Monday, 6 September 2010

Because, well - Who doesn't love travel size!

Hi Ladies,

So as you know from my last post, I've just come back from my holiday in New York, and I thought I would share with you the cute little travel size products I took with me! I normally steer clear of travel size products, and in the run up to my holidays will put aside shampoo's and conditioners etc when they get about half empty (I will never understand why travel size products are often twice the price of their full size counterparts?!) But for some reason, when picking up some last minute bits and bobs a few days before my flight, I found myself lured in by the cuteness of these teenie weenie bottles and before I knew it, I was in the queue for the tills with a collection of them in my basket - Oops!

I love soap and glorys clean on me shower gel, its smells amazing, is really creamy, luxurious and suprisingly quite moisturising. I have used this in full size before as its been bought for me a couple of times in christmas/birthday gift sets but I'm reluctant to buy it as my daily shower gel as it costs around £5.00 which for me is a little pricey! I'm definitely going to watching out for any offers on soap and glory in boots though :)

Although I have used some aussie products before I had never tried the miracle moist shampoo and conditioner, so this was the perfect opportunity to give them both a try. The miracle moist range is formulated for dry damaged hair and contains queensland macadamia nut which is supposed to help condition and smooth the hair. Like other aussie products these both smell divine, sometimes I find hair products which focus on adding moisture to your hair can leave it feeling really lank and heavy but with these it was completely the opposite - bouncy, light and fresh!

and finally, that product which I just can't stop talking about - Superdrugs dry shampoo, this time in the scent head in the clouds. Again, I really love the smell of this product and I really like the fact that is sprays completely clear. However I would still reach for my trusty batiste diva when my hair needed a serious refresh as I do not find the superdrug version to be as good at absorbing the oil from my hair (something which I noticed more with this travel size version). I still have some of the full size version of this product left and I think I will definitely repurchase it - it is great for a light refresh, or adding a bit of extra volume but I'll keep a bottle of batiste on standby for those very bad hair days!

I still have quite a bit left in all of these, and I have one more mini holiday left this summer - to the most spectacularly magical place in the whole of Europe - can you guess where!? So they will be jetting off with me one last time. However I'm not sure if I'll be splashing out on travel size products next year - we'll see!

Do you buy travel size products before you go on holiday?

Speak Soon!


  1. I love little travel products and have those aussie shampoo and conditioner :) xxx

  2. Hehe I love the tiny bottles of stuff :-)

    This year I just got some travel bottles from Priamrk for £1 and decanted my big shampoos into the little ones, it worked well, but definately not as cute!

  3. I love all of these products - except for the superdrug dry shampoo!! Its terrible. Worst one I have tried, it does nothing for my oily roots. Bastiste all the way!

  4. @Katy I might buy the full size versions now, they're lovely! x

    @Lucy I'll definitely have to look out for those in primark what a bargain! x

    @NikkiAnneM I agree, its definitely not as good at absorbing oil but I really like that its not white or chalky! x

  5. Travel size products rule, and just the cutest little things!


  6. i love travel products too, for home and away! there's a site that sells travel products exclusively from really high end brands!

  7. Shall have to check out the shower gel, love the smell of their products.


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