Thursday, 25 March 2010

My Favourite Seris part 5......Nail Polish

Hi Ladies,

Today its time for the 5th part of my favourite seris, my favourite nail polish. Picking the nail polish in question was actually alot easier than I thought, because this is the one I always reach for whenever I can't decide what colour I want to paint my nails. So the top spot goes to BarryM's Nail paint in number 280 violet gold shimmer :-)

I absolutely adore this colour, its is a really pretty pale lilac with a fabulous gold shimmer, unlike anything else in my nail polish collection. The colour payoff is fab after two coats and it wears really well with minimal chipping. Big thumbs up for barryM! :-)

and now to the runners up;

  • OPI Black Cherry Chutney (I've talked about this so much lately it had to be in here too!)
  • Collection 2000 Hot looks in Wham (really gorgeous pale grey colour)
  • OPI Mod about you (for super pretty pink nails!)

What is your favourite nail polish?

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