Saturday, 19 March 2011

Pretty Perfumes :-)

Hi Ladies,

With the lighter days and glimpses of sunshine signalling that Summer is slowly on its way, there are two fruity summer perfumes which I have been loving at the moment so I thought I would share them with you :-)

Nina, by Nina Ricci never leaves my collection, it is such a lovely pretty girly scent! I think I first got this when I was about 18 and its been on Birthday and Christmas lists ever since! I would describe this as fruity, floral and light. It is not particulary heavy or long lasting making it more suitable for wearing during the day, and how pretty is the bottle!

Sarah Jessica Parker, NYC I had lusted after this perfume since my trip to New York this summer and my boyfriend treated me to it for Christmas this year. This really reminds me of the fruity Escada scents Sunset heat and Pacific paradise which are sadly not available anymore (I used to adore these!). It is another fruity, floral scent perhaps a little sweeter than Nina but still absolutely lovely. The plastic packaging might not be to everyones tastes but I love it, and it makes it perfect for popping in your handbag! Smelling this literally makes me think of summer, what more could you want!

The glass perfume bottle in the middle of this picture was a present from a friend a few years ago. You can actually decant perfume into it, (I have never tried though!) and I have no idea where she got it from but it is one of my favourite things ever. This sits in pride of place on my dressing table with my array of perfumes around it - I love it!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, what are your favourite summer scents?


  1. I won the SJP one on SabraRose's giveaway - it was lovely, but I've used it all up now :( I've never tried the Nini Ricci one, but I'm definitely feeling the need for summary scents at the moment.

  2. Oooh I love the Nina Ricci one, I've used two and my mum has a bottle now too! I might give the NYC one a go, I love Escada scents, they really put me in a summery mood! Great post, more on my wanted list :)

  3. I love SJP! :) It smells so lovely :) My favourite perfume right now is the Jimmy Choo one but it's way too expensive :( xxx

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Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx