Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Favourite things :-)

Hi Ladies,

Gosh its been a long time since my last post! I've been super busy lately with what feels like one thing after another, but I've finally got a little bit of time to catch my breath and I thought I'd do a little update post on some of my favourite bits and bobs at the moment :)

Chocolate! - I came home from a few days away to a lovely little pile of Easter eggs. I like the cadbury ones best, especially flake's as they are perfect for dipping in tea - yum yum!

Ipod's - My boyfriend bought me an ipod for my birthday (I've never had an ipod would you believe!). Last week I finally got round to buying a few songs for it, and I havn't put it down since. It is one of the new nano's (pink of course) and it fits perfectly into the front pocket on my handbag, I love it!

Cute Tupperware - I'm always enticed by the lovely bits and bobs in paperchase, and last year I bought a set of three of these ridiculously cute cake tupperwares. I have been using them lots lately for packed lunches to sit and eat in the sunshine, they always seem to evoke an ''awww'' from people when I bring them out of my handbag!

Royal Wedding - I'm really looking forward to watching the royal wedding on friday, I think kate Middleton is absolutely lovely and I can't wait to see her dress! I love Cath Kidston's royal wedding products and have my eye on this very cute mug - what better way to celebrate than with a lovely cup of tea :)

So you think you can dance - I love this programme, I find all the different dances really exciting to watch and I really admire the skill of all the dancers. I like the contemporary and lyrical hip hop routines best. Matt is my favourite so far!

Pampering! - Last night I treated myself to a face mask and a foot spa. I use the liquid talc sachets by Chantelle on my feet when they are in need of a little TLC and they are so lovely and refreshing. The face mask I used was Amie's spring clean cooling face mask which is my favourite face mask ever (and its £2 off in superdrug at the moment - bargain!

Hope you're having a lovely week,


  1. I can't wait for the wedding either- my friends having a party for it with cardboard cutouts, bunting etc which should be a lot of fun. VERY excited to see her dress!xx

  2. Nice to see you back Daisy. That lunch box is so cute! X

  3. I love that lunchbox, I have a flask in the same print. Love paperchase! xx

  4. I absolutely love those Tupperwares from Paperchase, they're so cute! Paperchase is so my guilty pleasure, I always go in every time I'm in town just to browse :-)

  5. thankyou for the lovely comments ladies :) Hope you enjoyed the wedding! :) x


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx