Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Primark Nail Foils :-)

Hi Ladies,

Last month I was really excited when I found these nail foils in primark for the bargain price of £3.00! A few days ago I finally had some spare time on my hands and decided it was about time I tried them out. They were a little fiddly to apply, and I definitely didn't do the best job ever on them but for a first attempt I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out!

The foils only lasted a couple of days before they started to peel off and I decided to remove them, so they're not the type you can expect to last for a long time, but I think they're great for a bit of fun or nights out so I'll definitely be picking some more next time I'm in primark.

Hope you're having a lovely week,


  1. Hi there! Love your blog, newbies here, from Australia! and love the foils that you have used on your nails - do you know if the seller has an online shop?? Also, did they stay on long? they look amazing!!!
    Angel and Jahv

  2. Oohh these look supercool! Will definitely try them out too when i have time!

  3. These look fab to say they're so cheap! Good old Primarni! x

  4. They are rather snazzy. I've tried these type of things before and they didn't work. Maybe they have gotten better since I tried them! x

  5. They look really pretty and are really affordable which is good :) I'll probably pick up some for a night out like you suggested :) x

  6. @Oz beauty girls I don't think primark has an online shop I'm afraid (wish they did!). They lasted a couple of days for me :) x

  7. These look so pretty and great value, might have to pop into primark.

  8. These look gorgeous! so fun, will have to try them



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