Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My Favourite Series Part 4....Eyeshadow

Hi Ladies!

It is time for the fourth part of my favourite series and todays product is eyeshadow. It was really hard for me to pick this one because there are so many eyeshadows which I really love, then ones that are a bit more boring to look at but I wear all the time - so I went for one which I love to look at and love to wear and it is.....*drum roll!*........Stila Barefoot Contessa :-)

This is actually my 2nd Barefoot Contessa, which is testament to how much I love this eye shadow as there are only a handful of eyeshadows which I have ever had to repurchase! It is a gorgeous dark burgundy/plum brown with a very slight gold shimmer. It applys and blends well, looks lovely in the crease for a smokey look or lightly dusted over the lid for an all over colour. Its really easy to build on this shadow if you want a more intense colour so I use it for day and for night :-) I own quite a few stila shadows and i'm always impressed by their quality. The pigmentation is great, and they staying power is fantastic. My only grumble is that they all come in pan form so you have to pay extra for the magnetic holders and palettes.

and now the runners up!

  • MAC Knight Divine (for the perfect smokey eye)

  • MAC Brule (A perfect everyday lid colour)

  • Estee Lauder Tea Biscuit (really pretty golden beige)

What is your favourite eyeshadow?

Speak Soon!


  1. i've heard alot of good things about stila eye shadows (:, that colour looks lovely!X

  2. Ahh thats such a beautifull colour!
    I've always loved MAC's beauty marked, it's in the same dark plump family as barefoot contessa! x

  3. I've never tried Stila before. My favourite eyeshadow is Vanilla by Mac, and the 311 palette by Lancome (^_^)

  4. The only Stila products I've ever used are the smudge pots, maybe I should check the eyeshadows out too! xx

  5. ooo thats nice!! i really love KALO by Stila :)x

  6. Looks good enough to eat if I'm being honest :) x

  7. Oops, not sure if that last comment went through...

    Check my blog, you won the Body Shop contest :)

  8. I have this in a palette that I have barely touched. I will definitely be having a play around with this colour now that you have drawn my attention to it! :) xx

  9. That looks gorgeous! My all time fav eyeshadow is Smut by Mac. It's like a grey-ish black. Oh and re the lashes, you can only tell they are a DIY job if you look closely when I shut my eyes. You can just about see the glued on bits. Meh I'm not letting anyone get close enough to me to notice it hehe.


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx