protect my nails from darker nail polishes) and BarryM's 3 in one basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener.

I love both of these, the Barbara Daly goodbye yellow works really well both as a base coat and on its own to give my nails a really clean and fresh appearance it also protects nails from staining by darker nail polishes. The BarryM three in one is a great versatile product - I really like using it as a topcoat as it gives a super glossy finish and definitely improves the staying power of my nail polish.

and finally another one of my favourite nail products - Sally Hansens rapid finish nail color dryer. This is the best fast drying nail product I have tried, and I really like that it is a spray and not an aerosol. It smells like shea butter and almond, and makes my nails dry to touch in less than a minute -fabulous!

and thats everything :) hope you're having a fantastic week!


  1. Gorgeous colour and that nail dryer spray sounds fab. I love almond smelling goodies x

  2. Ooooh love the sound of the Sally hansen product, and your nails look gorgeous!


  3. That is such a pretty pink.
    And thanks for the Sally Hansen spray tip, never seen it before. Definitely on my shopping list.


  4. @Nicoletta me too, I think almond is my all time favourite scent :) x

    @Dreams that glitter its a fab product, and thankyou! :) x

    @Kel I think I picked mine out in savers or somewhere similar for about £1.99 - bargain! x

  5. hahahaa i love that colour...if ur in london and need a cheaper option and sometimes even better, wow yes cheaper..go to westfield, then Beauty Base, and find L.A Colors....99p NAIL POLISHES ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and chose summertime...its even more girly and barbie I LOVE IT

  6. Hey lovely ive tagged you for an award on my blog come take a look :) xxx

    ps im trying to write back to you by my hotmail wont let me haha il get back to you soon as poss x


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