Friday, 3 September 2010

A little Holiday Haul :)

Hi Ladies,

I have just got back from an amazing holiday in NYC (I didn't want to come home!) and I picked up a few beauty related items so I thought I would share them with you :) Suprisingly, I didn't really do that much shopping, I was too busy seeing all the sights! But I'm really chuffed with the bits and bobs which I did pick up - so here we go!

1. I picked up this really cute makeup bag from bloomingdales, which I am going to keep inside my handbag - and protect my bags lovely interior from those fantastic times when lipstick and eyeliner lids decides to conveniently come off whilst inside my handbag - but never any other time! does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?!

2. Sephora by OPI nail varnish in Metro Chic - Of course I had to pick this up! its a really unusual colour and unlike anything else in my collection. Its a smokey purple tinted grey, very unique and lovley for autumn.

3. Sephora smoothing primer - I have never really felt the need to use a primer before, but I recently tried a sample of hourglasses mineral veil primer and was amazed by how it left my skin looking and feeling. Sadly, I can't afford to splash out on that at the moment, so I thought I'd give this smoothing primer by sephora a try instead and I've been really impressed. It doesn't feel as luxurious on my skin as the mineral veil but it does leave my skin feeling smooth and gives a lovely matt finish as a base for my makeup.

4. Eos Lipbalm - I spotted this at the till as I was paying for something else and was enticed by the unique packaging! I'm not sure how good this works as a balm, but it smells delicious (I can't remember the exact scent but I think its summer fruits) and the packaging is very cute.

5. NYC blushable creme stick in Plaza Pink - Although we do have some NYC products in the UK, we don't have the blushable creme sticks so I thought I would give this one a try. Plaza pink is a shimmery peach/pink, a really pretty colour but it also contains some glitter which I'm not too sure about. I've only swatched this at the moment so I will give you a proper review once I've worn it a few times, but on first impressions it blends really nicely, it not at all sticky and has a lovely smooth, sleek finish :)

6. CHI Silk Infusion - I had a mini version of this which featured in my holiday essentials post, and I love it so much that I picked up the 50ml version :) I use a pea sized amount on the ends of my hair once it has been towel dried and it leaves my hair silky, soft and smelling lush!

and thats everything! let me know if you would like a proper review of anything from this post and have a lovely weekend :)


  1. I loveeeeeeeeeee New York! I wish they had the little brown cosmetic bag when i was there! xo

  2. @Victoria India Its so cute! I already have the large brown bag and the coin purse so its like a little family of brown bags! :) x

  3. i really want to try one of those lip balms, seen them on a couple of videos and they look great, im a bit of a lip balm addict tbf:) xxx

  4. Ahhh good old Sephora. I remember our first encounter in New York. It was very special to me :) Haha.

    Love the Little Brown Cosmetics bag, I have the original bag. I use it to take my lunch to work in!


  5. Lucky you, I hope to visit NY one day! x

  6. Love that little cosmetics bag! I got the medium brown bag when I went but it's on its last legs now!

  7. Aww glad you had a lovely time, I never been abroad :( lol! nice haul, I'm desperate for some of the NYC cream blushes :) Look forward to your review xx

  8. Yaaay for a NYC haul! I adore NY. I really want to go back :(


  9. Great haul :) Glad you had a great time :) It's such an amazing place! xx

  10. Great haul! I am going to New York next week, so this gave me a few more ideas... ;)


  11. thanks ladies, I had such an amazing time - didn't want to come home! x


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