Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tara Smith feed the root shampoo and conditioner :-)

Hi Ladies,

As a hair buff I was very excited to be sent samples of celebrity hairdresser Tara Smith's haircare range for review purposes. I had heard about the range before, as all of Tara Smiths products are made with natural and organic ingredients and are free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate and many other harsh chemicals. I have quite a sensitive scalp so i was interested to see if specifically using a SLS free shampoo might work for me :)
The packaging is really cute and sturdy, the tag line is ''Tested on film stars not on animals'' which I though was great! The first think I noticed was the fresh minty smell these products have - absolutely lovely.
I received the feed the root shampoo and conditioner, which is formulated with bamboo extract to stimulate and nourish dry hair and five yeast extracts to supplement the hair and scalp with essential minerals. I also noted that both the shampoo and conditioner contain menthol and tea tree which must account for its lovely scent!
So what do I think?
As these products do not contain SLS the shampoo does not lather up as much as standard shampoo's do, So it is very easy to try and compensate by using too much product which can leave your hair feeling greasy (something I did the first few times using this!). However, once I wised up to what I was doing, I became suitably impressed with these products. The shampoo quite literally leaves your scalp tingling - its lovely and refreshing. The conditioner was by far my favourite though, it is really light in consistency and this definitely translates to your hair. It left my hair feeling light, sleek and hydrated - and remarkably tangle free (my hair is usually a long, blonde tangley mess!).
After using these products my hair feels squeaky clean, and even my boyfriend complimented me on how nice my hair smelt (it must have been nice!).

You can buy Tara Smith hair products online at Cult Beauty :) Hope you're having a great weekend enjoying the sunshine!

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