Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ins and Outs! :)

Hi Ladies!

Its been forever since I did one of these posts so I thought it was about time I filled you in with what's in and what's out for me at the moment :)


Hair braids - I've really been enjoying plaiting my hair in all sorts of different ways this summer, and after all your lovely comments on my how to fishtail braid post, I'm definitely going to do a few more hair how to's - next up the hair headband!

Soap and Glory Girligo - Initially I wasn't particulary impressed with this moisturisng mist, but after rediscovering it a couple of weeks ago I have been absolutely loving it! Its a spray so its super convenient to use, It smells divine and absorbs really quickly - I think of it as a lazy way to give skin a quick boost of moisture!

The return of X factor (soon!) - I know, I know - But I love this programme! X factor, a cup of tea and a biscuit on a saturday night - bliss!

Cinema trips in 3D - I've recently been to see Toy Story 3 (loved it!) and Step Up 3D (loved the dancing, but thought the storyline was veryyyyyy weak!) another cinema highlight was discovering a new favourite Ben and Jerrys flavour - cherry garcia - yummy!

River Island - I think river island have had some fab things in lately, and I picked up a couple of bargains in the summer sale. Most notably my new handbag which I was so chuffed to pick up for half price after eyeing it up for weeks!


Hayfever - I'm really suffering with it at the moment, runny nose, itchy eyes - the lot! and even when its raining (which brings me on to my next gripe!) nightmare!

The weather - It rains, then its sunny for a little bit, then it rains even harder - Please come out sunshine I need to get my wear out of my summer clothes!

My MAC msf natural - I love this, but not since I dropped it and it shattered all over my bedroom carpet. Very sad times.

and thats everything! let me know whats in and out for you at the moment, and I hope you're having a lovely weekend :)


  1. Cherry Garcia is my favouritest - nom nom nom! Wasn't Toy Story 3 amazing?! I absolutely loved it - very touching and quite sad in parts, but so funny. I loooooved Spanish Buzz!! xx

  2. @Lollipop I loved it, it was well worth the wait! I think my favourite new character was the hedgehog ''are you classically trained?'' so cute! xx

  3. the bags beautiful!:)
    haha i'm watching toy story 3 tomorrow, looking foward to it now you've put it in this!:)

  4. @Irene :) aww have a lovely time, its definitely been my favourite film so far this year! xx

  5. I'm so over the weather as well! Just to let you know as well, I've awarded you the Sweet Friends Award and Tag over on my blog. xx


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx